Thursday, July 12, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks-Characters Magically Aging Up or Down

I am back from Vancouver but still off work which is where I can post my pictures and youtube videos. I am doing this quickly from work on June 29th! I should be home by now but late as always. Check out Wandering Through The Shelves to see everyone else's picks. Who feels young one day and old the next? I can relate and so can my 3 here...


I love Terry Gilliam and here is another great film by this former Monty Python nut. Baron Munchausen is an actor, so we think, trying to put on a show during a bombing by the Turks. He is a teller of tales and, with the help of a little girl, he rounds up his old gang to make sure the Turks don't win. It is an elaborate but wonderful fairy tale that takes you to space where Robin Williams plays a king who is nuts about his Queen down to the stomach of a whale and to Hades's quarters. The visuals are stunning and I love it how we see Munchausen age when he is close to giving up but becomes youthful when he finds hope.


I may have chosen this before but I was in a bit of a quandary this week so it is my choice again and why not? Once again, the visuals are amazing and I didn't find it frightening but there are some gross scenes which didn't bother me as it worked for the film. I found it a great retelling of this well-known take about Dracula but it brings a love story along with reincarnation into the story and I feel it works very well. Dracula is seen first as very old but he regains his youth by..well, you know, sucking the life out of people. He is on a journey to find Nina who looks like his long lost wife. Her Fiancee, Johnathan Harker is kept at the castle by the 3 beguiling bloodsuckers but he does escape. Not on;y does Dracul age up and down but Harker's hair goes from grey to black depending on who is winning. Gary Oldman deserved an oscar nomination if not a win for this.


This stars Brad Pitt as Benjamin who is born old...literally and as time passes he grows younger. It seems to be somehow connected to a clock but we learn about his life as he is raised by an African American who loves him and calls him her own. When he is old he meets a young girl and they become friends. When he leaves for adventure and comes home a man, he meets up with her again and they meet at a time when both are at the right age. I found it a strange film, not without faults but the acting is great and the story stick with me and made me think about Alzheimers and how, I felt, this movie seems to hint at this illness but from a different angle.

Which ones would you choose? Oh if there are any spelling/grammar errors, I am writing this in haste..forgive moi

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks- Long Awaited Sequels

This was a tough week for me to come up with long awaited sequels because my mind went blank...typical. Let’s see what the others have chosen if you head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves we can find out. Here are my 3....


I was sooooo looking forward to this film and then I watched it. The special effects, cinematography and interior design are amazing (my favourite word) the acting was good except for the kid, who truly sucked, but this film was just not that great ...sorry. So Q-Tip, played by Liam Neeson is a Jedi Knight with an apprentice, Obi Wan Kenobi and Q-Tip sees-a young kid and believes he is the saviour. In between this they must escort Queen Armadillo to some senator meeting or something like that and they pick up a dumb ass lizard, Jar Jar Binks. The evil force is building and the great Death Maul is trying to kill the kid and the rest. There is unrest in the force  so stay tuned... My favourite scene is the final fight scene with Darth Maul, Obi and Q-Tip. The sword, um, lightsabre fight scene with that spectacular music by John Williams is worth watching.


Now this is a sequel! It is all about Star Wars but this time it is way after the victory by the rebel forces. It starts with a tough gal on the planet where Luke Skywalker grew up. She finds the falcon and a droid that knows the whereabouts of Luke who disappeared. There is also unrest in the force and we meet up with Princess Leia and Han Solo and good ole Chewie. They had a child (Leia and Han not Leia and Chewie or Han and Chewie for that matter), an ugly one with huge lips who is an entitled, self-absorbed brat with parent issues who loves the dark side. This is a great sequel worth the wait.


The Mad Max films were from the 1980’s and I was never a big follower of these films so I was not much into this film but I’m glad I watched this movie. It is whack-a-doodle flick with Mad Max captured but escaping with baldie Charlize Theron and some babes in white dresses. The lord wants his concubines back and sends out his army of freaks along with a heavy metal band that play f-up music. I had to laugh at the bald freak with the guitar and the other nuts going after the gals, Charlize and Max. It is a gritty, dirty film that is not that uplifting which is not one of my favourite motifs, but I still think it's a good film and better than the originals.

