Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday Movie Picks: TV Edition- Adapted From a Non-English Series

Yeah....I have dick-all for this week. If  Wandering Through The Shelves would have chosen something from England then I could have gone with All In The Family, Three's Company and even Dancing With The Stars or as my hubby says, "Dancing With The idiots." Considering Bobby Bones won who was horrible, I might agree with my hubby.

I laughed like hell yesterday, over at the wonderful Sandra Cox's blog, where she posted some funnies about cats. We have 4 cats and our wonderful, mentally unstable dog, Wallace. Poor Wallace must be suffering from PTSD since he is phobic of the outside (He's a rescue dog) which makes things a bit smelly when he decides to poop inside the house and then hide knowing he did wrong. He breaks out in itchy spots so he can only eat grain-free, expensive dog food and  suffers from itchy ears as well. I should have itchy ears and spots all over but, oh wait, I do have an itchy scalp. I know too much information.

We have 4 rescue cats as I have talked about before, Naddie..aka Poopsie because he decides to go outside the box. Lucy, the Diva, Jade, Ms. Lovey-Dovey and Kaspar the disaster who has decided to redecorate the house with his claws. OK so now it sounds like I live in some derelict house that you might see on Hoarders but, I swear to you, we do keep it as clean as we can hence why bleach is my best friend.

The cats do love to pounce on us, touch my face with their paws and, on occasion, make my hubby sing soprano when they pounce on his jewels. I ask my hubby to cuddle me at night and his response is that I am like an oven. This is true since I am in full swing menopause and, just yesterday, with snow blowing, I left my office and stood outside in the blowing snow for about 5 minutes. I still would love the cuddle (he does give in once in a while) and hugs and kisses..oops I went TMI again didn't I? I went a shade of green, one day, before work, because I came across this scene below....

My hubby and Kaspar-his little scrumptious of fun, AKA Hitler because of his mustache, whom he will often have his arm across (he does here but not sure you can tell) to cuddle with. My question is..., should I be jealous? I thought so and I have been looking up ways to make violin strings just so you all know:)

Have a great day of cuddling:)

As for films...Of course, next week will be back to norm plus it is the Christmas season so I plan on watching all my favourites including  the great cartoons.


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    You wrote:

    << when he decides to poop inside the house and then hide knowing he did wrong. >>

    I do that all the time. Mrs. Shady hunts me down and whacks me with her shoe. :)

    Your hubby should write a tell all book entitled "I slept with Hitler." :) That's a cute pic of your hubby snoozing with your cat. Our dog Toto used to jump in bed with me and Mrs. Shady every night and sleep between me us. Toto hogged the bed, sprawling out in the center and leaving me only a narrow strip to sleep on at the edge. Even so, I miss my pooch.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend BB!

  2. Well, not at all what I was expecting. You are too funny, Birgit! ☺ Sorry about the hot flashes. Those can be horrible and I'm glad to be finished with them. No wonder you like winter! Hubby and Kaspar look very cozy. I don't know any shows that fit the description either, but a look through Wikipedia did help:
    Apparently, Survivor, Big Brother and even The Voice originated in The Netherlands.

  3. What a fun post Birgit, your household sounds quite made, but fun. Sorry about the hot flushes, so debilitating, thank god I'm over all that, take care and keep cool, Kate x

  4. "Naddie..aka Poopsie because he decides to go outside the box." There's one in every crowd, isn't there? Sometimes more...

  5. Seems to be times when many think the litterbox is a suggestion lol Bah, not tmi for the cat. Maybe you should be a little jealous and could need a big violin to get through.

  6. I found a kitten in my garage about a month ago. I couldn't help but keep him with me and he's adorable. He hugs my mom and me, touch our faces with his paws and even kisses us at times, which is kind of gross but who cares right? He's not crazy about the men though haha.

    Here's a pic of him

  7. I didn't win out. When I went through menopause I didn't have too many hot flashes and never during winter when it would have warmed me up in Montana where we were living at the time. No the few I got were in the hot summer months. Go figure.

    Loved reading about your cats and Wallace. What a fun house it must be!


  8. Cats and blogging... I think the two have been paired since blogging's inception. Can't go wrong talking about the pets.

  9. I also laughed at Sandra's blog cartoons yesterday. I can honestly say I have NEVER had a cat, once litter trained, poop outside the box.

    Bleubeard was born in a barn. His mother never showed him how to use a litter box. When I got him home, it was a constant struggle to get him in the litter box. I brought him home right after Thanksgiving and some friends asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said all I want is for this damned cat to be litter box trained. Instead of being a care giver, I finally decided to act like his mother. I would put him n the sandbox, run my fingers through the litter and say mrrrow. I would leave him alone and let him go. After a few days, he was using the box on his own and making the same mrrow noises I made. For the longest time he never went in the litter box without making that sound. At least he was trained by Christmas and I was a very happy care giver again.

  10. No pets in our house as neither my wife nor I want to deal with all that's involved in having to take care of a pet. When I was living on my own with just my kids we had a cat for a while until I gave it away because I was the one stuck taking care of it. The best pet we had back then was a snake. No real muss or fuss and excepting only on a couple of occasions when the snake managed to escape there was little involvement with dealing with the critter.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  11. I came a cropper myself this week. I don't think I've ever watch a foreign language series on a regular basis.

    I'm petless at the moment but have had cats...and dogs..previously. They're terribly sweet but more of a commitment than I have time for at the moment.

    I missed you looking in on Dell's Girl Week after the first couple of days. I was looking forward to what you thought of my other two entries. Give them a glance if you have a chance!!

    1. Oh man! I will check it out. I have been bad as of late

  12. This was an entertaining departure from the norm!

  13. Ha ha, no shame this week in admitting I haven’t seen any of the movies 😉

  14. hahahahha, I love your storytelling, Birgit. Yeah, sometimes I get a bit jealous of Molly when the Husband coos and pets her while she lies on his lap.

  15. More TMI! More, more (about YOU and hubs, not the cat and hubs).

    Be well and stay hot, Birgit. =)

  16. I can never disturb a sleeping cat or a person sleeping with a cat. It seems so wrong somehow.

    Have a great weekend,

  17. I will have to check out Sandra's post. I love my two kitties and they certainly keep me entertained on a daily basis. :)

  18. Sorry, I'm late:( Thank you so much for the mention. Much appreciated.
    That pic is delightful. Love it. You're the woman.

  19. PS Our numbers are the same. 4 cats and 1 unstable dog:)

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  21. I'm glad to hear your critters are all rescue. So many in desperate need of homes.
    Now if we could just get everyone to alter their pets we'd be set:)
    Hope today is a pain free day for you.

  22. Thank you so much for all the comments! I went to the One of a Kind Art & Craft Show in Toronto and walked way too much which meant I was crippled for the past 3 days but I so enjoyed myself. How can one not love animals but I hope you can see my sarcastic smirk as my hubby kisses and cuddles Kaspar while i just got a quick peck...ahh the love of animals..I mean my hubby in this moment:)

  23. Oh, I would miss cuddling horribly. Tell your husband it's his manly duty to cuddle you! Damn right I'd be jealous.

    One of my cats, Sophie, is madly in love with my boyfriend and does her best to charm him away (which mostly involves showing him her fuzzy ass). Thankfully, though Simon loves Sophie, I'll always be his best girl. x Sophie can't make him dinner, after all.

    Rescue animals are lovely. Glad you've saved so many.

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