Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Sunshine Blogger Award

Well, we are 20 minutes into the new year and I have decided to write this as I was awarded this by the wonderful Armchair Squid. So here are the rules...

I am not going to nominate anyone but if you want to answer my questions afterwards, you can. So here are the questions given that I will answer

1. If you could live one year over again, which year and why? I wouldn’t want to because for every year that I had something nice, I also had something not so nice so I realize that the good, the bad and the ugly is what is meant to be and I don’t really regret anything. I have made some huge blunders and things that I wish I would have chosen differently....maybe. No, not really, I would still make the so called mistakes because it made me grow.

2. If you could learn to be an expert in Something without putting in the work, what would it be? I would love to be a film historian that is asked about films, stars etc...on every  tv special and documentary. I would also love to be an art historian and a travel person like Rick Steves. Either of those 3 or maybe a drunkard.

3. If you could learn a new language instantly, which would you choose? I would choose German...I can speak it a little but I am not fluent. I know people would think French because  I live in Canada but nope, German or that African language where you use that clicking sound all the time.

4.  If you could give one million to charity, which would you choose? The charity of moi. No? Ok, provided 100% would go to the actual charity and not their paycheques etc,,, it would be to help out animals. If I could give the guns to the animals that the dumb ass Trump kids killed, so they could be hunted down, I would.

5. When was your Robert Frost moment a la "2 roads converged in a yellow wood...?" The point is you can't go back and that's true.
But if you could, would you? What is the difference you think it would have made?  I don't think I would but....I would ask my dad more questions  and cherish the moments.

6. Time Travel, where would you go and when? Humm if I couldn't change anything, I would go back to the 1970s and have a good long visit with my parents. I would want to go and visit my mom when.shr was a child my oma and opal and my great grandparents as well as meet my dad when he was little and meet my grandparents on his side. I might go back to the Titanic and tell everyone not enough life beats...too mean?

7. Who would you want on your fictional bowling team? You get to pick 4. Of course, I would have to pick Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble plus the Invisible Man because he can cheat and Harry Potter because he has that wand of that wand you sick buggers.

Am I going to Hell yet?

8. What would you want for your last meal? Chocolate. Something created from the great British Bake off with lots of whipping cream...and more chocolate. This could be  some sex question actually.

Told you I am going to hell.

9. What's your favourite song? One?? Ok "To Dream The Impossible Dream."  Chris DeBurgh, " The Girl With April in her Eyes." "You'll Never Walk Alone." And "I love Big Butts."

10.  Are you and extrovert or an introvert? Believe or not, I have done 4 different personality tests when at conferences and each time I score exactly 50% on each. It depends on my mood but, since I am writing this on New Year's Eve and am drinking alone, I will swing to the I mean to the introvert side.

11. If you came over to my home and I offered you a drink, What would you want me to serve you? Now, mr. Squid creates a new drink about every week so I would love some blue drink but make it creamy. Good luck!

Now here are my 11 questions...

1. Favourite holiday?
2. Favourite colour?
3. Favourite wild animal?
4. Favourite tame animal? Dog, cat, fish, ferret, wombat( I thought of you Liz)
5. Glitter, yes or no?
6. Sparkle from.glitter, gems etc.. yes or no?
7. Favourite colour?
8. Favourite colour combo?
9. Hate lovey/dovey or thrive on it or for it?
10. Love Angels or fairies or that's a no?
11. Love a good drink? Just one, nothing crazy...would it be wine, beer or a mixed drink? My brother loves beer especially a pilsner so what do you like?

Have fun and wishing all of you a beautiful year ahead.


  1. "If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve."

    Guten morgen und guten rutsch ins neue jahr, frau Birgit!

    Gosh, 2020 is whizzing by. It's 4:30 already! (BA-DUM-BUMP)

    I'm totally with you on #4. I say we level the playing field by issuing guns to all of the animals in the wild.

    Favourite colour? All the ones you use in your greeting card creations.

    Favourite wild animal? Gloria on Modern Family.

    Favourite tame animal? Dog

    Glitter, yes or no? Gary? NO! Not after all those sex offenses.

    Favourite colour? (Asked and answered?) Okay, I'll go with green, as in greenback dollars.

    Favourite colour combo? Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose.

    Love a good drink? Just one, nothing crazy...would it be wine, beer or a mixed drink? Nope, not even one. I haven't touched a drop since June 1992.

    Congratulations on being singled out for the Sunshine Blogger Award, dear friend BB, and happy new year to you!

  2. Happy New Year Dear Birgit. I already thought you were a film historian so congrats on that!

    Favorite Holiday? Christmas. I love the decorations and the family being here.
    Colors? Earth tones and red. I dislike white rooms, especially kitchens.
    I enjoy watching nature shows about big cats and seeing them in zoos. I enjoy cats and dogs but my allergies sure don't.
    Glitter? I made the mistake of buying ribbon for Christmas gifts with glitter on it. I still have the roll in a bag and should probably throw it out. But glitter from gems? Yes, even though I hardly ever wear my jewels anymore.
    As for drinking, it's wine for me on occasion and for that special drink it's Veuve Clicquot Champagne Brut.

    Congrats on the award.

