Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition-Horror

Ooh..boogedy, boogedy, today is Halloween and I am going to see Carrie on the big screen this evening and, strangely enough, I’m looking forward to this. It is supposed to be a cold and rainy night so quite sucky for the kids but I hope it won’t be as bad as the weathermen are saying. We used to get tons of kids but now we get less than 40 so I expect even less this year. Now, on to TV and horror of which I watch little because I am just not into a lot of negativity which seems to be the in thing nowadays and I am one for some hope. Wandering through the Shelves comes up with a different theme each week so head on over to see what everyone else has chosen. Here are my 3...

1. THE ADDAMS FAMILY-1964-1966

Ahh... we are talking one strange family who delight in all things slightly evil from enjoying pain, having a dead garden and and letting a disembodied hand almost steal the show. Gomez, very wealthy and weird, loves his beautiful wife, Morticia. He gets lustful whenever she starts speaking French. Their 2 children, Wednesday and Pugsley are not the type of kids who like cuddling especially since Wednesday tries to kill her brother. Uncle Fester is loveably insane while Grandma likes to boil things. Lurch, their butler, rarely talks but looms over everything as he groans. You have Thing, the hand, Cousin It...a hairy being plus other strange nuts. It was a fun albeit creepy show that spawned a successful movie and sequels and now a new animated film.

2. THE MUNSTERS-1964-1966

A hardworking man, Herman, takes care of his beautiful wife, Lily, who, on occasion, sings some beautiful songs, and their young son who deals with school. Her father lives with them who brings Herman into some hair-brained schemes because the dad, although sweet isn’t the brightest knob. Their ugly cousin, Marilyn, lives with them and so does their pet in a moody mansion. Oh, yes, the dad is Frankenstein, his wife and her dad, vampires, their son is a werewolf and their ugly cousin is actually a beautiful blond who looks like the rest of us. Oh and their pet, who lives under the stairs is a prehistoric beast that breathes fire. This is my favourite which I loved more than the Addams Family even though The Addams Family gets more recognition. This family was loving and sweet and had no idea they were different plus who doesn’t love their kick ass car as well as the opening music from this show. They made a movie, in colour, which was just as hokey but I love it.

3. GRIMM-2011-2017

I guess this is my most horrific tv show pick but I really enjoyed it because, despite some ugly scenes, there was humour and a sense of family and hope. There is a detective who finds out he is a Grimm, someone who can see the real life “monsters”  who live among us. His German ancestors used to seek out these monsters a kill them using all sorts of tools but he decides to understand their side and not just whack off their head. He gets help from a wolf in human clothing who has sworn off his bloody ways and is a vegetarian and, together, along with Det. Burkhardt’s partner, investigate all sorts of strange murders. The detective has a loving fiancĂ©e, an understanding boss, who hides his own demons, plus other characters that help and hinder his life throughout the series. I love fairy tales and enjoyed how they brought in many old stories and tales like the 3 Bears, witches and even the chupacabra.

Now which 3 would you choose?

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Rituals

Oh yes, the rituals where our minds immediately go to the dark side but rituals can be anything from satanic to going to church every Sunday. Even the methods of the church follows rituals whether it be Catholic, Lutheran or Gospel. Heck, we, as individuals, all have rituals from having to put our socks on a certain way to having the same breakfast...which would be me...I love my toast and honey. Ok so this week Wandering Through The Shelves decided on Rituals and we are to choose 3 films that work this theme. Here are my 3....


This film scared the living crap out of me( how can crap be living? That’s just gross) and I could never get past the head spinning 360 degrees before I would turn the channel to The Love Boat. This is about an actress who, with her young daughter, move into a Washington D.C. flat. Soon the daughter starts showing odd behaviour and I don’t mean that she starts eating her brussel sprouts and going to bed on time, I mean saying really bad words and walking down the stairs  like some Cirque de Soleil acrobat. The mother finally contacts the Catholic Church when regular doctors can’t figure out how to help. Enter the great actor Max Von Sydow as an elderly priest well equipped to deal with the ritual of exorcism and green pea soup. A young priest, with doubts, is his apprentice and together they try their best to strike the demon out of her.  It is one frightening film but well acted especially the young Linda Blair as the demonic gal. The demon voice is Mercedes McCambridge who received no credit as the demon which was very unfair. Oh, I remember that many people had to leave the cinemas out of fear and literally throwing up. The poor clean up crew.