What are your 3?..

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks-TV Spinoffs

I’m scared......why? I’m going on a plane! When I was young, I loved being on a plane and couldn’t wait to see the planes take off and land but now, I have become an idiot of nerves. The good news is that I am travelling to Vancouver to visit my dear friend, V.J. He will take me on the tour he works on where the tour group travels to Lake Louise, Banff and Lake Jasper. I can’t wait for this and I saved my coins to pay for the plane fare! I hope to write my posts ahead of time because I am off for 2 weeks and have no ability to place pics etc...on my blog because it’s not compatible with my IPad.  Isn't that the dumbest thing? This week, at Wandering Through The Shelves, it’s TV time and all about the spinoffs. I decided to stick to the 70’s which was full of comedies, dramas and variety shows and before political correctness, but full on cheesiness as well. Oh, if you check out my previous post there is the  movie blogfest where you pick 4 films that you feel define you and why. I felt it very freeing to write that post:) Ok so here are my 3...

1. THE JEFFERSONS-1975-1985

This series comes from the great show, All In The Family! The Jefferson used to be the neighbours of the Bunkers but they became rich from the laundry business and they moved on up to the big sky. Jefferson, played wonderfully by Sherman Hensley, is a jive talkin’ African American who could be a bigot, the opposite bigot to Archie Bunker. He is married to his strong, no nonsense wife played by Isabel Sanford. In the early episodes his wife must deal with her mother in law as well as George but “Weezie” can handle herself. They hire a maid  who can dish it out and take it and we meet their neighbours, one an Englishman, Bentley, who seems to be quite the lover but always needs George to walk on his back whenever he has back problems. Their neighbours, one floor above, are a happily married bi-racial couple who have a daughter. The Jefferson’s son and the neighbour’s daughter fall in love much to George’s chagrin. You hear Honky, zebra marriage and even that N word which I despise but this is the 70’s. I loved this show because George is always put in his place and despite his bellowing he defends his friends. I love this show and too bad it would never fly now, neither would All In The Family...the political correct police miss the point.

2. BRADY BUNCH HOUR-1976-1977

Oh..this is bad...very, very bad and Eve Plumb, who played Jan in the Brady Bunch Show was right not to join in this horrible show so we have Fake Jan. Robert Reed, who hated playing his character actually liked being on this show which is strange and poor Florence Henderson had to carry much of the singing and dancing since this was her true vocation (she did play Maria in The Sound Of Music). It starts that good ole Mike quits his architect job, uproots his family so they can star on their own variety show. Rip Taylor, plays the love interest to Alice in the show which just baffles me. The outfits and glitter and lack of singing talent from most of the cast is clearly evident.

3. MORK AND MINDY-1978-1982

Mork from Ork first came to be known on Happy Days, which was a show about the happy 1950's with The Fonz, the Cunninghams and Ritchie's friends, Potsie and Ralph. Mork comes to our planet to fetch a humdrum human, aka Ritchie and is foiled by The Fonz. from this humble beginning a superstar was born in the name of Robin Williams who played Mork on his own series. Mork is sent down to earth to learn more about our species and lives with a young woman who tries to teach him the earthly ways. Robin Williams often went off script (no kidding) and the show was a super hit for a while and made a huge star out of Robin Williams who I miss to this day.

What are your 3?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Movie Lovers #Blogfest

Answer this question: What four films define you? Describe how and include a brief outline and trailer for each movie.

Of course I will enter this fun event which is up until August 31st  and it would be fun if you would partake in this venture involving movies. You can head on over to The Doglady's Den to read more about this and post your own films that mean a lot  to you. I will write little snippets about my life and then talk about the film. I don't mind revealing aspects of my darker past because this is what gives a person strength and character. On with the show...5 films:)

"Shhhhh....don't squirm or I will hurt you. You are not worth anything, that's why nobody talks to you, no one will care if you are gone. If you keep squirming I will cut your throat from ear to ear."  I didn't care anymore and felt so confused so when I yelled out to cut my throat he switched things up..."See your brother over there? If you don't stop moving, I will drown him. I know your parents don't lock the doors so I will come here and cut their throats." I stopped moving and let things happen, what was a 7 year old to do? Escape is good...

