Monday, March 23, 2020

Coffee and fun

Lock down! I am not a coffee drinker or tea either, but people are beside themselves since they can’t walk into Tim Horton’s or Starbucks, but mainly Tim’s since Canucks love their Timmy’s. So far, people can still go through the drive thru but there may be a revolution if it’s forced to close. I’m trying to bring some levity here as these places would have gone belly up if they relied on me. From now until the threat has passed, I will be working from home which will be very weird. I decided to create a couple of cards with the same stamp but for different events.
Different cardstock, rubberstamp, gamsol pencils, cuddlebug, embossing pads, gingerbread brads, stickles in paint style.

Happy Little Stampers:Christmas-Beverage
Tuesday Throwdown- sketch

I decided to try that sketch  that Tuesday Throwdown gave out as their theme. I used the Color Throwdown colours too but I missed their challenge. The funky brads on the 4 corners are little gingerbread men that always seem to go well with coffee or milk but I am saying coffee this time.

Cuddlebug, embossing pad, rubber stamp, gamsol pencils,different cardstock, gems, sticker saying

Addicted to Stamps-Anything Goes
Dream Valley-One for the Boys

I was actually going to put the gingerbread men on this card since it has the colouring in browns like gingerbread but, it seeped out of my head like steam from coffee so this one is made for a friend of mine who is in quarantine because he was on a cruise. I will make another card for his brother who is also in quarantine. I enjoyed colouring both of them with my gambol pencils and layering them with different papers and sticker words.

Stay safe!


  1. So easy to make your own coffee... Mine tasted especially good this morning, couldn't even tell you why.

    Such lovely work you do with your cards. I especially like the one on the left - so shiny. Looks like a chocolate wrapper.

  2. Sweet you are making cards for your quarantine friends! Good you will be at home and out of the contaminated world! You stay safe too!


  3. Hi Birgit..well us Brits are now in total lockdown and can’t leave our homes except to food no coffee out for us ,like the images on the cards and those cute gingerbread men...they are soooo good with coffee...take care xxx

  4. Hi, Birgit!

    As one of those people who drinks a gallon of coffee every day, I'm sure I'd be hanging out at Timmy's if I were living up there, or at least getting my caffeine fix at their drive-through window. Although I take mine black with no topping or foam, I admire your quarantine cards. The colors and design are lovely. They will cheer the recipients and I'm sure they will thank you for the thought and effort you put into them.

    Hunker down, stay well, keep your dial tuned to Shady's Place and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend BB!

  5. Yeah, people will riot if the drive thru closes lol some are sure addicted to their coffee fix. Great cards indeed.

  6. Nice cards. My sons are coffee freaks. I just use my K-cups.

  7. Those are cute.
    I don't drink coffee or tea either.

  8. Lovely cards, Birgit! ♥ Timmies coffee sucks now, since the Burger King takeover (they switched to a cheaper supplier). McDonald's got smart and hooked up with Timmies' old supplier, so they have the best coffee now. Homemade is just as good and cheaper, so most of us are doing that, now. Not you, of course. ☺ How do you manage without a caffeine fix in the mornings? Glad you are able to work from home and still get paid. Wishing you and your family all the best! One day at a time...

  9. Stay safe yourself! I love the cards and have to laugh about the Tim Horton's. I've heard that many times but have never seen that since I am here in the US. We have some Tim Hortons over in Maine, but nothing here. I actually like their donuts. Now of course, I want a donut. Hugs-Erika

  10. Hi Birgit - I have coffee in the morning ... and then some tea in the afternoon - a British tea time ... but those cards are fun - take care - cheers Hilary

  11. Hi there Birgit, two super cards, great colouring and design.
    Scotland is in lockdown now, should have been much earlier, just glad it's now happened, mind you there will still be some who will flout it. You take care and stay positive, Kate x

  12. Those are cute. Like you, I don't do coffee or tea. Nothing with caffeine (chocolate doesn't count).

  13. Great cards! Lockdown here now too - hope it works. Keep safe!

  14. Elegant cards, Birgit. I love how the same elements can take on different looks.

  15. I am suffering caffeine withdrawal symptoms...

    Two brilliant cards!
    Thank you for sharing with Addicted to Stamps and More!
    Addicted to Stamps and More
    Calling All Crafters! – My personal Blog!

  16. I've never heard of Tim Horton's, but I love my coffee. Can't live without it. However, I grind my own beans and drink it 24/7. For those reasons, I love both your cards. It's also so sweet of you to make these for your friends who are also stuck at home. I love them both.

  17. At ;east you have a hobby to fill your spare time in seclusion. I do drink coffee, decaf, couldn't live without it.

  18. I love these cards!
    Bummer about your friend quarantined on the cruise ship.
    YOU stay safe and healthy.

  19. Two really cute cards - love them.

    Thanks for joining us at Christmas Crafts All Year Round.

    Helen x