Ok, this has no demonic possessions, unless you count Jack Nicholson as one big demonic, possessed old fart. It has no witches, goats or Ruth Gordon but you do have a cute doggie, a gay man who loses everything, a working mom who struggles as a waitress and Jack as a mentally unstable, but famous writer who is the centre of these misfits. This man has serious issues and no one likes him for good reason. He suffers from OCD plus many other ailments and must maintain his rituals in order to get through the day. He can’t walk on the cracks of sidewalks, he must wash his hand often and use a different bar of soap 5 times each time he washes his hands, the same when he locks the door to his apartment, he must go to the same restaurant and he must bring his own utensils because he is trapped by his illness. The only one who will serve him is Helen Hunt which is how we get to see how these misfits fall in love...blecchhh. Ok I do like this film even though I find the love story unrealistic and trite plus I found Helen Hunt irritating as hell in this movie but I always find her, just irritating. I love the dog and I love Greg Kinnear as the neighbour of Nicholson who is beaten up and must get help from his wealthy parents...enter Nicholson and Hunt where all 3 go on a road trip. It is a very good film although I am not sure this film should have won all 5 top Oscars but it is well acted and fun to watch. Nicholson nailed the way many people deal with OCD etc... it is worth watching. Oh, I watched Helen Hunt win the Oscar and she was married, at that time, to Hank Azaria( The Simpsons, The houseperson in The Birdcage) you think she could say his name? "I want to thank, that man over there, are wonderful, my man,  you know who you are..." F*^%! Say his name! She never did and yes, they are divorced.


This is a romance, comedy witchipoo movie that is better than I thought it would be. You have 2 sisters played by Sandra Bullock, the sensible witch who is very powerful and Nicole Kidman the wild ass witch who brings trouble home. Sandra is a widow with 2 small girls who lives in the same home their family have owned for generations along with their 2 daffy aunts who go on a vacation.  Bullock ends up helping her sister when the sis brings home trouble. Enter a good looking detective with piercing green eyes( or were they blue??) and you have some fun happening. Of course there is a ritual that must be performed to save the day and it brings a greater understanding that witches are people too. If you want to enjoy a movie where the romance is not the main plot and you don’t want to be scared, watch this film and enjoy some popcorn.

Which films would you choose?

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Update and a card

I have some good news! First, I went to the dentist on Monday which is not my happy place. If anyone says that is their happy place, they are slightly insane and probably have a man eating plant for a friend. Where was I? Oh yes, so after freezing, the dentist took some pliers of death and started twisting and turning. I could hear a bit of cracking and presto! A tooth was born with a deformed baby (dentist’s words not mine) attached to the one root. He said it had to come out and it did. This morning, I woke up to no major ear ringing ( I have tinnitus but it went nutso in July), I didn’t have to  blow my nose several times and, I have not felt dizzy. Now, I am cautiously optimistic since I feel a bit dizzy this evening but time will tell. I am hopeful...and feel stupid for waiting because I was out of coverage, but this is a learning experience.

I went for my biopsy results yesterday and had my hubby with me for support. It came back that I have a polyp on my uterus and it is benign! Yahoo!!! She said it is not like polyps one finds on intestines because they very rarely, turn into cancer and that is great news. She mentioned that I could have a D & C to take out the polyp  but I could also wait. She asked if I had any more bleeding and I told her that I did not, which is great news since I can wait and just keep going as per norm. Hubby agreed  that I am in no risk at all but if I bleed again, I can call her and get the procedure done. I told her about the extreme pain I had for the whole day when I had the biopsy done. It was not because of the biopsy but the medicine I took and she said it was abnormal to be in that extreme pain. Only 10%  have a bad reaction to the medicine which is rare and I am one of those rare ones so she made a note that I should never have that medicine and I have informed my drug store.

This is great news so I decided to create card for a young man who helped walk our nutty dog when hubby couldn’t  and here is the card...

Some really nice card stock pieces in shimmery purple, shiny black and mirror purple. Twinkling H2Os paints, Sizzex machine, "Thanks" die cut, powdered blue dust and water, Cat stamp, pastels, stickers, blue pen.

Animal Friends-A Cat.
Crafty Creations-Anything Goes

I bought these color blasts that shimmer so I tried it on the back blue card stock by flecking the dust onto the card and spritzing water onto the dust and watch the colour swim and form..pretty cool stuff. I had the cardstock pieces with the Twinkling H2O's paints and brushed some paint onto a glossy black card piece, added the purple mirror piece onto that and glued the "Thanks" die cut onto that. I stamped the cat in basic black and coloured him with pastels using cotton swabs. I added the stickers which I coloured with a blue marker and there ya have it. I was so happy to create this card for this young man and he really liked it.

