Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Oscar Questions Answered

Another year gone by with egos, stupidity, some humbleness and WTF moments all assembled at the 91st Academy Awards.  To create some (possibly) more furor, The people from Black Panther and Spike Lee need to chill out. I still have to see Green Book but they make this film sound like it is Amos N Andy gone on a trip to the good ole South when it is anything but. I doubt Mahershala Ali and Octavia Spencer would be part of this film if it did not express the exact opposite. The issue is that it is a white man driving and watching over an African American who took the huge gamble and courage to play music in the South. Is this film as good as BlacKkKlansmen? I don't know but I do think Black Panther, albeit a very fun and engaging action movie, should not have been up for best picture. It was up because it made a huge amount of money at the box office and it had a, predominantly, African American cast. To be honest, I think Avengers: End Game was a better film because the writing was excellent by being able to follow the film with the huge cast of characters and the acting was better, by some, as well.  OK so on with my questions and answers...

1. Best Dressed

 Emelia Clarke

Tina Fey

Both are so beautiful and I couldn't choose one over the other

2. Worst Dressed

Maya Rudolph-she is so funny and talented but she should not have gone to her grandmom's house and steal her drapes.

Linda Cardellini-Hey Linda! Zsa Zsa Gabor came down from the heavens and asked for her bedroom dressing gown back.

3. Best Speech- Olivia Coleman who won best actress for her role in The Favourite. She was funny, humble-a truly fun acceptance speech.

4. Worst Speech- The Make-up people from Vice-Greg Cannom didn't really get to say much but Kate Biscoe and Patricia Dehaney were horrible. Yes, they were shocked to win and happy they won but you couldn't wait for the cane to come out and grab their necks off the stage.

5. Whom Do You Hate that Won- Rami Malek-Best Actor-Yes, I said that! I love Queen and I liked the opening part with Queen and Adam Lambert but Rami should not have won. I still have to see Viggo Mortensen (Greenbook) and Willem Dafoe (At Eternity's Gate) but Bradley Cooper outshone Rami all the way, in my humble opinion, and I would have even given it to John David Washington (BlacKkKlansmen) over Rami.

Oh, God I am evil and will go to hell

6. Whom Do You Love That Won- The best song-Shallow sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  Whatever is happening behind the scenes doesn't matter, I truly felt this was the most interesting song and went best with the film as it was part of the film not just tacked on at the beginning or end like so many are now.

7. Best Part of the Show- Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry (who is he??) handing out the award for best costume. When they came out to present and she had on this costume with the train full of stuffed bunnies on it, I started to laugh. As Brian talked, she had a bunny puppet and I just kept laughing...it was funny.

8. Worst Part of the Show- The In Memoriam segment not because I do not love this actual segment...I do because they pay respect to the greats and I love the music usually accompanying it, but they missed some huge heavyweights that just left me gob-smacked as one might say. First-they left out Stanley Donen who was the last big director of Hollywood's Golden Age. He co-directed On The Town, Singing In The Rain, and directed Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Funny Face, Damn Yankees, Charade, Indiscreet, Two for the Road and Bedazzled. They also missed Carol Channing (you'd know her voice), Gary Kurtz, the producer of American Grafitti and the little flick called Star Wars, Julie Adams, Sandra Locke, Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) and John Mahoney (Frasier's dad). WTF??

9. Most Boring- I was actually rooting for Mary Poppins to win since it is a musical but Black Panther won and I had no idea Jesus was so F&^% boring! His name is actually Ludwig Goransson but he could put anyone to sleep.

10. What drug Were They On?  Aside from Lisa Bonet who did look like she took one too many vallium as she walked down the carpet with her Husband Jason Momoa, I will actually go with the dumbass executroids who  could not make up their minds about having a host or not(didn't go too badly without a host) to thinking it would be a good idea to have some awards handed out during commercial breaks (thankfully, they did not after a huge uproar)-the a-holes. Never mind the hug F-up with the In Memoriam part, you just wonder who is ruling over these knuckle heads.

OK so there you have it...my list. I will now leave you with a couple more best dressed and a couple more (or more) WTF dresses and you let me know... plus some jewelry.


Yes this is a man and he is not hiding his horse's ass behind that skirt.

A murder of crows

I heard she parachuted right on to the red carpet


Talk about bling! No I don't mean the pretty girl's Ta-ta's either


  1. Some of those dresses are really hideous! I wasn’t too enamoured of Olivia Coleman’s, but some people got very excited because it had pockets.