TOP HAT-1935

The classic boy meets girl, boy loses girl and boy gets girl back but what a fun movie with not only great dancing but some very funny moments from Edward Everett Horton, Helen Broderick and Eric Blore. The classic case of misunderstandings are brought to you with the charm of Ginger who can't seem to keep away from Fred. She finally succumbs with this classic routine in all its sensual glory. How I wanted to wear this dress which Fred Astaire hated due to the feathers flying around. 


Escape into laughter, which is the best medicine and I love this film to this day. 
When life gets tough, who doesn't need a little escape and laughter is always needed. This brilliant screwball comedy stars Barbra Streisand as a carefree forever student, carrying her plaid bag who meets Steve..I mean, Howard, played by Ryan O'Neal. He has come to San Francisco, with his fiancee, Eunice Burns (brilliantly played by Madeline Kahn in her first role) to attend a convention and hopefully obtain a grant for his igneous rock formations held in a plaid bag. There are 2 other plaid bags floating around the hotel with one containing top secret documents and the other priceless jewels. Mahem ensues with a car chase to beat all car chases. 

By the way, I told my mom and she told me what to do and hugged me and promised me never to tell my dad because I didn't want my dad to end up in prison for murder. She told the man never ever to come back. I can't stand looking at my communion photos to this day (he took the pics) and there is one moment where this man led me to his apartment and all I remember is walking back with him to my mom's friend's house. The brain protects...

High School.....spat on, told to wear a paper bag as I was too ugly, sandwiches thrown at my head, laughed at. Told I am worthless, my parents would be better off without me, the whole world would be in fact. Tripped in the hallways but worse, they would always try to break my fingers on my right hand so every year, my mom took me to the hospital but no broken bones, just a swelled up hand. Who knew I had Ehlers-Danlos and could not break a bone since I was so hyper-mobile. Fear that I would be killed since a group came from behind, grabbed my throat and raised me up telling me they will cut my throat from ear to ear. I had heard this before so I went within but I still walked outside on my own to show no fear. High school sucked...


When I saw this film, I cried and so wished for a bodyguard of my own. The young man is new in school who is picked on by the gang who exhorts money from the kids. The young boy, played by Chris Makepeace tries to fight for his rights but it doesn't go according to plan. He ends up hiring the big kid everyone is scared of as his own bodyguard which works and they slowly form a friendship. My favourite is Ruth Gordon who plays the young boy's grandmother, a feisty gal who helps the troubled bodyguard and you know she has seen her bullies as she has the tattoo on her arm to prove it. 

There is always hope.. and I had an angel walking beside me through hell, who never gave up on mom. My dad was there and I always felt safe and both instilled in me that hope should never be underestimated. Strength comes from within and you can do anything if you want it bad enough. I believe in this strongly...


Another film I adore and believe in what it stands for. I know it is different from the book but I don't care. It stars Tim Robbins(who should have won the Oscar) as Andy Dufresne wrongly convicted to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife and her lover. In prison he meets Red, played by Morgan Freeman, who becomes his best friend. Andy must endure rape, bullying and the warden because the warden uses Andy's skills to embezzle big time. You see how this man quietly defies the guards and the warden while gaining the respect of the prisoners. Over the decades, we see his likes in posters change from Rita Hayworth to Marilyn Monroe and, finally Raquel "fur bikini" Welch. When nothing seems to go your way, there is always hope.

Through my years of facing death in the face either by bullies, offenders, or my parents' passing, dealing with health issues, losing the home I grew up in because of my one Uncle (that's another story), pain and other crap, I have always felt that life is a precious gift that should never be taken for granted. It is not easy and I had a very, very low point when I was in Grade 12 but, as my mom said, "In the morning, you always hear the birds sing." Life is truly beautiful, I get to help people, I am here for my friends, beauty resides in flowers, art and the written word which I see on the blogs I follow every day. My Mantra is...It's a Wonderful Life.