I have to add this song because this is how I feel...

Monday, October 21, 2019

Halloween and Christmas

Since the stores have Halloween witches and skulls right beside Santa and Christmas trees, why should I not get in on the band wagon. Personally I think it's stupid and money hungry to put Christmas stuff up before Rembrance Day. I grew up not seeing anything Christmas until after November 11th but now it seems to get earlier and earlier which sucks. So what have I done? I am showing you a Halloween card and a Christmas card.

Doggie Stamp, witches hat, pumpkin, star and saying stamp. Black dye ink, gold dye ink, gold glitter embossing powder, gambow markers, pastels, die cut, sizzex machine.

Fusion Challenge-sketch and a photo
Simon Says- Halloween
The Male Room- Halloween

Neighbours, across our street, have been so nice bringing bones for our Wallace so I made a Halloween thank you card for them and used the dog image since they have a black lab. I tried to combine the fusion challenge by using the sketch but also having the pumpkin, black background and stars which is from their photo. I took orange chalk a rubbed the color, using cotton swabs around the doggy. I stamped the pumpkin and witches hat and fussy cut them out. I coloured the pumpkin in gamsol pencils and the hat, |I used tombow markers. I placed the doggie on the black background and added the hat on top of her head. I used pop up dots to bring the pumpkin out. I stamped the stars and saying in gold and embossed it with this antique sparkle gold powder.  I have to start sending out some Halloween cards.

Angel and saying stamp, Black embossing dye ink, sparkle black embossing powder, Star stickers, black marker, gems, different card stock. Tombow markers

CCAYR- Angels or Nativity
Color Throwdown- grey, lavender, black
HLS- Christmas- Twinkle

I love angels and am not sure why but I always find them beautiful and peaceful looking. Over at Christmas Crafts All Year Round, They have Angels or Nativity which is right up my alley. I love this Angel stamp I have and stamped her on white cardstock and embossed her in the black glitter embossing powder. I took the different papers and layered everything. I used pop up dots for the angel to look 3D. I stamped the saying in the same black and used the same black embossing powder for extra glitter. I added the stars that I coloured in black and the gems.

Are you sick of all the merchandise being placed out so early? Do you still dress up for Halloween, like I do, to hand out candy? What is your favourite Christmas image? Angels, Trees, Santa, Snowmen, Newt Gingrich...sorry he would be more for Halloween.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Jump Scares that Got You

I have had more jumps in my seat than I can think of except  now I can’t think of many at all. Wait, I think that sounds slightly suggestive:). I am talking about scary movies and I will be curious to see what everyone will choose as their 3 "jump out of their seat" moments. I will be very curious if Joel has any.  I suggest to head on over to Wandering Through The Shelves to see what everyone has chosen. Here are my 3...

1. THEM-1954

It starts off where this little girl, after witnessing something scary,  can’t say anything until, while  in the hospital, she screams...”THEM!!!”  James Whitmore plays the cop who is trying to find out what is going on. This is at the time when the Cold War was in its infancy and the same with nuclear war  (every kid was told to hide under their school desks ‘cos  that’ll prevent them from being harmed) so big giant creatures, human and animal became huge in film(sorry about the pun). So when I first saw the image, on my parents’ black and white tv where I had to get up and turn the channel using an actual knob, I screamed. Now every time I hear freaky violin music, I start to scratch and remember...THEM!


Oliver Reed is married to Karen Black with a child and an Aunt, played by Bette Davis, in tow who all move into one scary ass home for the summer. At first all seems good  except there are dreams of one weird looking hearse driver and everyone starts to dislike this house except for good ole Mom..Er...Karen Black. The house speaks to her. Let’s just say this is a lot scarier than that dumb Amityville Horror Movie. Oh, and it is one of Steven King's favourite movies. I did jump, more than once, but this time the TV was now in colour...still had to get up and change the channel though.


If you haven’t seen this movie, you at least know about it. Three paleontologists are asked to come to an island that is the brain child of this nutty old buzzard played by Richard Attenborough. With scientists and a number of other crew, he has been able to recreate dinosaurs for a Disney like theme park. He decides to send the three out, along with his 2 grandchildren and a lawyer on a track to ...AGHHHHHH! Yes, seeing Mr. Rex  made me lose my cool and jump. I jumped more than once in this film....the raptors ...damn raptors. By the way, Jeff Goldblum stole the picture.

Which 3 films did you watch that made you lose your popcorn?