  3. haha I'd go for the charity of me first too, but letting animals hunt down a-holes is a close second. So you want some Harry Potter loving? No shame in admitting it lol

  4. Cheer cheers! I love your answers. Especially about the guns and the donation. I would do the same! And nice questions and congrats. But most of all, Happy 2020 my friend. Hugs-Erika

  5. I enjoyed reading your answers. I think of time travel and have several things I'd like to go back and be part of. Wouldn't it be fun if we could?

    Happy New Year!


  6. Hi Birgit - have a peaceful and blessed 2020 ... and let's hope we all have happy times - cheers Hilary

  7. Good post for the start of a new year. I'm all in for anything about time travel. If I could live one year over I'd be hard-pressed to come up with one I think since they all seemed to have some good and bad parts (like any year probably). But for the heck of it I might pick 1972 since I always think of that as some meaningful year. I don't remember much of that year, but somehow it stands out for me. That's when I turned 21, but I don't think that was the reason that year stands out for me so much.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  8. Nah, I don't think you're going to hell. Let's save hell for those that have made life hell for others ;)

    I'll answer your questions:
    1. I'll go with Thanksgiving, although since I hate most holidays, that's more by default.
    2. Purple to look at, orange to wear. Although, together they make a nice combo...
    3. Nothing comes to mind.
    4. Cat. (No, no wombats.)
    5. Depends.
    6. Depends.
    7. Already answered.
    8. Already answered, although pink and green is a close second. Or orange and blue. I guess it depends on my mood.
    9. More resentful, actually.
    10. Another one that depends on the situation and my mood.
    11. I'm a total teetotaler. My mother once opined that she would love to get me drunk. Not going to happen.

  9. I LOVED your answers, dear Birgit. You have such humor, even when you are being serious. Happy New Year, and I just has to take your quiz, too.

    1. Favourite holiday?
    Thanksgiving (U.S.). Great food, breaks up the winter doldrums, no expectation of gifts that no one wants, and minimal decorating for the event.
    2. Favourite colour?
    Too many to decide.
    3. Favourite wild animal?
    As long as they aren't endangered, I love them all. If endangered, we need to protect them through conservation.
    4. Favourite tame animal? Dog, cat, fish, ferret, wombat( I thought of you Liz)
    Ask Bleubeard and Squiggles.
    5. Glitter, yes or no? Only if you follow me around and clean up the mess from them afterwards.
    6. Sparkle from glitter, gems etc.. yes or no?
    Same answer as 5 applies here.
    7. Favourite colour?
    Too many to decide. Didn't I answer that before, or is this a memory test?
    8. Favourite colour combo?
    I was going to say plaid, but seriously, I love my kitchen which is all white with cobalt blue and copper. LOTS of copper!
    9. Hate lovey/dovey or thrive on it or for it?
    I'll defer to Bleubeard and Squiggles on this one.
    10. Love Angels or fairies or that's a no?
    I'm a scientist. Does that answer the question?
    11. Love a good drink? Just one, nothing crazy...would it be wine, beer or a mixed drink?
    I prefer coffee with real cream, but if it HAS to be alcohol, I'll take a stout. That's a beer for those who aren't drunks/drinkers.

  10. What a pity Birgit, we could have sat up together and drunk champagne.

    I guess blue is my favourite

  11. Thank you for playing along, Birgit! I loved your answers. Fred and Barney on the bowling team - that's just lovely.

    I'll have to give blue and creamy some thought.

    1. Thanksgiving
    2. Red
    3. Penguins
    4. Cat, including the fuzzy critter on my lap
    5. Good grief, no! Glitter is evil.
    6. Sure. I like mother of pearl.
    7. Didn't we already do this one? If I get a runner up, let's say purple.
    8. Scarlet and black - they are the school colors for my alma mater, so striking together
    9. I was born a sentimental old fool. I love that stuff.
    10. Honestly, can't say I've given them much thought. No objections, I suppose.
    11. For all my fussing over cocktails, nothing beats a good beer. I prefer a hoppy IPA.

  12. Love your answers. You're so much fun and funny to boot. Totally agree with you on #4.

    1. Favourite holiday? Christmas, though it seems to get more complicated every year.
    2. Favourite colour? Teal.
    3. Favourite wild animal? Could never pick just one, but for now, let's go with koalas. Poor little things.
    4. Favourite tame animal? Kitties, of course, though I don't think they'll ever truly be tamed.
    5. Glitter, yes or no? Sure!
    6. Sparkle from.glitter, gems etc.. yes or no? Hell, yes.
    7. Favourite colour? Again? Okay, how about that really intense blue-green. The color of water in the Caribbean.
    8. Favourite colour combo? Ocean colours.
    9. Hate lovey/dovey or thrive on it or for it? I get uncomfortable with big PDAs, but handholding, hugs and pecks, sure. In private, the more lovey-dovey, the better.
    10. Love Angels or fairies or that's a no? I've never personally met any, but I have nothing against them.
    11. Love a good drink? Just one, nothing crazy...would it be wine, beer or a mixed drink? My brother loves beer especially a pilsner so what do you like? Mixed drink, like a Bellini, or Prosecco.