This film, about a man who never leaves Bedford Falls, helps everyone he can and fights the evil that can lurk in the most serene of places, makes me cry every single time I watch it at Christmas. James Stewart, my favourite actor, plays George Bailey who fights to leave the town and people and see the world but is always stopped by something/someone because he knows what is the right thing to do not what he wants to do. When all seems hopeless and he contemplates suicide, his guardian angel steps in and shows him what life would be like if he were never born. Have you ever stopped to think what it would be like if you were never born? I have promised always to do my best to help my friends, family and people I see in my work. When people fight you and no one believes you, this is when it is most important to stick to what is right. This film is a part of my heart and I hope I am not a failure because, as Clarence wrote in the Tom Sawyer book, "No man is a failure who has friends."

 I hope you enjoyed my lengthy post that might have been too much info but..oh well:) Keep smiling and smell the roses. let's see if you want to join or say which films define you. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks-Juvenile Delinquents

I was a nerd in uber-nerd who skipped classes on occasion and even got drunk on liquor filled cherry chocolates from the German Delicatessin just before having to go for confession. Yup I went to a Catholic school and my high school was run by priests and some nuns. I secretly wanted to be a juvenile delinquent because they were outsiders who didn’t give a #@*%! I can’t wait to see what the others have chosen for this week. Head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what the others have chosen.


This is a forgotten film in many ways even though it brought Sidney Poitier to the foreground and brought Rock N Roll to the masses with "Rock Around The Clock", by Bill Haley and the Comets. It stars Glenn Ford as a WW2 vet who is now a new teacher at a rough school with some very bad kids. Poitier plays one of the delinquents whom Ford’s teacher sees more in him than he does. Of course, you have the tough kids who do everything they can to make it tough for the teachers. One might find it dated today but for the time it was considered quite gritty and realistic. I find it well acted and consider the times when it was made. It’s worth a look.


This is a classic and I consider it one of the best of juvenile delinquency movies plus one shown from the teens’ perspective. It stars the magnetic James Dean as a young man, with a cold mother and a loving but henpecked father, who is an outsider and not well liked by most. The jock and his gang love to bully, have great looking girlfriends, like Natalie Wood and try to get under James Dean’s skin. James Dean’s character falls for Natalie Wood, enters a drag race and finds out who’s chicken with dire results. The parents have no clue what is wrong with their kids and the kids are frustrated, angry and hurt. James Dean is so captivating and intense, Natalie Wood plays someone tender but strong and the young Sal Mineo just explodes on the screen as the kid with no friends. A must see!


Oh yes...Elvis is in the house! Before he became a plump, pill popping Vegas act in a sequinned onesie, he was a good looking kid who took the world by storm with his singing and swiveling hips known as Elvis the Pelvis inflicting tics on God-fearing crew-cut parents who thought he was the devil. At this time, he started making movies and some were good. In some of his early performances, he played a ...juvenile delinquent and did quite well much to the critics' surprise. This film is considered, arguably, his best as a young teen, with a down on his luck widowed dad, who has failed out of school twice (remember when kids were actually failing in school??). He ends up with a gang but a good girl (Dolores Hart who is actually very good...she became a nun) tries to show him that he can be more. He is brought to a jerk who runs the area, played menacingly by Walter Matthau, and Elvis sings for a spot in the club. It goes from there but, if you think of Elvis in smarmy movies, give this one a try because it’s not half bad.

You know I almost chose Girls Town which is a horrible film with Mamie Van Doren which should have given me my first indication this film would suck. The second indication is that Mel Torme plays a, ready...leader of a gang, leather jacket and all. The song itself is quite hilarious.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Flowers for a hot day

It's stinking hot here at 41C with the humidex and I am dreaming of snow..yes, I am one of those nuts.  The birthdays are done but now I am helping out my best friend with packing, trying to organize stuff...who has tons of stuff?  Working away at my job, making dinners for family and friends...I miss my craft room..waa...waa. Anyway I did make a couple of cards and am showcasing them here.

Addicted to Stamps-Anything Goes
Crafty Creations-Anything Goes
Dream Valley-Add Some Bling
Eclectic Ellapu-Anything Goes
Sparkles Monthly-Let's Be Pretty
Flower Challenge-Use a former Challenge-I used Challenge 12 Tic, Tac, Toe (Embossing, Distress Inks, Watercolour.
Simon Says-Frame It

I created these 2 cards a while back for another challenge which I missed. I miss so many challenges that I am surprised I don't miss where i left my brain..wait..maybe I have misplaced that thing that goes inside my head.

