Sunday, August 23, 2020

Against The Crowd Blogathon 2020


I am here for the last day of  this blogathon, hosted by the filmaholic Dell On Movies, which is always fun to read up what people choose. You pick a film that everyone loves but you dislike and another that you love that everyone hates plus you must go by the Rotten Tomato score(there is a website showcasing films that use tomatoes as the score instead of Stars). Without further adieu here are my 2  starting with a film I dislike but everyone seems to love. 


This film received an 84% from the audience and an 82% from this site in the "like" category. This film is well acted by everyone especially Susan Sarandon who has to keep a tight reign on, too stupid for words, Geena Davis. It is directed by Ridley Scott and it co-stars Harvey Keitel and, in his breakthrough role, Brad Pitt, as the tool(get my drift...wink, wink). Geena is  married to a no good bum who likes to beat her up and treat her with disdain. Her friend, Susan suggests they go for a weekend away, just the girls, to enjoy a time without men. Of course, things get out of hand with numbnut Geena who decides to not listen to her friend regarding an a-hole in a bar and almost gets raped. Susan quickly deals with the a-hole by pumping him full of lead. They proceed to wreak havoc across the land by dealing with male a-holes in a very bad way...unless they are Brad Pitt. This is supposed to be a Women's picture because they are having a great time but end up killing a man and blowing up another guy's truck because the guys are a-holes. In the end, thegals hold hands, smile and(spoiler alert! so don't read further if you want to see this flick) drive off a cliff. What a fun ending...NOT! I have dealt with a-holes as most women have and I have been in a precarious position where luck saved my ass but I am not into bashing men using them because the guys are stupid and good-looking. My best friend and I had a great time driving around without getting ourselves into a bad situation, blowing up things and...wait...driving off a cliff. Ughh....there are better films about women empowerment than this one.


This film tanked getting 46% from Audience and only 14% from the website tomatometer but it is one that I love. First you have Kurt Russell(who once played Elvis in a TV Movie where he did his own singing), Kevin Costner, Christian Slater and Courtney Cox in a film where a bunch of thieves decide to rob a Las Vegas Casino while impersonating the King of Rock N' Roll. Kevin Costner plays one mean bad ass Mother F&%#$ whom you never want to cross. It is violent to say the least and the characters are not all that likeable. Courtney Cox, still a "Friend" at this time, plays one slutty hoe who gets under the skin of Kurt Russell. I love the comedy, didn't mind the violence and love the music. I know there is even a music video with Kurt Russell singing (I think) showing parts of this film. It is tasteless fun and it's never to be taken seriously.


  1. I enjoyed Thelma and Louise, but don't consider it a film about female empowerment; just entertainment (ie. not based on reality). And I didn't like the ending, either. Cool choice with 3000 Miles To Graceland. That was a fun movie! Thanks for the reminder; must watch it again, soon. And, I also saw that Elvis film starring Kurt Russell. He did an excellent impersonation.

  2. Thelma and Louise was on my Blind Spot list last year and I never got to it. I will fix that one soon, as I have owned a copy of it for a couple years, now. Sad, I know. I haven't seen 3000 Miles to Graceland, either. I guess I have homework to do. Thanks for joining, Birgit!

  3. Thelma and Louise is not a female empowerment film. I don't think I've seen it since I saw it the first time, so I'm not a huge fan.

  4. Hi, Birgit!

    Thanks for taking Shady to the hop, dear friend! I need to agree with you on T & L. I don't like tough women (with the exception of Pussy Galore) and didn't care for this picture that follows a pair of female buddies on a danger filled road trip. Geena is okay but I dislike Susan. I think the shock ending was intended to get everybody buzzing about the movie and thereby fill theater seats.

    I need to watch Dances With Elvis, especially since Costner plays one mean bad ass Mother...(shut yo mouth). Courtney Cox always impresses me when she goes to the big screen. Thanks for the tip.

    BB, as of tomorrow morning I am beginning a brief blogging break. (Say that five times fast.) I will be unplugged and absent from social media until September 2. Take good care of yourself and I'll see you then, dear friend!

