Friday, February 22, 2019

Oscar Questions

I can't believe that a another year has gone by but, thankfully, Meryl Streep is not nominated this year. So we have 2 Black Panthers-one from the comics and one kick ass real dude. An actor with horrible prosthetic teeth, a nutty Queen, a great pianist, a black and white drab social commentary movie, Lady GaGa with her real hair and a crazy ass Vice President.  It is the Oscars-full blown before they even have aired with all the controversy of the host to some idiots thinking it was wise to showcase some awards when commercials are on. WTF??? Thankfully, enough film people bellowed and the schmos over at Oscars put everything back in. I know many of you won't watch but I hope some of you will or at least catch a glimpse. I have made up my quick list of questions that you can choose when watching these people thank God for winning a Gold statue. Here are my 10 questions for you to ponder...

1. Best Dressed?
2. Worst Dressed?
3. Best Speech?
4. Worst Speech?
5. Whom Do You Hate that Won?
6. Whom Do You Love that Won?
7. Best Part of the Show?
8. Worst Part of the Show?
9. Most Boring (Person or scene)?
10. What Drug Were They On?

So There ya Go and just remember, the last time there were no hosts, this about drugs!


  1. I could fill out that ballot real easy.
    Sorry, probably won't watch. Too much political garbage.

  2. I won't watch it live, but intend to record it, in order to skip past the boring parts and commercials. The whole host controversy is a bit ridiculous. To be honest, I lost interest in the Oscars several years ago, because I don't know most of the movies. (I did see A Star is Born and loved it, so I'm hoping it will win its nominations.) Then there's the political rhetoric, which, in my opinion, does not belong there. And yes, all the "thank you God, praise the Lord" quips, plus the long-winded speeches, in general.

  3. The women with the big hats may have been members of the Beach Blanket Babylon troupe from San Francisco. I saw their show once upon a time, which was fun and crazy.

  4. I still watch the Oscars. I'm not as enthused as I was when I was a teen. I loved it all when I was younger. Now... meh. But I won't have a best or worst dressed for you. I don't really pay attention or care about what they're wearing. (I know, I must turn in my girl card.)

  5. I haven't watched in years, since the '90s, I believe!

  6. I’ve only seen three of the nominated films(three more than this time last year) and I’m annoyed that The Hate U Give isn’t up for even one.

  7. I will watch part of it, although I was too sick this year to sit through 7 hours of nominated shorts.

    I want to see Vice. It's really the only one I really want to see, but I wouldn't turn down a free ticket to Blue Rhapsody or The Favourite, although the spelling is all wrong in my mind.

    I like Sally Fields' line when she won: "Thank you."

    Can't stand people using their win to promote their latest causes or to thank the Lord Jesus for their being there. I hate to tell them, but Jesus had nothing to do with their win, since he doesn't get to vote!!

  8. Forgot to mention, I also want to see the Ginsberg film, too.

  9. Haven't watched in years as the political crap sucks any enjoyment out of watching them get their little naked man statues.

  10. No hosts for the Oscars? Wow! I can't imagine! Been years since I watched them and probably won't see any this year. I don't even know any of the movies nominated. I must get a life eventually :)



  11. I don't watch them anymore (or ever really) but I do pay attention to who wins.

  12. Hi Birgit - never watch ... see snippets ... but glad I didn't have to sit through that earlier one - only watched about a minute - cringe worthy. I haven't much knowledge about the films but enjoy seeing the creativity side - Cheers Hilary

  13. I do not remember the last time I watched. Decades ago though. I tried to watch Roma and gave up after 30 minutes. Booooring. Why is it that everyone goes ga-ga over black and white movies? I hated The Artist too. Also didn't finish Black Panther even though I enjoy Marvel movies. My kids went to see A Star is Born and then came home and asked me about the older versions. Uhh? The ones I watched in the 1950's?
    As for your clip, I made it to one minute. That is awful.

  14. Oh lord this is going to be a ride. lol

  15. I love the questions you pose, but I won't be watching. Too long and too much speechifying.

  16. I probably will kind of watch the Oscars, but I doubt I'll be watching closely enough to answer any of the questions. I don't particularly love or hate any of the nominees and several I have no idea who they are so I'm mostly indifferent on either account.

    I don't remember that Oscar clip you showed. I guess I missed that year. I would have still be living in TN at the time. Guess I had better things to do than watch that year's Oscars--or perhaps I just don't remember.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  17. I used to watch the Oscars religiously. Which is apt, considering they were on Sunday.
    Now? I read a book.
    I still haven't seen "Bohemian Rhapsody," but very much want to.

  18. Fun questions. I will keep these in mind as I watch and report back later!

  19. 1. Best Dressed: Helen Mirren. Classy, elegant.
    2. Worst Dressed: Maya Rudolph. Hideous.
    3. Best Speech: Costume Design, won for Black Panther. Seriously. Others should have taken their cue from this woman.
    4. Worst Speech: Makeup and
    Hairstyling, won for Vice. How disorganized can you get?
    5. Whom do you hate that won? Olivia Colman. Glenn Close was robbed.
    6. Whom do you love that won? Rami Malek. No one else could have played Freddie.
    7. Best part of the show: The opening music by Queen.
    8. Worst part of the show: The horrible costumes on Melissa McCarthy and that other guy when they were presenting.
    9. Most boring person or scene: John Lewis. Sorry, he is getting elderly and had trouble reading his lines.
    10: What drug were they on? I watched the Red Carpet pre-Oscars show, and Lisa Bonet sure looked stoned to me.

  20. I didn't watch a lot of it except towards the end. I'm still upset over Green Book winning Best Picture and I don't blame Spike Lee for getting pissed off.

    I'm happy for Black Panther, Roma, Regina King, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Lady Gaga, Spike Lee, and Olivia Colman winning but it still didn't make me happy. Plus, that opening music from Queen w/ their awful singer Adam Lamebert was atrocious. I really hate that guy. He can't sing for shit. He just wails like a bitch.