Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Final Part of my July vacation to Vancouver and the Rockies

I posted these pictures via my phone! I can't believe I can do this with my phone but not through my I- Pad! Well, here are the last pics of my trip out west. The day we headed home, we stopped at an outdoor museum for only 1 hour. I would have wanted at least 2 hours to take this great museum in. It's called 3 Valley Gap Ghost Town  in which all the buildings were either part of a town or  were brought here from the mountains. These buildings were saved by a couple who didn't want to see history destroyed. Now we can see  how life was like around the turn of the century.

I like this black and white shot I made because it reminds me of the old Silent westerns and even the old TV shows like Bonanza.

They had a large barn that housed many vehicles but I like these 2 very old cars from the turn of the century

Trapper Joe really did exist and  he would use this cabin as shelter overnight before continuing back down the mountain. It had a bed, small stove and  tons of hooks to hang his pelts.

Each building housed authentic pieces from that time period. This is the dentist's office so let's all cringe for a moment. That horrible dummy looks so bad I sent it to Jeff saying that it was his image after this big tour. 

This is the lobby of the old hotel which comes with its own sad mannequin but it was also the most lavish. You could not walk in but could see to each side where breakfast and dinner were served. I had a real eerie feeling in here and when I told my friend, Jeff, about this, he told me that it is supposed to be haunted. The owner told him that 3 people, this year, were taking pictures when their camera and or phone was taken out of their hands and thrown against the wall by something unseen. 

After another long time on the bus where I caught a few more flies, we came back to Hope and I could not resist taking a couple more pictures of the woodcarving done with chainsaws. 

We got back at 8:45pm when we should have arrived back in Vancouver around 6:30 but we came back and went immediately to my friend's husband's place of work. Kain is Jeff's husband who is a mature 27 to Jeff's immature 53...yes, Jeff is a cradle robber and happy. Kain is such a good man who works very hard at his job. After we had something to eat, Kain asked what we were going to do next, and I just stared at him in disbelief. Jeff and I both laughed and said we were going to go to bed since we were tuckered out...ahh, youth! The next day, Jeff and I went back on a bus to see a Titanic exhibit which was well worth it.  They had actual artifacts from the ship along with plenty of history and a piece of ice that you could place your hand on and feel the cold that those poor souls had to deal with when they went into the water. 

The Monday, we headed back to Granville island to look a bit more around and that is me in front of a rhubarb plant! It's like rhubarb on steroids or some Day of the Triffids plant. 

We had lunch at a really nice seafood place and just enjoyed the view. I didn't realize until I got home that Jeff looks like he is sprouting some teapot look.

This is the end of my wonderful trip to see my friend and enjoy a trip into the Rockies. I hope you enjoyed my posts on this. 


  1. What an amazing way to end your vacation in the Rockies. Beautiful photos and great adventures you were on. So glad you got to spend time with your friend and later with his husband. Thanks for taking us with you, too. I'd LOVE to see that Titanic exhibit.

  2. That rhubarb plant could eat you!
    That black and white is a cool shot.
    Glad you got to see so much on your trip.

  3. What a fabulous holiday Birgit....and so nice to enjoy it with you through your photos....back to normality now....the weather has turned autumnal here and we are having stew and dumplings for our dinner tonight....warm and cosy...hugs xxxx

  4. That was one busy trip. It's good to get away now and again, isn't it? And I bet you enjoyed seeing your friend.

  5. I think I have been to that Ghost Town on my very first visit to Canada (early 90s). Great pictures, I particularly like the one of you blending in discreetly to the Titanic poster.

  6. Hi Birgit - love the photos and news ... the Ghost Town looks a fascinating place to visit ... and Jeff did you well with the trip; lovely to read the stories and see your views - even the B+W one ... cheers Hilary

  7. The B&W shot is cool indeed. Yeah, I cringe at any dentist office, but that one way more. Hopefully the ghosts intend on paying for those biffed phones haha

  8. Thanks for sharing. I loved visiting Granville Island when I was out there.

  9. That recreated town/museum is my cup of tea. I've always enjoyed visiting places like that to give me a dose of past history.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  10. First thing I have to say is that rhubarb is unbelievable. Holy cow. You could make about 500 strawberry rhubarb pies from that. And that museum looks great. I think it is great that people actually save those historic places and items so we can all see what it was like.Thanks for bringing us on the trip with you. Have a great one. Hugs-Erika

  11. Once again, enjoyed your wonderful pictures. That's weird you got those vibes in the hotel, and then find out it's haunted. That part I could skip! We saw that Titanic exhibit (probably the same one, You got the name of a passenger on the ship, put your hands in the icy water, stood on a sharply slanted deck that raised up as you tried to stay upright, and at the end of the tour, found out if 'you' were a survivor. It made that tragedy much more real I felt. You're a good photographer, and my, what lush green on the lawns. Glad you were able to visit the old western city and enjoy life as it must have been then. And thankfully come back to the luxuries of THIS century. So happy you had good time too. TFS

  12. I enjoyed your adventure, B. I love the mountains and the historical (or as The Husband would say "hysterical") towns. Your b&w photo had me thinking of Chuck Connors in the Rifleman. He's about to come down the street in that photo. :-) I'll skip the haunted hotel, thank you very much. bwak, bwak. Trapper Joe's house reminded me of hobbits. That's a lot of pies to be made from the rhubarb plant. lol

  13. Great stuff! Love the old ghost town. Those two early autos are so early, they're from the era when so-called "horseless carriages" look very much like those with horses. There's a house in the town next to mine that has a tree in the front yard with a carving like that. Impressive. And I could not believe thew size of that rhubarb plant.

  14. Birgit,

    The little town looks so beautiful with the rockies in the background. The story about the hotel being haunted is cool. Of course, it's hard for me to buy into but it's definitely a lot of fun to read. Could it really be haunted? I don't know but if it happened to me then I'd be a believer. :) The dentist office is one place I'd stay clear of. Talk about shops of horror! That's really neat you got to see some the actual artifacts from the Titanic. There's a replica of the Titanic in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (foothills of the Smoky's) which I'd love to visit sometime but it's a bit pricey and quite busy. Perhaps in the off-season we can do this one time. It looks like you had great fun!

  15. Those turn-of-the-century cars are neat. I want one!

    Looks like you had a great time and got to see many awesome things on your trip.

  16. What a wonderful place to visit. I absolutely cannot believe the size of that rhubarb plant! Astounding.
    So happy to see you had a wonderful trip.

  17. I'm excited for you, having taken this fabulous tripper. I didn't know they still have the Titanic exhibit - it's been there for over a decade, right? It's chilling and well done. I hope you were one of the characters who survived. (When I did that, they gave me the identity of someone who didn't make it).

    Cheers, Birgit.

  18. Looks like you've really enjoyed yourselves. You have the gift to turn experiences like these into a surprise for everyone to savor the moment. Thank you

  19. Thank you everyone, for visiting. I will try to write to each after this post. I loved that ghost town and want to go back. Yeah, that rhubarb Bush is huge and that’s an understatement. I’m glad you enjoy reading about my adventure. Oh and the Titanic exhibit looks like it was new but it seems they may travel or have more than one exhibit. Yes, when I looked on the wall, I survived but my friend didn’t.

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