Saturday, September 4, 2010

For Shadow-White plus One

Our neighbours just had to put their lab down. Her name was Shadow and she was 12 and truly loved so I made this card for them because Shadow and my Katie(my beautiful lab) always played well together. I decided to try the Crafty Creations Challenge-White plus one. I decided to go with black. I know it is technically a "non" colour but I thought it would work. I took glossy paper and stamped the dog image in black ink. I have the beautiful white paper with a linen look to it and laid it over top and then I took my silver stickers-borders and edges and, using my identipen-black, coloured them. I then placed it all around and finished it with the "thinking of You" stamp. Inside I just took a doggie footprint and stamped it in black on the edge. Animals are often our children and always gives us love especially when we need it. Are they not the most wonderful....:)


  1. This TOTALLY works for our challenge at Crafty Creations! I love this - how sweet of you to give them a card for the loss of their pet. Pets in our family have always been family members!!! Sorry for their loss - and I'm so glad you joined us at Crafty Creations this week!

  2. How sad....and what a BEAUTIFUL card! I know I'd be touched to receive something like this. It's absolutely stunning!