Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Weekly Song Challenge-Pin-Up Girls


I always liked songs about calendar girls where they showcase some outfit befitting the month. I should be  more anti girlie pictures like this but pfffftt....I like’s fun. So here are 3 songs that, I think, befit the theme.


This song is written by Gene Kelly  for the famous musical, “Singing in the Rain.” Which showcases clothing from the  late 1920s shown by gorgeous models. I always liked this piece from this musical.


This is a song by Irving Berlin from 1915 that I learned about from the musical, “Easter Parade” starring Fred Astaire and Judy Garland. I had no idea some of these magazines were around for that long.


This is a song I heard  when I was a kid and it was already a few years old since it came out before I was bor. for some reason, I never thought Neil was being lecherous but respectful in a weird way. Maybe, he just seemed harmless. Whatever, it’s a fun song.

Ever see the film with Helen Mirren called Calendar Girls? It’s based on a true story and it is quite good.

Think of any calendar girl songs?

So, this eve we brought some food to my friends' mother and she was appreciative. The one brother is doing OK but he is at his sister's place. The other brother is being moved to a rehab hospital...poor guy but, hopefully, he will get better sooner rather than later. If we had our bathroom on the main floor and no Harley, I would take the one brother in. Garley is a sweetie but he's 100lbs of goof. 

I hope to try and comment. I promise as I read everything. 


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    Happy song day, dear friend!

    "Beautiful Girl" performed by Jimmie Thompson is new to my eyes and ears this morning. I like the spoken part where he announces a fashion show with models posing in flapper era outfits for all seasons and occasions. Maybe it was the style of the period, or perhaps the ladies themselves, but "gorgeous" is not a word that came to mind as I watched the fashion parade. To me, most of the models resembled Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot.

    My folks had some records by Dick Haymes. I enjoyed his rendition of "Girl On The Mag Cover" and the slideshow showing examples of pretty cover girls on various vintage publications.

    i am very familiar with that Scopitone film for Neil Sedaka's hit "Calendar Girl," having posted it many years ago on my old blog. Thanks for the tip on that Helen Mirren film. I loved her in Prime Suspect and as The Queen. I just went to IMDB and watched the trailer for Calendar Girls. The movie looks like great fun, and knowing it is based on a true story makes me extra eager to see it.

    The closest I can come to naming a song in this category is "Centerfold" by J. Gels Band in which a guy discovers that his high school crush went on to become the nude gatefold girl in an issue of an unspecified monthly men's magazine.

    I wish you well as you continue to come through in a big way for your friends, the brothers, as they recover from their unfortunate accident.

    Take care of yourself, dear friend BB. Have a good Wednesday, and I'll be back here waiting for you tomorrow, sitting in the balcony-- "At The Movies!"

  2. I didn't know Gene Kelly wrote any songs! That's interesting. He was certainly multi-talented. The only calendar girl song that came to mind was Neil Sedaka's. I'd like to see a bride get married in her lingerie and veil like the print at the top! That would be chilly in the winter but she'd warm up her husband!


  3. The Neil Sedaka one is the first song that came to mind.

  4. I know the calendar girl song, but not the others. Now I have that song rambling in my brain- and that's a good thing!

  5. Toes crossed the brothers heal quickly. I always liked Neil Sedaka's calendar girl. Take special care.

  6. Birgit, you know me - I love vintage pin up girls! You're so right this is sheer fun. I appreciate the era where girls were unapologetically girls and likewise boys were boys. :) Excellent song picks!