Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Minute

I have been so busy with Christmas decor, my mother my freaky doggie that I have not made a card...I promise to put one up this eve:) as for the Monday Minute here it goes....

1. Who would play you in a movie?

hmmm-I guess it can't be Goofy? OK well when I was many pounds lighter I was told I looked like Uma Thurman-nice compliment but I don't see Uma in me. Nowadays people see Goldie Hawn in me and she can be goofy so I will pick her...again nice compliment from these people.

2. Are you a good speller?

I dink sa:)

3. Have you/do you smoke cigarettes?

Thank God Nope! Actually when i was little my momwas cleaning and left her cigarettes in the hall. My brother dared me to take a puff. Of course I had to take him up on the challenge so I took a puff and then Baron(my brother) told me I have to inhale I did. I have never been that shade of green ever again. I coughed and coughed all the way up the stairs. My mom asked if I was alreight and I said yes. years later it came out she knew what we did. We thought we fooled her but mothers know. My mom, who has smoked for 60 yars (has dementia now which smoking has not helped) always told me that one loses one's freedom with the cigarette and that she will consider buying her smokes before her food. I thought that was totally stupid, being a teenager when she told me, so I never started the nasty habit.

4. Have you ever won a trophy?

Are you kidding? Maybe if they have one for talking too much:) or giving unwarranted advice:))

5. Have you ever written(or started to write) a book?

I have not started but I have always thought about it especially writing a biography about my mom. She has had an amazing life to me. She grew up in germany under the Hitler regime. The nazi party forced her to the Hitler youth(contrary to many films not every kid or person went gamely to this evil regime). She decided on a hunger strike(at 12) they had to send her home. She lost her 1yr old brother due to the war and her 19 yr old brother. She was in Hamburg when she was 15 yrs old when it was fir bombed and she was also in Dresden. her father was taken by the nazi's and placed in a camp because he was outspoken. After the war the russians marched in and there was rape, lotting and their books and many photos were burned and they bulldozed the gardens so they were starving. My mom escaped to the West but brought food back and then when her father was let out of the Russian camp(first he was put in the german camps stating he was a communist and then after the Russians moved in he was placed in their camps stating he was a fascist). Anywa she got her father out. She had many close calls with the border police and everything else. When her mother came over to the West she helped them out and then she married a jerk(we all know those) and he was nasty but finally she met my dad and she had many happy times. Of course there is so much more... Did I tell you my mom met Hitler? She wished later she had a grenade on her but then i would not be here.


  1. You have to write that book. Even if it's not to get published or anything, just to commemorate what an outstanding woman she is! And, p.s. I'd read it. ; )

  2. Wow - that is quite a story about your mom!!