Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I made a card...Yippee

I know...I can't believe it! Yup I made a card. I have been trying to do spring cleaning and getting rid of clutter but that has been slow moving too. We did get rid of 5 boxes of pine cones! Yup...that's right 5 boxes. Now they were not mine but my mother's. I saved a few for christmas time but I don't need 5 boxes. Do you know that I actually whittled that down from 12 boxes! Nope I do not mean small little gift boxes either...I mean those big ass boxes for moving. I mom believed in saving everything. Probably stems from the war and time period. Heck she saved string and I even saw her once clean a peach pit. Yes you read that correctly, a peach pit! That was when she was doing her egg art. I always wanted to know what she was going to do with that but she never did tell me... Oh yes, my card! Well on Flutter By Wednesday, they showed a picture of a beautiful spring summer day so I decided to take it literal and copy it as best I could. I used different blue chalk and coloured the background. I used green dye ink and alsosilver emboss and then used white sparkle, egyption Gold and pearl gold embossing powder for the flowers. I then mounted it on different cardstock and used stickers for the border(one I coloured blue to match the butterfly embossed in blue metallic. I am going to see if this matches any of the other blogs and include them too. It is Tuesday morning and I haven't looked at everything today so my brain is fuzzy wuzzy.


  1. Pretty card, love all those sparkly spring flowers! If you would like to qualify for the challenge/s you entered you need to add links to them on your post though.
    Great to see you joining in with the Crafty Creations challenge, hope you will be back for another one soon.
    Jenni x

  2. Your card is lovely, Birgit! Love the sheen on it.

    I feel your pain. My FIL saved all kinds of stuff, too.....like EVERY SINGLE plastic grocery bag he ever got...since like 1970.

  3. That's a beautiful card. Really pretty and the colours are so Spring like. Fab work! Lisa Sparkle :)