  5. YES!!!!!!! Yeah, I never understood the love for Thelma and Louise. I thought it was OK but with a really sappy ending that made me glad those bitches drove off a cliff.

    3000 Miles to Graceland is underrated. It's just stupid fun. It's funny and it's got action that is just over-the-top. Plus, it has Kurt Russell being Elvis again as he did play the King in a TV movie from 1979 directed by John Carpenter and was in It Happened at the World's Fair w/ the King where he played a kid kicking Elvis in the shins.

  6. I didn’t see T&L till quite a while after it came out - when I finally saw the point of a series of adverts on TV here for Peugeot cars which had clearly been based on it. Duh! Not even heard of your other choice.

  7. I remember seeing about a third of Thelma and Louise and didn't care for it. I never saw Graceland, but didn't really care for the clip. Personally, based on the clips/trailers only, I don't care for either of them. My rotten tomato score would be about a 5 for both of them. Not fresh at all!!

  8. I've never seen Thelma and Louise, though I have a mental note to eventually do that one day lol. I'm going to keep this in mind when I watch.

    I haven't seen Graceland either and likely won't because of Kevin Costner.

  9. BIRGIT ~

    First of all, in my comment, I am completely ignoring the Rotten Tomatoes ratings. Rotten Tomatoes is the movie equivalent of news / information sources like CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and Wackypedia. (*By the grace of God, far more often than not, I am more than smart enough to recognize when I am being lied to.*)

    Yeah, 'Thelma & Louise' - silly movie. Period.

    I've never even heard of '3000 MILES TO GRACELAND'.

    Going just off the top of my mind, two movies I would mention in the category of 'Vastly Overrated' are Clint Dumbwood's 'Unforgiven'. It's quite possibly the second most overrated Western movie of all time (preceded only by Gary Cooper's 'High Noon').

    Another one that I find incredibly overrated is 'The Shawshank Redemption'. Yeah, I know you love it, but it seems so unnecessary following 'Papillon' and 'Cool Hand Luke', which are tremendously superior prison movies in every damned way!!

    A movie I love, which has a very unjustified reputation for being horrible, is 'ONE FROM THE HEART'. It has some of the greatest cinematography to ever come out of Hollyweird, and Harry Dean Stanton is wonderful in it. There's a ton of slyly humorous scenes, and I think it may possibly be the most underrated movie ever.

    One more... 'MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITI' was WAY PHUQIN' BETTER'N everyone has been led to believe!! Sure, if you're gonna compare it to its predecessor, it comes up weak. How could it not? 'American Graffiti' is an absolute classic, which far eclipses most movies with tremendously greater budgets.

    But, if you fergit about 'American Graffiti', and judge 'More American Graffiti' according to its own merits - divorced from its association with the original classic - it is OBVIOUSLY a highly entertaining movie in its own right, and it is about a trillion times better'n 94.67% of the movies that have been released since 1979.

    ~ Stephen
    DogGtor of Alcohology &
    King of Inebriation Nation

  10. Thelma and Louise would be right up there with The English Patient for me. Can't stand either of those movies.
    I vaguely remember seeing the Graceland movie. Don't remember it.
    Tried to watch Judy this weekend and turned it off before I was half-way through. Don't understand the praise. Thought it was a train wreck. I'll just listen to my CDs of Judy.

  11. Haven't seen either of these. But I do like Kurt Russell and Kosner;)
    Hope you have all kinds of energy and a pain free week.
    Stay safe.

  12. I liked 3000 Miles to Graceland. Yeah, the characters aren't all that likable indeed. Reminds me of Costner's new show. None of the characters on that are really all that likable either.

  13. Thelma & Louise started off okay but that ending is moronic. Brad Pitt is extremely easy on the eyes and exuded star quality so there's that but I only watched it the once and that was plenty.

    Haven't seen 3000 Miles. It just looked so blech.

  14. Birgit,

    We have not seen "Thelma & Louis". It's one that never really grabbed our attention to see. We did stream "3000 Miles From Graceland" about a year ago. Honestly, I can't remember if we liked it or not. lol Congrats on finishing this blogfest which is right up your alley! Have a funtastic day, my dear!!

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