  2. I wasn't familiar with many of the nominees at all. Black Panther was enjoyable, but I'm not sure it deserved a nomination for Best Picture. I didn't see the performances by any of the Best Actor nominees except Rami Malek, so I can't compare him to any others, but just judging him on his own? I thought he totally captured Freddie Mercury. (And I can't shake this mental image I have of the Oscar statuette beckoning to Rami Malek and singing "Arrrrrre you gonna take me home tonight?")

  3. hahahah, I like reading your Oscar review, Birgit. It's better than watching the show, which I didn't.

  4. Linda Cardellini's gown looks more for the bedroom than the Oscars.

  5. I didn't watch so I love reading your review. Thanks. And I got quite a laugh out of Maya's outfit.

  6. The problem with Green Book is that it is another film about black experiences told from the perspective of a white protagonist. Imagine if they made Hidden Figures, but the main character was Kevin Costner. That's the issue people are having.

    I still haven't seen the whole show. (I was busy Sunday night doing the things I should have done Sunday afternoon.) I'll keep an eye out for your highlights.

  7. No, no! He does look like a opossum!
    I absolutely did not watch and I know I enjoyed your rundown far more than I would've the actual show.

  8. I always wonder. They have that much money and they come looking like some of those outfits you were featuring. What were they thinking? I loved your recap of the show. I hadn't seen any of the movies much less heard of a lot of them, but your review gave me great laughs this evening.


  9. Great recap, Birgit. Very entertaining. I stopped watching the Oscars years ago. I never have heard of most of the films that are nominated now.

  10. Hi there, love your review. I've only seen Olivia Coleman's film which I loved and she was brilliant in it, and of course she is a much loved British actor. Don't watch all of this kind of nonsense, patting themselves on the back for doing their jobs. Don't get social workers or plumbers having this kind of hype and they do important work. Just my opinion of course. But well done you for giving this review,Kate x x

  11. Yep, they sure deserve the ugly dressed ones, geez. Agreed Avengers was better than Black Panther.

  12. Hi, Birgit!

    You should take a job as a celebrity fashion critic. You're a regular Mrs. Blackwell with those witty put-downs. I don't have much to write on this subject because I didn't watch the Oscars and haven't yet seen any of the nominated films. I agree with your remarks about the various outfits worn to the awards. Tina Fey always cleans up good, and those drapes on Maya Rudolph remind me of a sketch on The Carol Burnett Show. I agree that the annual obituary list always raises eyebrows due to glaring omissions.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend BB!

  13. Hi Birgit - loved the recap and was so pleased to see 'the puppeteering rabbits' ... I enjoy Rami Malek - so am glad he won ... and Olivia - yea ... she's a Brit and I gather did a great speech. Still - I'm glad I'm here to read! I still have to see Green Book - in the next week ... cheers Hilary

  14. I recorded the show and watched later ( a lot of fast-forwarding involved). My favourite part was the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga duet. People should just chill about their relationship; it is called "acting", after all! And did you notice Bradley used his natural voice and not the character's, which is deeper and more gravelly? The man sings pretty well! I thought the no host idea worked, too. Green Book is on the "must-see" list.

  15. Thank you for all your comments which I loved. Liz, I see what you mean and that would be difficult but I still need to see the film although I am not sure it will be as good as BlacKkKlansman which I love. I know most don’t watch this but thank you for giving your remarks here.

  16. I didn't see the Oscars, but I saw the "In Memoriam" on the internet. Verne Troyer was mentioned, and I thought how sad Mini-Me died. I'm not sure about the others, there were 211 or so, so it was hard to remember whose name I saw and whose I didn't. However, I know they didn't go in alphabetical order, or at least not on the internet. Otherwise, a great review. Wish I'd seen the bunnies (grin).

  17. Birgit,

    You crack me up, girl! I don't watch the Oscars anymore. They took the fun out of this award like they've done so many other things in Hollyweird years ago. Some of these outfits are just hysterically funny and you're such a comic, girl! You had me laughing while I read through your post. I learned long ago to not place any stock in who wins what because it's usually all wrong anyhow. I think watching a trailer gives me more of an honest opinion about a movie than these programs do and I have a better chance of liking what I see and if not I just turn it off. You did a fab join covering the Oscars. I prefer to read your take on it, instead of watching it. :)

  18. I loved the bunny cape and was so impressed that all those bunnies were standing up. Such a great moment. Also pretty great that when the winner went up to accept, she got out of the way so the bunnies didn't ruin the big moment.

    Jay, Asshole ;)