Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Private Eye

Talk about a huge list, last week was a tough one for me, this time, I was wondering which movies to pick and where to many choices! I'll be interested to see what the others have chosen and, if you head on over to the brainchild of this weekly event, Wandering Through The Shelves, you can find out:) . I did do a theme within a theme so here we go...


How can one not choose a Humphrey Bogart Film?! This is his area of expertise and one can understand why, hell, I could have just done a Bogie salute here but I went a slightly different route. This is his second pairing with his wife, Lauren Bacall and he has the tough, hardened P.I. down to a science. He plays Philip Marlowe (Raymond Chandler wrote a series of books about this detective) who is hired by an elderly General to find the General's daughter which leads him into a plot that no one can truly figure out but no one cares. You have blackmail, murder, gambling and, of course the older sister, played by Bacall. There is a famous scene where Bogie and Bacall are talking about horse racing..yeah and I want to sell you swamp land in Florida. To get by the censors, who were dumb asses, their sex talk devised  around horse racing, can make one hot and bothered. This is a great Film Noir that no one should miss.


Robert Montgomery (Elizabeth Montgomery's dad-you know, Bewitched) plays Phillip Marlowe who is fed up with the P.I. business and decides to write a book. He is asked to a publishing house only to find out they don't want his book but his P.I. abilities to find a woman. The lady wants Marlowe to find her boss's wife (even though she has the hotsies for her boss)and Marlowe is on the search. Of course there are twists and turns and what is a Film Noir without a evil bitch, I mean, duplicitous Femme Fatale. The uniqueness of this film is that Montgomery, who is the director of this movie, shot it from a first person perspective so, even though he is the star of the film, you only see him twice, when he is looking in the mirror. This was his last film for MGM after being with this studio for almost 20 years. It is worth seeing although I think there are better movies, but I chose this because of its uniqueness.


Elliott Gould plays ...guess? ...Yup, Phillip Marlowe,  as a down on his luck, out of step with time, P.I. hired by his good friend to drive him near the Mexico border...before any wall was even mentioned except for the one in Berlin.  As soon as Marlowe returns, 2 cops pick him up questioning him about his friend's wife who is murdered. The cops throw Marlowe in jail but release him 3 days later when they find Marlowe's friend dead in the desert, ruled a suicide. Of course, Marlowe doesn't buy it which leads him down a trail of more murder, twists and a Femme fatale. This is updated to the present time(well, for that time) but it has the feel of  a 40's Film Noir with major updates. Gould is excellent as the P.I. and you have to love all the verbal bantering that Robert Altman, the director, is famous for. Love the fact that Gould and Sterling Hayden's scenes together were mostly ad-libbed because Hayden was drunk and stoned on pot most of the time.

Which P.I. Movies would you choose?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks:Movies You Thought You'd Hate But Ended Up Enjoying

That title was lengthy and it made me think....if you saw some fireflies flicker before they died, that was my brain cells....see, does that make any sense?  Anyways let’s get to it and then go and visit Wandering Through The Shelves and see what everyone else chose as their pleasant surprises. Here are my 3...or 4


I can’t believe I actually didn’t care to see this film which means I was one of the many who was turned off by the title...ughhh was I wrong! This film is now one of my all time favourite films ever. It stars Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne, whom you know is not guilty but is sent up the river to the horrible prison called Shawshank. There, he meets God....yes...God, you know, Morgan Freeman, who becomes his best friend  and we see how Andy calmly gives the finger to the bad cops especially the crooked Warden. To find out why Redemption is in the title is to give away the whole film but, once I saw it, I realized this is the best title this film deserved and it was robbed at the Oscars by the nice watching but insipid film, Chocolate boy aka ..Forrest Gump.

2. HELLBOY-2004

I hear there is a remake in the works this year and I will see it but I really enjoy this film and the sequels which surprises me because I made fun of this flick and now I am eating crow and feel humbled by my snootiness. This Stars Ron Perlman, who always played someone behind tons of makeup and is most famous from the TV Show, "Beauty and the Beast" where he played beauty..nyuck, nyuck. Where was I...oh yes, it starts off with the nasty Germans, aka Nazis, of course, who open a portal to bring some evil entity through, with the help of Rasputin, to this reality. Thankfully they are thwarted by the Americans but not before a cute little red demon baby comes through. The baby grows up knowing right from wrong and does what he can for good. Of course the evil Rasputin and the 2 main Nazi bitches are back but they have to go up against Hellboy and the other people with powers who are working for the good. Yes, this sounds like WTF?? But the director is Guillermo Del Toro and he creates quite a fun movie.

