Monday, February 21, 2011

The Monday Minute

1. Do you think Lady Ga Ga is Gaga or just plain Kaka?

She is a total freak...laughing all the way to the bank! She thrives on being so in your face different that you have to wonder but she is one smart cookie and I do love her songs and even her videos although she must truly not be getting any because it is so full of sex...and death. Did I say she is just a little weird??

2. If you had to write these questions every week, what questions would you write the participants?

Well I did send off a few questions to Christy and she used a couple! Thanks! I would write some about film and probably noone would answer because The new kids on the block have no idea what it was like to have a regular dial phone or a typewriter. I am in love with old film and the true film greats like JohnWayne, Jimmy Stewart, Katherine Hepburn, Jean Arthur but I would also write about art, travel the unknown, war stuff, ancestry and maybe just plain weird like do you think Ke$sha ever brushes her teeth or washes or combs her hair:)

3. What animal/insect has always scared the heck out of you?

Spiders! I see one crawling and I go into a raving lunatic and freak out and then I stomp on it so much that it is vaporized. Once I was driving and a tiny little spider started to drop down from my review mirror. I freaked out so badly that I was screaming and swerving the car and that little spider was taking a huge ride. He was just flying around like he was on the swings. My ex was in the car and told me to cut it out since I was, well, driving. Spiders are supposed to represent creativity and the mother in native teachings. In fact this one artist made a huge spider (actually 6) and the are in front of museums around the world. One is at the National Art Museum in Ottawa. If you google it up you can see it. She created this image in honour of her I wonder if her mom is speaking to her.

4. Do you wash your hands after you use the restroom every time? Be honest!

You know when I was much younger I used to not to all the time and then I saw this story about cleanliness. It was more about handling meat and stuff and then, after seeing a woman put her groceries away, including the meat and giving her kid a cookie. The experts (who put stuff on the meat so it would show up on infrared lighting), turned off the lights and you saw how much was contaminated-The freezer, counter, everywhere including the kids mouth because the mom gave her kid the cookie! Alos you know those mints in pastel colours that would often be offered on your way out from a restaurant. Well the experts looked into them and they were covered in urine...GAK! due to men not washing their hands after peeing. Now, for years I wash my hands and I sing the Happy Birthday song before rinsing. The trick is trying to turn off the taps without touching them and the door handles. I also carry that gel and I spritz the salt and pepper shakers in restaurants before I use them and the grocery cart. Yup I have done a complete 360. I also put a little bleach in my sink after washing the dishes and then I take my rag and wash the counters and handles and all ever since seeing that show or I use the antibacterial wipes. I promise I will not turn into Howard Hughes:)

5. Do you buy brand name purses or replicas?

Who gives a rats ass about burberry crap and fendi and who the hell does that purse with that certain design and all the women go nuts over and I think it is just plain ugly. I can't recall. I love buying a purse that I found on sale. The last time I thought I was buying 2 purses for $11 and they were on sale again for $5! To me that is great. There is more things to waste money on than stamps:) Oops I guess I am pretty strong in the ways of thinking but at leats ya know where I least when it comes to purses:)

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  1. LOL...I am so with you on those disgusting restaurant mints! YUCK!

    That being said, however....everything is covered in germs...and we DO have an immune system. I prefer to use mine than completely shelter it. You know what happens - if you don't use it, you lose it! Cleanliness is one thing...being obsessed with germs is another.