Friday, September 1, 2023

What I Watched-A Double Header!


I missed writing about July so it will be a double hitter or is that header? Oh well, on with the show…



Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash join forces to deal with a very bad guy who wants to rule the world. No, not Putin but an ugly creep nonetheless who has been able to find all the stones (what is with magic stones?) to gain control. They realize they need to bring Superman back to life to help them out although he is not a happy camper. Enjoyable, campy and funny.


Gal Gadot shines as Diana who saves a drowning WW1 pilot, finding him hubba hubba and decides to leave with him into the unsettled world. She becomes part of the crew and saves the day from nasty God Ares. Love the music.

3.  SUPERMAN-2013

Henry Cavill makes a good Superman and I wish he would be the next James Bond.  We know the story of Superman so we see how he comes to Earth and how he must defend it against these nasty fellow  guys from his planet. He gets help from his dead dad, played by Russell Crowe and Lois Lane, play by Amy Adams. It’s another fun one but my heart belongs to Christopher Reeve.


Finally saw this about the week when Lucille Ball was being called a Commie during the McCarthy Witch Hunts of the 50s. Javier Bardem plays Ricky Ricardo and he does a good job. JK Simmons and Nina Arianda are good as William Frawley and Vivien Vance but the klunker is Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball. She plays Ball as a bit of a viper without much tenderness or comedic timing. If the real Lucille was like how Kidman portrayed her, we would never have that great show.


Gerard Butler plays a CIA operative trying to get out of Afghanistan along with his interpretor. They encounter many enemy forces as they try to get to their rendezvous point. This is really well done and on the edge of your seat especially since it’s based on a true story. It didn’t do well at the box office but that means nothing especially since Barbie made mega billions. Ughhh.

I can’t recall what I watched in July that was new. I’ve watched Frazier, the news, animal shows but nothing new…new.



Lana Turner is an American war correspondent( just go with it) who is having a steamy affair with a young, virile Sean Connery not knowing he is married. Before you can say, “Bond…James Bond” he dies and she decides to visit his home town and accidentally meets up with his wife played by the ever wonderful Glynis Johns ( she turns 100 this October) and grows fond of her and her kid. Melodrama, typical of a Turner film. The best happened off camera when her soon to be dead mobster boyfriend( at the hands of her 14 yr old daughter who was protecting her mom) went into a jealous rage and tried to bully Connery. This was met by a swift fist from Connery to that lout’s face knocking him to the floor making him scampering away. 


I love John Candy and miss him to this day. I will watch any of his movies even the ones that are not the best. This film is not a great one but it’s fun. He plays a writer of a soap opera who has the hots for the leading lady played by Emma Samms ( on my soap, General Hospital). She doesn’t care two hoots about him but he doesn’t care. In enters Mariel Hemingway who is trying to get on the soap and the scene stealing David Rasche as the male star having an affair with Ms. Samms. Candy suffers a bump on the head and wakes up in the soap he created. It goes from there and I laughed out loud…fun.


We watched this a while back but we watched it again and it is so sad but such a good film based on the Kursk. The Russian nuclear sub that suffered an explosion killing most of the men but for 23 men who huddle together hoping to be saved. It was all over the news and we were all hoping that Putin and the Generals would move their asses and accept the help from, well, everyone, but they didn’t. It’s heartbreaking but a must see.


Another comedy gem with good friends Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon reprising their roles as 2 curmudgeons who argue like no one can. Lemmon is married now to Ann-Margrock, Lemmon’s daughter and Matthau’s son are engaged when in enters Sophia Loren with her mom. They bought the bait shop and plan to make into an Italian restaurant. The scene stealer is Burgess Meredith as Lemmon’s dad who has no reason to behave. His outtakes are so funny!


YES!! We actually  made it to the cinemas and watched this action movie where Cruise can still run like he was 30. He still has done all his own stunts which are crazy. I’m not saying much about the film but it is good and you don’t realize 3 hours have gone by. 



The same formula where each person must create something amazing 3 different times. A regular challenge, a blind challenge and the show stopper. I’m always surprised at what they create

2. I LOVE LUCY-1951-1957

Yeah, I talked about this before but I love it. The classic series that, if you don’t know about it, you’ve been living under a rock.


This series showcases some of the best aircraft that saw combat from the early days to now. It’s quite interesting to watch with some great information about harrowing occurrences that men and women have faced.

What have you watched?


  1. At three hours long, even I didn't make it to see Mission Impossible.
    That said, you need to watch Zack Snyder's Justice League. Yes, it's over four hours, but it's so much better than the one they released in the theater. The ending is completely different. Trust me - watch it.

  2. I was surprised how much I liked Being The Ricardos. I was sure it was going to be too distracting with none of the actors looking anything like the people they were playing. I can't say I love any of those DC movies aside from Wonder Woman (although the 3rd act kind of sucks there)

  3. I rode in an elevator with Sophia Loren once. She's even more beautiful than people say she is. Not to mention tall...

  4. Such an eclectic mix! I've seen the superhero, Grumpy Old Men and John Candy films, and the Ricardo bio pic. (I Love Lucy too.) Never got into Mission Impossible, but I always thought Tom Cruise was a better actor than people give him credit for.

  5. I have seen quite a few of those. Not all. (I'm too fried to list.) May September have even better things for you to watch.

  6. Last night, we watched One Way Passage, a 1932 William Powell/Kay Francis flick. It was fun. Great cocktail movie.

  7. Wonder Woman and Grumpier Old Men---hilarious.