I used the same rose stamp for both cards but one I created with bold colours while the other is pretty in pink...I am not a pink gal but I know someone who is so this is very girly. The first rose is water-coloured with gelatos (look like gooey thick crayons) while the second is water-coloured with distress inks. I used the cuddlebug for the background design in the first card and then layered the card in bright colours. I fussy cut the rose out, placed it on the card with pop up dots, added the butterfly, border stickers and stamped a saying with the 2nd part inside the card(...I am here for you.). My best friend received this card because she is going through divorce hell.

The 2nd pretty in pink card is just one layer but the rose (fussy cut) was placed on a marble type paper with the butterfly. I took my sizzex machine and a die cut for the border and added it around the rose to frame it and finished it off with some bling.

I cross my fingers, toes and eyes that I create more cards than I have been.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks-mythology/Legend

Wandering through the Shelves chose mythology and Legends which I love and can’t get enough of if they are done correctly (Richard Gere as Lancelot is so very wrong). I went a little nuts and I don’t care, so here we go.


With all the CGI today we get spoiled by these special effects and tend to forget the artists of years ago. Ray Harryhausen is one person who deserves all the accolades and I would have turned into one of those nutty teens who went nuts for the Beatles if I had met this man. I could have chosen any of his films and they would have fit but this one stands out for me because of the wicked skeletons whom Jason and the others must fight. The painstaking time it took to create these figures in his films just leave me speechless. This film is about the famous Jason who must find the Golden Fleece sailing with a loyal crew which includes Hercules, meeting Medea and finding many adventures. Great movie flick that is full of fun.

2. LEGEND-1985

This stars a young Tom Cruise who must save a princess and the last unicorn before this evil being, played brilliantly by Tim Curry in one of the best demon makeup ever, brings permanent darkness to the land. This film is just magical in the way it is filmed, the cinematography, the make up and the style. The acting is ok and some things could have been improved but the visuals are beautiful and ..I just love Billy Barty.


This is actually a Hallmark TV film that I watched on PBS when it came on and I had forgotten the name of the film but I remembered it starred Scott Glenn. I finally found it and, if I can get it on DVD, I will! It takes place around the turn of the century in Ireland where a widower with his young child, helps out a woman who is abused by her employer. It is found that she is a selkie...a seal that can come onto the beach, shed its skin and become a woman but if she misses her time to go back into the water, she remains a woman forever. The problem is her employer has her skin which she needs to turn back into a seal. I found this film very romantic, ethereal and well acted. One does not think of Scott Glenn as a romantic lead which is why it works so well.



yeah...I wrote about this one before but I love it and find this film one of the best and my heart belongs to Errol Flynn as the legendary Robin Hood who robs from the rich and gives to the poor, who is the enemy of the Sheriff of Nottingham and falls in love with the beautiful Maid Marion played by Olivia De Havilland who is 102 come this July.


This is the best film version of the the legend of King Arthur, well, the best non-comical version:) and shows the legend of this lost king. The visuals are great, the acting is excellent and one sees Patrick Stewart, Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren in early roles. My favourite is Merlin and Carmina Burana music set to Arthur’s ride at the climax of the film is an excellent way to showcase music.


I saw this film when it first came out and I ended up lusting after Rutger Hauer..I know..what the F. I still love this film with its atmospheric style and fairy tale quality. A thief, played by a young Matthew Broderick, escapes the dungeon and takes off with the Bishop`s men in hot pursuit. He is befriended by a Captain who is also hunted by the Bishop. It seems the Bishop had the hots for the fair Isabeau, played by Michelle Pfeiffer but the Captain and Isabeau love each other. As a result, the Bishop has placed a curse on the lovers where he turns into a wolf by night and she turns into a hawk by day thus making sure they can never be together. It has romance (the kind I like), adventure and some lightness to it which I think, works well. The CGI is non existent and the budget was not high but one can overlook this due to the story and imagery.

One last one....If you have not seen any of the trailers and need a laugh, watch this...