Friday, May 15, 2009

Musical Doggie

OK I cheated again. I took the last few 365 day challenges and placed it in one card. I would love to do a card a day but it is not meant to be so that is why I tried to incorporate the last few days. I love this stamp! The dog playing the flute I thought goes with the musical type of card. I added scallop with a circle and handwrote "Woof" and went free hand with the paw print. The coffee, well, ok that is weak (no pun intended) but Ichose brown for a background which reminded me of coffe and since I have no stamp or image of coffee or coffee beans I figure that will have to do. I ended it with today's challenge to place the embellishment in the corners. Wishing everyone a happy long weekend! We have Victoria weekend this weekend.


  1. well, you are a good cheater! LOL your card is great.

  2. wow, you are the queen of multi-tasker...great job!!

  3. Great card, your musical dog image is soooo cute.