Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Oscar Songs for 1963


This year, in Oscars, surprised me because I really didn’t know much about this year. Let’s see if any of you guess which song won the Oscar, which one was nominated and which was nadda. 


My best friend and I love this movie and we yell out “Sylvester!”  sometimes, when we call each other and then laugh. Ethel Merman was hilarious as the worst mother-in-law one could have in this great movie and the music is well known but less known are the lyrics. This was written be Ernest Gold with lyrics by Mack David. It’s a long movie but so funny, you don’t realize it’s priceless.


There were quite a few beach movies made, often starring Annette and Frankie plus Jody McCrea ( son of actor Joel McCrea and France’s Dee), Harvey Lembeck as Erik Von Zipper and his goons, and others. They were silly, sometimes stupid, but they had charm and this was one fun song.


This song comes from the film, “Papa's Delicate Condition” and was introduced by Jackie Gleason but became quite well known by Frank Sinatra, but I prefer Bobby Darin. The music was composed by James Van Heusen and lyrics by Sammy Cahn.

So take a guess and let’s see if you are right...


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    I know all three songs this time, but I will need to make a wild guess as to which took home the Oscar. I'm delighted that you agree with me about Mad World. My folks took me to the theater to see it upon its release, and I remember laughing harder and longer than I ever had before. I barely recovered from one slapstick stunt before the next one hit. For sheer number of truly hilarious characters and screen moments, Mad World has to be the greatest of them all. Yessum, I can easily understand how shouting "Sylvester" could be a running gag 60 years later for you and your bestie. BTW, did she see the tribute post you ran last week? In his scenes, Dick Shawn was so funny the tears were running down my cheeks. The kooky dance scene at his pad was outrageous, and he had me and the rest of the theater audience in hysterics when he was behind the wheel of his convertible speeding down the highway, swerving all over the road and crying "I'm coming for you, momma. You baby boy's coming for you!" (Words to that effect.) Of the talented actor, Wiki sez: " During the 1960s, he played small roles in madcap comedies, usually portraying caricatures of counter culture personalities, such as the hedonistic but mother (as played by Ethel Merman)-obsessed Sylvester Marcus in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963), and the hippie actor Lorenzo Saint DuBois ("L.S.D.") in The Producers (1967)."

    As I have told you before, as much as I loved Mad World, I hated the string of goofy beach movies made by Frankie & Annette and other teenage idols with cameos by old timers like Buster Keaton, Vincent Price and Don Rickles. I always got the feeling the movies were pandering and condescending - stereotyping and mocking 60s teenagers and their music. I resented it at the time and still do.

    I could listen to Bobby Darin's singing all day. He was tops. I don't think I ever saw Papa's Delicate Condition, but I loved Jackie Gleason in his TV series and in the films The Hustler (1961) with Paul Newman and Nothing In Common (1986) opposite young Tom Hanks. I well remember Glynis Johns and watched her 1963 sitcom Glynis. She will be 99 years old a few month from now!

    Okay, I've stalled long enough. I will be shocked if the third song, "Call Me Irresponsible," did not win Best Song that year. It's the type of old school song that still appealed to the establishment in the pre-Beatles 60s. I would guess that the theme from Mad World was nominated because it was a star-studded motion picture with many veteran actors, actresses and comedians in a cast led by Spencer Tracy, which again would have been regarded favorably by the establishment. I will be surprised if "Beach Potty" was nominated, but I'm probably wrong.

    Have a wonderful day, dear friend BB. I'll be waiting for you tamale in the balcony-- "At the Movies!"

  2. Mad world has to be one of my favourite songs ever….I am indulging myself in purchasing some of my favourite advert songs that I have been collecting on a list ….and along with movie song you can imaging how long it is!…take care xxx

  3. "Call Me Irresponsible" won the Oscar, "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" was nominated, and "Beach Party Tonight" wasn't even considered. Did I get that right?

    When NBC had the rights to "Mad, Mad," they would show it on Friday and Saturday (that's something I miss, NBC's "______ Night At The Movies"), and invariably I'd miss one part or the other.

  4. I love the Mad Mad World movie and have seen it many times. It never gets old! ☺ Those beach party films were silly but fun and Eric Von Zipper was a favourite character. I think "Irresponsible" won the Oscar.

  5. I have actually seen Papa's Delicate Condition. At least, I've seen parts of it. Cute movie, but not so cute theme-wise. As for the songs... Yikes. "Call Me Irresponsible" should have been the winner, just because of how it survived longer than the others. But, likely, it was not.

    I'll go with the beach party one not being nominated. But I'm pretty sure I'm completely wrong about all of this.

  6. THose beach party films were (well still are) fun for brainless watching. Who'd have thought they'd win an award for that song? hugs-Erika

  7. True to form, I haven't seen any of these, but enjoyed the songs none-the-less. I hope you are feeling well, dear.

  8. Hello everyone! First..John & are right!
    Call Me Irresponsible won the Oscar
    Mad World was nominated
    Beach Party got nadda
    Love Erik Von Zipper
    I'm glad most of you saw Mad World..Dick Shawn was priceless