Sunday, September 26, 2010


At Christmas Cards All Year Round, the September challenge was to not use the typical card format but make a card, round or square or whatever. In August their challenge was to use snowflakes. Since I missed August, I decided to combine the 2:). In all of them, I used snowflake stickers and the border are with stickers often too. I just love them and I either left them in gold, white or silver or I used the identipen to colour them in black or blue. The first one I also use stickles(another of my favs) and layered it in pastel cardstock with some shimmer and glimmer. The black and white one I embossed the winter scene in silver and used my sno sparkle and added the snowflake stickers. The middle one-I used a great gold colour card stock and I used alcohol inks in stream and pearl and then I finished it with brads and added white crystals. The 4 th one, well, I used tissue I got from a store one Christmas as the background and then just added the stickers. The final one, again are stickers that sparkle...gotta have sparkle, and on blue and grey and white cardstock I layered everything. I just love the paper of the last one because they all shimmer. Well i hope everyone is having a fab day. I have been busy with my mom mainly. Her dementia is becoming worse and at times, it is difficult. I am on pins and needles right now because I cleaned just a small portion of her workroom(was her craftroom) since my brother took her out for a few hrs. I did not want to clear everything out but it is a fire hazard and I need to get this done for her. My guilt in cleaning out a small part of her room is getting the better of me-it is hard to not think that she will feel like I am trying to get rid of her. I hope she does not get angry...time will tell. That is why I thought a little card making and putting this on my blog would help. That's all for now folks:) Everyone have a beautiful day.

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  1. Your cards are STUNNING!! Breathtakingly beautiful.

    I'm sorry for what you're going through with your mom, though. :(