Friday, April 2, 2010

Scrapbook done!

OK I officially went crazy! My German Teutonic heritage took over since I was fixated on getting this scrapbook done. This was my first trip with Michael and we went to Ottawa! It was a great trip to say the least. We stayed right in the Byward Market area, ate and drank and enjoyed the sights. The museum is excellent (except for this porno up close images, in film no less, of a man's Well no not his brains but all you women know what I mean). Why that was in a museum who knows but then they are art folk and that means slightly nutty. Since I am a lover of art I place myself in that category but I love what I consider true art not the splatter of paint by an airplane engine( sorry Christo). I can splatter paint wonderfully. I should say my dog Katie created it and make millions:)) OK I digress. We ended the vacation in Quebec and met up with Michael's family and they decided to go to a place that was part obstacle course and part ziplining...I stayed safely on the ground and took the pics. I decided to finish this scrapbook after all the crap of a few weeks ago. That also meant I let housework, cooking etc.... go-it was a dream. I am proud to say I will never be a stepford wife. I am unsure if my work is as great as some others I have seen. Theirs look so proffesional but in the end I am satisfied with the result. I shall let Easter go by without any chocolate since I ate everything this whole past week, thoroughly enjoying it and having some wine. When I turned on Dr. Oz and other shows all saying "No" to chocolate and "No" to wine, I turned off the TV and enjoyed every piece...later I paid for it (I am hypoglecemic and know better) but man the lindor chocolate was calling to me
and I answered the call. Now I hope to get back to my cards but I have been looking at everyone else's and enjoyed what I have seen. Have a great Easter!

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