3.  DISTRICT 9-2009

I was asked to watch this by my niece and I did..begrudgingly but I was taken with the unique story and the message behind this story. A spaceship comes to earth and the aliens, really big flies that look quite ugly but are harmless, come to greet us but we, through fear and bigotry place them behind a huge chain link fence(do your best Trump impersonation) and they are kept within there where they are now living in a big slum. They become dependent on the humans and the humans look at them with contempt. There are police who go through this area and one is bit by an alien and he slowly mutates into one of them. As he mutates, everyone begins to shun him and his long held beliefs are slowly changing as a result. I found this film quite brilliant and worth a viewing.


There was nothing on the other night as I was making some cards and a scrapbook so I put this film on. Is it dumb? Oh yes it is, but I was surprised at how funny it was and engaging. Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson plays a down on his luck hockey player dating this wonderful woman, played by Ashley Judd, who has 2 kids. Anyway, his nickname is The Tooth Fairy since he separates the other hockey players' teeth from their mouths. He dashes the dream of one kid saying tooth fairies don't exist and he is now in deep doo doo with the tooth fairy world run by the elegant Julie Andrews. He is now a tooth fairy for 2 weeks much to his chagrin. It's predictable and won't win any awards but I was pleasantly surprised by how fun and endearing it is.

Which films did you think would suck or you thought you would dislike only to find the exact opposite?

Oh, My dad's birthday is today and he would have been 106 years old. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-The Cold War

The Cold War...and I'm not talking about how cold it is outside and how some people are waging war with the cold but the actual cold war that many of us can remember quite well. I recall watching Bugs Bunny only to have the test of the Emergency Broadcast Network come on and state it is only a test...yadda yadda. The best way I know is the actual wall that separated East and West Berlin and the number of people who died trying to cross that wall to get to freedom. It could be a real stand off between the East and West border guards if someone tried to escape. I remember a mother, father and their baby who successfully crossed the Spree river and made it! It was very daring for them to do since most died trying to use that method of escape. I am actually choosing 3 films that have nothing to do with the wall but still fit the theme. The brainchild for this series, Wandering Through The Shelves, has a different theme for each week. Now, on with the show...


This is the far better film than the remake with Denzel Washington (sorry Denzel), about a group of men taken prisoner by the Chinese and brainwashed to kill the enemy in their own country. In fact, this film was not shown for many years(either due to Sinatra buying up the rights or lack of interest) which is a shame because it is brilliantly acted. Laurence Harvey is at his best (usually he is quite wooden) as the sad sack hero from the Korean War, who has been brainwashed to assassinate a political rival so the Chinese Communist government can gain more control. Frank Sinatra plays a fellow soldier who has memories of his time as a hostage and slowly realizes what is ready to happen. A brilliant script  that hinted at taboos, placed fear in the public and a brilliant performance by Angela Landsbury as one of the worst mothers ever filmed make this film a must see.

2. FAIL SAFE-1964

Another film made the year I was born and, yes, a depressing one but a brilliant film. It stars Henry Fonda as the President who finds out that, due to a computer error, planes have been sent to bomb Moscow. Attempts are made to stop the bombs but attempts fail. We see how everyone in the Oval office and the Military do what they can to prevent a nuclear fallout with great sacrifices made. Yes, it is bleak but it is a great film and worth seeing.


Another black and white film with shadows, cigarette smoke and sadness all around but I just can't help myself. I almost want to call these kitchen sink movies although they are not-that is for more depressing dramas of this time period. Anyhoo, this stars Richard Burton as a retired spy who comes back for one last mission-to play a drunken ex spy who decides to give info to the East German police. He does not count on all the double crosses and intrigues plus falling in love with Claire Bloom. A brilliant telling of a famous novel that I need to read one day.

Which 3 would you choose?

Monday, March 4, 2019 Last!

Glitter a Go-Go, Glitter card stock and regular cardstock, Sizzex machine and cuddlebug machine, Embossing pad, die cuts, mermaid stamp, prisma colour pencils, gems, scissors, glue pen

Simon Says-Anything Goes
Crafty Creations-Anything Goes
Color Throwdown-Coral pink, periwinkle blue, Grass green, Sandy Colour-CTD532

Finally! I actually have made 3 other cards but I have not posted them yet plus I tried making ornaments using my alcohol inks which was fun but getting the white paint inside the ornament to make the glass balls opaque was a challenge since I bought think paint. The messy story will appear later on this year once I spray them with a glossy finish.

