Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Minute

Ahh the Monday Minute, well here are my astounding answers:)

1. What's your favourite sport to watch on TV?

Is Art history considered a sport? What about archeology or history?? What is sport?? Now that we know I am a total geek and was always pick last (actually it was more like, in high school, " We don't want her, you take her for your team. no we don;'t want her, you are stuck with her..."). Anyway, an actual sport I watch well the Olympics-more the swimming, skating, skiing, bobsledding....not into team sports (Eghad! Is there a person out ther who is not into team sports??) and I also like watching the Tour De France. When I was sick once for 2 weeks I really got into it-Go yellow jersey go!

2. What's your favourite fast food establishment?

Those places are verboten to me (sorry german peeking through:)) I guess the closest would be Swiss Chalet. They are restaurants but I would say in between fast food and a regular restuarant. The quarter chicken dinner is pretty damm good.

3. Do you like mushrooms and onions?

YUM!! What else can I say. And no Muchrooms are not made from tires OK?!:)

4. If you had to get a tatoo done tomorrow, what would you get done?

Hmmm I just can't wait to have needles pricked into my skin and ink spew into my body and have a tatoo that looks great now but when I am 80 it turns into a wrinkly mess. I would love to see some of these lovely lasses who have tattoos everywhere when they are 80. I wonder how it will look then. That being said, I will say the artistry behind tatoos are quite striking and some are real artists. Now what would I get done if I had no choice???? Maybe Claude the cat or that yappy little puppy that drove Claude insane or maybe the vampire from Bugs Bunny. OK a warner Bros cartoon character. I could do a fairy or butterfly but they are so overdone:)...not that there is anything wrong with that.

5. What are your thoughts on the female proposing marriage to the male in a relationship?

Hey! why not? Right after she then would take him to to a jewelry store and get that ring before he knows what hit him:) What would be better is if he was 95 yrs old with an IV in his arm and he is a millionaire...wait I think that has already been done by blond tootsie rolls everywhere. And we call them dumb:)


  1. So, I take it that you watch sports often...on the History channel? ; )

  2. Laughing at "Blond tootsie rolls everywhere"!!! LOL!!

    Pssst...I'm not big on sports, either...and I don't care for tattoos, either! I love mushrooms and onions.....AND.....I guess the only thing we disagree on is MCDOGFOODS! :)