Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love Is In The Air

Love's Philosophy (for the one above)

The fountains mingle with the river,

And the rivers with the ocean;

The winds of heaven mis forever,

With a sweet emotion;

Nothing in the world is single;

All things by a law divine

In one another's being mingle:-

Why not I with thine?

See! the mountains kiss heaven,

And the waves clasp one another;

No sister flower would be forgiven

If it disdained its brother;

And the sunlight clasps the earth,

And the moonbeams kiss the sea;--

What are all these kissings worth,

If thou kiss not me?

Percy Bysshe Shelley

OK I love Shelley and this poem. I used perfect pearls to try to evoke the sea and sun and all. I used black dye ink for the image and coloured them with tombow markers. Now it all turned out pretty good except I wanted just a hint of lip and what do I do? I make them look like horney toads who must have been kissing for 3 hrs! Oh well:)

The Moss Rose

The angel of the flowers, one day,

Beneatha rose-tree sleeping lay,--

That spirit to whose charge't is given

To bathe young buds in dews of heaven,

Awaking from his light repose,

The angel whispered tp the rose:

"O fondest object of my care,

Still fairest found, where all are fair;

For the sweet shade thou giv'st to me

Ask what thou wilt, 't is granted thee."

"The, said the rose, with deepened glow,

"On me another grace bestow."

The spirit paused, in silent thought,--

What grace was there that flower had not!

"T was but a moment,--o'er the rose

A veil of moss the angel throws,

And, robed in nature's simplest weed,

Could there a flower that rose exceed?


This first one is for 365 day cards and also Crafty Creations and Simon Says-well so is the other one too. O stamped the card and embossed in gold. I coloured it with tombow markers-same with the angel. I used gold stickers to surround the card. I also cut out the angel and I made a second rose which I cut out and, using pop up dots made it more than 1 dimensional. Oh I also used chalk around the rose. I love that poem and Craft Creations said to use an inspirational poem so I found 2:)


  1. Gorgeous cards !! the images are beautiful and the shimmer and design are lovely :-)

    thanks for joining us on the Simon Says Stamp Challenge :-)
    Lols x x x

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  3. 2 great cards - perfect for our challenge at Crafty Creations - great to have you onboard! bx