I had so much fun creating this card and card making makes the bad crap disappear like a fart in the wind (To quote from Shawshank Redemption). I stamped and coloured the mermaid and fussy cut her out. I added the sparkle and used hairspray to set the sparkle so it would not come off on one's fingers. I used my cuddlebug machine to roll the sandy coloured cardstock, in the embossing folder, through, and adhered it to the glitter cardstock and adhered that to the blue cardstock. I took a new diecut and used the sizzex to roll the blue paper, and then the green paper, to cut out the design. So easy and fun! I glued all of it down including the mermaid and then added some gems to complete the look. The little sentiment can be used for anything and almost anyone. I would never give this card to my hubby but that idiot in the ballgown at the Oscars would be happy to get this:)

I hope I can post every week if not more on my card making. Time will tell:) Have a great week!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Mounta Rushmore of Movies

Look at me write this week which is all about movies in one form or another. I found this new blog, Two Dollar Cinema, who  has created a  great post to be done by March 1st...I am right on the deadline. Simply, choose 4 of something cinematic-could be Oscar wins, 4 shirtless men that you pant over, basically anything pertaining to film, that should be carved into Mt. Rushmore. Here are the rules...

  1. I'd like to have all posts done by Friday, March 1st (where I'll create a master list, linking back to all of your lovely sites), but it's cool if you're an overachiever and finish early. Or not at all.
  2. When you've finished, send me a heads up/dick pic on twitter @twodollarcinema , reply in the comments below, e-mail me (, make circles out of black smoke that Amy Adams will decode, Hell, cut a note out of old newspaper headlines, I really don't mind. Just let me know that you're in and that I love you so much. 
  3. In your post, please use the rad banner my wife designed in eleven minutes.
  4. Share the announcement, if possible. I don't really know anyone, uh, except you. 
  5. I just want to tell you both good luck, we're all counting you.
here are the 4 I think should be carved into Mount Rushmore:

1. Mary Pickford-April 8, 1892-May 29,1979

This lass is known as America's Sweetheart even though she was born in Toronto, Canada and her sassy playing of children with her famous curls, even though she was well into her 30's, captured the imagination of the world. When she married Douglas Fairbanks Snr, they were known as the king and queen of Hollywood where famous people, including Kings, Queens and Sultans all vied to be invited to their famous home called Pickfair (Pia Zadora and her husband bought the place and razed it because she thought it was haunted-the bitch). When they went on their honeymoon to Europe, they were mobbed to the point that Fairbanks had to hoist Mary on his shoulders so she would not be crushed. Why do I choose Mary? This little gal (5ft), before she was 20, was one shrewd businesswoman who became the first woman to earn over a million dollars. No producer wanted to tangle with her because she was excellent in getting what she wanted money wise. She was the first woman to demand a share of the profits of her films plus own them and, along with Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin and D.W. Griffith, helped form United Artists. This production company, albeit not what it once was, is still around to this day. She is also a founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences plus she held an executive position with United Artists until the 1950's which is no small feat for a woman born before women had the right to vote.

2. HEDY LAMARR-NOV. 9, 1914-JAN. 19, 2000

This great beauty was born in Vienna, became famous for an erotic 1933 film called Ecstasy and made her way to Hollywood where the public fell in love with her face...much to her distaste. Her very famous quote is, "Any girl can be glamourous, all you have to do is stand there and look stupid."  This lady, who was the inspiration for Snow White and Catwoman, loved science and inventing. During the war, she was hearing how the ships were being torpedoed and the Allies were found due to radar.(If I am wrong correct me since I am not a science person at all). Together with a composer, named George Anthiel, she created something called frequency hopping. This, she thought would make it difficult for the submarines to locate the ships etc...but, in the stupidity of the U.S. military machine they scoffed at her invention. Later on, after the war,they found how useful it was and used it without paying her a cent. Now, she did give this information freely to them because of the war but, later on, they just used it and never even gave her credit. She is the founder for all we have today-Wi-Fi, cell phones, GPS, Bluetooth...can you imagine! On top of this, she helped Howard Hughes (her boyfriend at the time) redesign the wings of his plane to make it more aerodynamic. One smart cookie!