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

2 new cards

Leaf stamp, trees stamp, flower, butterfly and fairy stamp and saying stamp...oh and bird stamp. Perfect pearl powders, versamark stamp pad. Brush for the powders, scissors, glue dots, black paper.

The Library Challenge-  The Secret Garden
Fairy and the Unicorn- Anything Goes
Alphabet Challenge-One Word Sentiment
Sparkles Challenge-Forever Autumn
Stamping Sensations-Trees, leaves, Autumn

I had a lot of fun creating this card and using the Secret Garden as inspiration.  My friend in B.C. is going through a very tough time since his bastard spouse left him and now wants more than half of the condo and my friend's investments. Can we say Jerk! OK, that's off my chest, I stamped a bunch of leaves, flowers, 3 butterflies, 2 birds and the fairy stamp. I fussy cut each one out after I put a variety of colors down from the perfect pearl powders. I stamped the trees and the saying directly onto the card and then adhered all the little bits all around to create the garden. I did use fall colors for the trees and leaves but then went blues and purples plus other colors for the other pieces. It was pretty easy using glue dots to affix the bits.

Poinsettia stamp, Bronze embossing ink, Rustic embossing powder, Tim Holtz distress inks, water, brush, scissors, silver glitter, pearl paper, blue glitter paper, border and saying stickers, gems, bic marking pen.

Happy Little Stampers: Watercolour- Botanical
Flower Challenge- CAS
Addicted To Stamps- Holidays
Christmas Card Throwdown- blue, brown & white
Simon Says-Christmas

A cool Christmas card and more will follow before the 24th of December. I took the distress ink and just pressed it down on a wipeable surface, added water and now I could paint the image that I stamped and embossed with embossing powder. I stamped the image twice so I could color the flowers, cut them out and place them over top the flowers of the whole image that I had fussy cut out before. I had no brown paper so I took basic white and stamped the distress brown on top of the white and sprayed it with water to blend it. Once it was dry, I layered the papers together and placed the poinsettia on top. I took the saying and border stickers, coloured it with a blue marker and placed them on the card. I finished it off with silver glitter for the berries and flower centre and added the 2 gems to finish it off. I was inspired by someone I follow, The Dutchess, who creates amazing cards. She made one a while back which took my breath away. Overall, I think my card went well. Please check out her blog and look at some of her cards.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks-Teen Horror

Teens are horrific on a good day so, I think any teen flick could work but I don’t think that is quite the theme Wandering Through The Shelves was looking for. I remember being a teen and I was a good gal, to be honest, but I could still grunt and drag my heels to help out my dad when he came back with groceries to unload.  Anyhoo, teens always get into bad trouble especially when a group of them decide to rent out some cabin. You have the 2 horny teens that get the hatchet just after they “do it.” You have the token African American, the geek, the jerk, a funny guy, the nice guy and the nice girl who usually runs down the middle of the road with one high heeled shoe still on who is having a hard time running away from the killer with a limp where a turtle is outpacing him. Big Sigh. Anyhoo, I chose 3 that I think works, and here they are...


I love this tacky flick starring Michael Landon, yes that Landon of Bonanza, Little Outhouse on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven fame. He plays a troubled delinquent who ends up going to a therapist for help. Unbeknownst to poor Michael, the therapist is a mad quack who decides to use him as a guinea pig and pump him with serum when he is under hypnosis. With some mad scientist talk, poor Michael turns into a werewolf and wrecks havoc at his high school. I actually thought the makeup was quite good and young Michael  was ok as the nutty teen who likes to howl at the moon.


This film used to be on TV quite frequently and now, hardly ever shows up. Ok, it might be short on horror but it is a fun movie even though this marked the end of these teen beach movies. You have the old corpse, played by Boris Karloff( of Frankenstein fame and The Original, and best, Grinch fame) who must do a good deed in 24 hrs so he can go to heaven. He enlists his old girlfriend to help him .yes, she is the ghost in the invisible bikini, make sure his crooked lawyer, played by Basil Rathbone, and his stooges don’t get their hands on his mansion and millions. Of course, his very young relative and a group of teens come to the mansion to have fun along with a man posing as a gorilla, a real gorilla and Erik Von Zipper and his gang of numbskulls. It’s fun and who doesn’t love the teen music, dancing and Erik Von Zipper and his gang.


