Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Minute

Hi Everyone. I have been answering these questions on marlene's site as I just did not know how to copy and paste them over to my area. I decided to just write them down and then write them here and answer them. There must be an easier way but I am not a computer person. I am the old school book person:) OK so here it goes:

1. Have you ever been hospitalized?

Yes in the mid 80's I had a nasty Kidney stone. I can still feel the pain. in '87 I had my appendix taken out and then 5 years ago i was never admitted but I was in the hospital emergwency 7 times (yup 7) and they kept saying i had a bladder infection. Finally when my dr returned from vacation he checked me out and got the test results-I had a burst cyst on my ovaries and the poisons spread throughout my body. If I could have turned into the incredible Hulk and ram a very large needle up that emergency dr's butt I would!

2. What is the last bit of good news you received?

We got our new bed. Now we dream of sunshine and fairy tales rather than needles and springs up the butt(I have an issue today with butts don't I)

3. Who was your favourite teacher?

My favourite teacher is Mr. Allison. he was my grade 10 math teacher. he was so patient and took the time with me and made the bullies shut up when I could not understand the questions. I actually got a B in that class. It went down hill after that but just prooves what a good teacher can do. Nope I have no interest in math even though I am a credirt Counsellor and am a great budgeter(If I do say so myself:))

4. Do You sing in the shower?

Nope I don;t want all the dogs from the neighbourhhod and beyond howling at my door begging me to stop. The neighbours would come next with pitchforks

5. Describe the Happiest day of your life?

Hmm I can not limit it to just one. My wedding day(We are divorced now although good friends). It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed themselves. When my present spouse, Michael, and met for the 3rd time(no comment but my devil horns are out). Seeing Michael's face when we traveled to Europe. He had never been and his beaming face Iwill never forget.


  1. Glad you found out how to link up! To copy, highlight the text and press Ctrl C. To paste, press Ctrl V. Hope that helps!

    I like your comment on his face when you got to Europe. Too cute! My husband had never been out of the US when we went to Europe together and he loved it too.

  2. YAY!! You're playing in the Monday Minute!!!!

    I'm laughing here....your fave teacher was the same as mine - 10th grade math!!!

    Your issue with butts is fine as long as it isn't a hemmorhoid. Trust me...those hurt!