3. LUCILLE BALL-AUGUST 6, 1911-APRIL 26, 1989

We all know this famous lass unless you have been hiding under a rock. Technicolour Tessie, as she was described in the 1940`s, worked in Hollywood for many years but became very famous for her TV Show with her real-Life husband, Desi Arnaz called...I Love Lucy. Desi was a great businessman like his wife and they both insisted on their TV Show being filmed with 3 cameras, like the movies, which is why it is still of great quality today. They also insisted on the rights to their show, when this was not the norm at all, so they benefited from all the reruns and made tons of money. They also bought RKO Studios and created Desilu Productions. When they separated and, later, divorced, Lucy kept control of the Studio and was the first Woman executive to head a TV studio. When Star Trek was ready to be axed, the fans wrote in, and she made the decision to keep the series going. Her studio headed many shows including her own series, Star Trek, Mission Impossible and The Untouchables. What a Force!


She may look demure and so, so sweet but she is one strong woman who fought the studio system and won! She is the last cast member(except for the one who played her baby) from Gone With The Wind that is still alive and kicking. Remember, just a year and a half ago, she took on the TV show `Feud:Bette and Joan because she did not appreciate the way she was portrayed`and was not asked for her permission (she lost). Way back in the 1930`s she signed a 7 year contract with Warner Brothers and was often teamed with Errol Flynn (A rogue who loved her but she knew better). Warner Brothers was known as a tough studio with Jack Warner at the helm (so he thought but he often got away with murder..not far as I know). If a star disliked a part and refused to do it, they could be suspended for 6 months which would be added to their contract. Betty Davis and James Cagney both fought the studio but never won and had to go back to work with more years added to their 7 year contract. In 1943, she wanted out of her contract thinking her 7 years was up but Warners added 6 months. Warners had no idea who they were dealing with, Olivia hired a great lawyer and fought in court and won and this law is now called The De Havilland law. She was blackballed for 2 years as a result but she gained her freedom and all the other actors followed bringing this 7 year contract clause to an end giving the actors more control over their artistic endeavors. When Olivia returned to work with paramount Studios, she made the film To Each His own and won an Oscar as a result. What a classy tough lady who is no shrinking Melanie.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition-Books to TV Adaptations

Tv time since it is the last Thursday and the last day of February which is wild. Where is this year going? I have had some crappola happen which we all have but it seems to be getting to me and I don’t like that. This past weekend we had a wind storm which took off part of our roof and my hubby must go for another operation on his right shoulder. a result, I have fallen down on reading some great blogs and I feel so bad about that since I enjoy it. You still come to visit here and I am so very, very thankful. Ok, TV adaptations...let’s see what Wandering Through The Shelves will showcase. Here are my 3...


I watched this show every week faithfully since I always loved Michael Landon from his Bonanza days. This is based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, which I read when I was in grade school, based on her experiences with her family growing up in the Midwest during the 1880’s. Laura Ingalls was played by Melissa Gilbert who was so good in her role as the feisty kid who sees things through her eyes as she deals with nature, people and her nemesis, Nellie Olsen. I loved all the characters in Walnut Grove and some of the episodes were brilliant like the snowstorm and the fire at the blind school costing the lives of a regular of the series plus the baby of Mary (Laura's sister). Some of the episodes really held your heart and I still like watching the show despite the Ingalls' home looking like a huge Outhouse. Oh yes, today, as I write this, we are having a snow storm:).

2. ROOTS-1977

This is a huge  miniseries that should be shown in schools and be on Netflix because of the horrors the African Americans experienced for hundreds of years. The book was written by Alex Haley who, many years later came out that the people in the book were not his ancestors but that does not matter because almost all African Americans today have roots in slavery. I can not begin to imagine that my ancestry can be found in a log of purchases and see my ancestors' name listed as property. It is disgusting! This film follows Kunta Kinte from the time he is taken from his homeland, brought over by ship to America and sold for labour. You want him to escape and he tries, more than once but, in the end, he does not succeed and must watch as his daughter is sold to another slave owner. You follow the family all the way  to gaining freedom. It is a miniseries that riveted North America and showcased how horrifying that time was.

3. EAST OF EDEN-1981

This miniseries is a great retelling of the major work done by John Steinbeck. Jane Seymour was the main protagonist and she was brilliant in this role and so evil. The Film, with James Dean, is excellent but only deals with the last part of the book whereas this miniseries brings the whole book to life. We see how a father seems to favour one son over another with one son seemingly virtuous and the other a wild rebel. When the father dies, the sons inherit a fortune and in comes Jane Seymour whom we already have met as she has already killed her parents and beguiled one man to suicide. Of course both men succumb to her beauty and charm and she gives birth to twins. The twins, when they grow up, seem to repeat the same story which is where the film version begins. If you ever get a chance to see this, I would advise to sit back and enjoy this great miniseries.