This is one of my favourite movies of the 80s. I thought Roddy McDowell as Peter Vincent, the late night host and scaredy cat who is reluctantly brought into teen Charlie Brewster's world, who believes there is a vampire living next door to him. The teen has a weird friend and a girl friend who worry about him especially when he decorates his room with crucifixes and garlic. Poor Charley(not the fish) thinks all is well until his daffy mother invites the suave neighbour over for a drink. Chris Sarandon plays the suave neighbour with a love of apples and Brewster's girlfriend. I have to admit I jumped when I saw the girlfriend's new teeth. This had great humor along with some great effects from 1985. I love the quick scene of Roddy McDowell, in an old 60's movie(playing on TV that Charlie turned on)  playing a Von Hesling character who is ready to drive a steak through the busomy Vampiress but the steak is backwards. A very fun with some scary moments film. Worth a look.

What films would you choose?

Monday, October 7, 2019

Card making begins

Color Throwdown- light lavender, darker purple, orange, grass green. CTD563

Cute Card Thursday- Anything Goes

Cut out paper, sizzex machine, die cut butterfly and leaves, corner flower stamp, chrysanthemum stamp, purple dye ink pad, turquoise sparkle embossing powder., embossing folder,pastels,  orange stickles, gem.

I had this paper cutout from a long time ago because I used a cut out on another paper.  I added the pearl paper behind and used the sizzex for the embossing folder and brushed a purple dye ink over top to showcase the bottom.. I stamped the border corners and the flower in purple and heat embossed it in turquoise glitter. I coloured the flower with pastels. I used the sizzex to cut the leaves and butterfly using those die cuts. I added orange stickles around the border and the gem in the corner. I hope to kick things into high gear and start making cards before Christmas. Oops sorry for that word. 

Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Thursday Movie Picks- Period Horror

I can honestly say that last Friday was one of the worst pain days I have experienced which begs the question, why do women ever want children? I had to take 2 pills  to open up my cervix for the uterine about a period Horror! Ok, sorry, yes I hear the ..ewwwwww. What was funny was thinking I could return to work, I did for about. 10 minutes before calling my friend to take me home. The actual biopsy was 10 seconds of  painful crap and, yes, I literally counted down from 10 to 1, per Dr’s orders while she ripped out a piece of my uterus. I went from a loud shriek of 10, hitting soprano all the way to bass before it ended. The pain only increased from the meds I had to take and didn’t subside until the later evening-think your pelvic sides are being stretched by knives. The next day, I woke to my dizziness and a severe sinus headache that lasted into Monday. Monday, hubby’s brother in law drove us to Toronto for the post op of my hubby’s operation and hubby is doing very well but must stay in the sling for 4 more weeks. He had a major amount of calcium taken out plus a tendon from his back was pulled across to his front. He can’t drive for 4 more weeks  but can start physio. OH,  will get my results on October 22nd, so there’s the poop scoop. By the ay, our weather is nuts, 17C to 23C on the weekend. Yesterday, the temps went up to 32 feeling like 40 with the humidex only to fall back to 15 today. Nuts!

Period really should be about giving birth but this week it is about horror films that take place from a time in the past. Wandering through the Shelves picked a good theme this week so here are my 3...


Willem Dafoe should have won an Oscar for his performance as a vampire playing Max Schreck playing the vampire, Nosferatu, in FW Murnau’s 1922 film of the same name. This is horrific but quite funny movie as a film crew travels to the Czech Republic to make a very famous expressionist film, now considered one of the best vampire films ever made. Job Malkovich plays F. W. Murnau, the famous German director trying to keep everyone happy especially the vampire who just wants to suck everyone’s blood.  I would suggest to see the great 1922 film, Nosferatu, before seeing this film just because it is worth it.


This film stars Daniel Radcliffe as a widower with his young son who travel to an isolated town with a very scary home that he must oversee after the death of the owner. He doesn’t believe the talk about the woman in black and many residents resent this man who has doubts, but, soon, the young man starts seeing this freaky chick and talks to the only person who befriends him. A very spooky tale full of atmosphere that was not one just for shock. It's well done and worth a look.


A young blonde innocent( well, she couldn’t be dark haired could she?) marries a noble man and travels back to his estate to meet his creepy sister. The gal soon sees things that can’t be believed and notices that sis seems to have the hots for her brother, her husband. Ewwwwww. There are some good scenes in this film but I was disappointed by it because I was expecting more but the ending seem to have gotten away from the writers. Tom Huddleston  was neither here nor there as the man loved by 2 women and Jessica Chastain, who plays his sister, was just too much. It’s ok to watch on tv but if a better movie shows up, watch that instead. I might give it a second chance but I was expecting more.

Which 3 would you choose?