I bet, that if Netflix was around in the 1970 and 80s, I would not have seen these shows because I don't have Netflix. I find it, in many ways, a shame that I have to pay extra to see shows that are on Netflix, HBO, Hulu or whatever other streaming blah blahs are out there. I do want to see Game of Thrones one day but that is one day so, for now, I choose these greats from yesteryear.

Which TV shows, from books, would you choose?

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Oscar Questions Answered

Another year gone by with egos, stupidity, some humbleness and WTF moments all assembled at the 91st Academy Awards.  To create some (possibly) more furor, The people from Black Panther and Spike Lee need to chill out. I still have to see Green Book but they make this film sound like it is Amos N Andy gone on a trip to the good ole South when it is anything but. I doubt Mahershala Ali and Octavia Spencer would be part of this film if it did not express the exact opposite. The issue is that it is a white man driving and watching over an African American who took the huge gamble and courage to play music in the South. Is this film as good as BlacKkKlansmen? I don't know but I do think Black Panther, albeit a very fun and engaging action movie, should not have been up for best picture. It was up because it made a huge amount of money at the box office and it had a, predominantly, African American cast. To be honest, I think Avengers: End Game was a better film because the writing was excellent by being able to follow the film with the huge cast of characters and the acting was better, by some, as well.  OK so on with my questions and answers...

1. Best Dressed

 Emelia Clarke

Tina Fey

Both are so beautiful and I couldn't choose one over the other

2. Worst Dressed

Maya Rudolph-she is so funny and talented but she should not have gone to her grandmom's house and steal her drapes.

Linda Cardellini-Hey Linda! Zsa Zsa Gabor came down from the heavens and asked for her bedroom dressing gown back.

3. Best Speech- Olivia Coleman who won best actress for her role in The Favourite. She was funny, humble-a truly fun acceptance speech.

4. Worst Speech- The Make-up people from Vice-Greg Cannom didn't really get to say much but Kate Biscoe and Patricia Dehaney were horrible. Yes, they were shocked to win and happy they won but you couldn't wait for the cane to come out and grab their necks off the stage.

5. Whom Do You Hate that Won- Rami Malek-Best Actor-Yes, I said that! I love Queen and I liked the opening part with Queen and Adam Lambert but Rami should not have won. I still have to see Viggo Mortensen (Greenbook) and Willem Dafoe (At Eternity's Gate) but Bradley Cooper outshone Rami all the way, in my humble opinion, and I would have even given it to John David Washington (BlacKkKlansmen) over Rami.

Oh, God I am evil and will go to hell

6. Whom Do You Love That Won- The best song-Shallow sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  Whatever is happening behind the scenes doesn't matter, I truly felt this was the most interesting song and went best with the film as it was part of the film not just tacked on at the beginning or end like so many are now.

7. Best Part of the Show- Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry (who is he??) handing out the award for best costume. When they came out to present and she had on this costume with the train full of stuffed bunnies on it, I started to laugh. As Brian talked, she had a bunny puppet and I just kept was funny.

8. Worst Part of the Show- The In Memoriam segment not because I do not love this actual segment...I do because they pay respect to the greats and I love the music usually accompanying it, but they missed some huge heavyweights that just left me gob-smacked as one might say. First-they left out Stanley Donen who was the last big director of Hollywood's Golden Age. He co-directed On The Town, Singing In The Rain, and directed Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Funny Face, Damn Yankees, Charade, Indiscreet, Two for the Road and Bedazzled. They also missed Carol Channing (you'd know her voice), Gary Kurtz, the producer of American Grafitti and the little flick called Star Wars, Julie Adams, Sandra Locke, Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) and John Mahoney (Frasier's dad). WTF??

9. Most Boring- I was actually rooting for Mary Poppins to win since it is a musical but Black Panther won and I had no idea Jesus was so F&^% boring! His name is actually Ludwig Goransson but he could put anyone to sleep.

10. What drug Were They On?  Aside from Lisa Bonet who did look like she took one too many vallium as she walked down the carpet with her Husband Jason Momoa, I will actually go with the dumbass executroids who  could not make up their minds about having a host or not(didn't go too badly without a host) to thinking it would be a good idea to have some awards handed out during commercial breaks (thankfully, they did not after a huge uproar)-the a-holes. Never mind the hug F-up with the In Memoriam part, you just wonder who is ruling over these knuckle heads.

OK so there you have list. I will now leave you with a couple more best dressed and a couple more (or more) WTF dresses and you let me know... plus some jewelry.


Yes this is a man and he is not hiding his horse's ass behind that skirt.

A murder of crows

I heard she parachuted right on to the red carpet


Talk about bling! No I don't mean the pretty girl's Ta-ta's either