Monday, March 16, 2020


People panic, toilet paper is off the shelves, same with pasta and flour! People need to calm things down!!! I have to be careful since I have asthma, although not severe, plus I have a sunken double D aside, I apparently have a 1/3 less the lung capacity so I need to be careful just like I was before. I don’t want the flu or even the common cold so, washing hands, trying not to touch door handles etc...and I do wipe down my work space and my purse and wallet since I place my purse down everywhere. Thankfully, my work will not have anyone come to our office for a face to face and we are locking our doors, so people have to make payments on line or at their bank. One thing I will continue long after this virus is gone is not shaking hands. Just think about the number of men who take a leak behind the bushes( we see that on tv all the time) and then get back in the car and touch you..ick! Women are not much better since I saw many, in public washrooms, turning on the tap, rinsing their hand for 2 seconds and leave..WTF?? I can’t count the number of times I am at a stop light, look over to the next car watching some person digging for gold up their nostril. Why would I want to shake their hand? I want a great greeting that many African Americans seem to be using( well, I saw this on the Late show with Trevor Noah) which is the Wakanda greeting. Would they be offended if I started using that? The bottom line, please stay calm, we will not turn into zombies, we will make it through this but we don’t need to be jerks about it so don’t buy everything up and don’t be a real schmuck and sell it afterwards for huge prices.  Ok that is my rant now on to something least, I hope you think so.
Distress inks, cuddlebug, embossing pad, embossing powder, rubber stamp saying, border stickers and crystals

Addicted to Stamps-Photo Inspiration
Happy Little Stampers-CAS-Favourite Technique
Stamplorations-CAS-Light Blue

This is, I hope a clean and simple card..well for me it is. I love using my cuddlebug to create the patterns for the background but I really love using my distress inks to create different backgrounds and one truly can't go wrong. I love that saying which, I think, is true. I hope this is considered clean and's so hard for me to do that:)
Washi tape, different card stock, rubber stamp, sparkle blue embossing powder and blue dye ink,  Crystals

Crafty Creations-Anything Goes
Stamping Sensations-Spring Florals
The Flower Challenge-Anything Goes
The Male Room- Team Colours
Dream Valley- One for the Boys

I gave this to my hubby who really loved it and I think it works despite the flower and glitter. The flower looks a bit like a weed and some men like glitter-look at the Blues artists.I had these paper remnants so I built up the card. I stamped the flower in blue and used blue embossing glitter to set it. This is the first time I used washi tape which is just pretty coloured tape you can place anyway and it will stick. I used it to frame the flower and at the top and bottom of the card. I added the crystals on each corner. I have no sports that I really watch unless it is figure skating and they will often wear blues and purples(never mind being bruised by all the falls they endure), so I chose Blue and Purple which many skaters have worn in the past.

I have made more cards and hope to show them over the weeks. I will not go out and eat at restaurants right now, nor will I go to any events or movie theatres until this virus seems more under control. Just being safe not nutty. ..well, I am a bit nutty but that's a good thing.


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    Let me tell you about my experience yesterday here in Florida, one that I am sure is being repeated in cities all across the U.S. and Canada. I wasn't in panic buying mode, simply needed some groceries, so I got in the car extra early, before dawn, and arrived at the nearest supermarket by 7 am. I was astonished to discover that the parking lot looked like Yankee Stadium on game 7 of the World Series. I entered the store and looked for the moist towelette dispenser that was always located where the carts are kept. There was no machine. I went in and asked the nearest clerk where the moist tissue machine got to. He said they needed to remove it because people were coming in and stealing the tissues out of it, bringing their own empty boxes from home, filling them with tissues and leaving! So I had no way of taking sanitary precautions before I grabbed a cart (extra sticky) and started shopping. I headed for the paper goods aisle and found a teary eyed female shopper. The woman was standing with a different clerk and I heard her ask "Don't you have any toilet paper?" The clerk hung his head and told her "no." He said they had a small supply earlier that morning but they were all gone a minute after the store opened. He said the same thing happens every time a fresh supply of bath tissues arrives. People snatch them up in large quantities. Perhaps the store should have hung a sign that read: "Limit 10,000 rolls per customer." The entire paper aisle was nearly empty, leading me to believe that customers were buying anything made of paper to use in their toilet stalls in place of the real thing. When those items run out, what's next... Brillo pads? When I went to the checkout section at the front of the store, there were only two lanes open. Clearly the supermarket chain was not prepared for the pre-dawn Sunday morning raid. Loaded carts in both checkout lanes were backed up halfway to the rear of the store - a 45 minute to one hour wait to pay for your groceries. If you bought ice cream you were outta luck. I had never seen anything like it.

    I enjoyed gazing at your pretty cards, Birgit. On the first card I admire the red and blue color combo and I especially love that quote. The search for beauty is indeed the fountain of youth. You gave your hubby a handsome card. I like the design and the bold blue ink.

    Stay safe and keep washing those hands thoroughly, dear friend BB!

  2. Pretty cards.

    The same items seem to be in short supply everywhere - toilet paper, pasta and flour! I’ll add to that long life milk which I’ve been trying to find for my mum and can’t. Crazy times.

  3. Cards are beautiful.
    I've always been an avid hand-washer, even more so now. Not washing after peeing is disgusting.

  4. People really are in panic mode.

  5. Great cards. Glad you have ways to stay safe. Take care.

  6. Cards are sure grand indeed.

    Yeah, people are inconsiderate wankers with all of this. As for hand shaking, pffft, rarely do it, the few times I do I treat my hand like it has the plague until I get to soap lol as for peeing in the woods, well...

  7. Those look lovely!

    I legitimately have three rolls of toilet paper left in my house and I can't find any ANYWHERE. I'm really hoping my stores get shipments and then restrict the hell out of people buying it because I'd like to have some. I don't need to stock pile, I would just like to not wipe my ass with a napkin or something lol

  8. Your cards are all very nice! I so agree about the eliminating of hand shaking in the future. This too will pass. I fear the people and their panic more than the virus though I realize the virus is just as serious. Stay safe especially with your health concerns.


  9. Hi the cards and the super washi tape....lovely....
    It’s just the same over here..bare supermarket shelves and yesterday us over 70 were told to stay home well that’s okay if you have someone who can do the shopping..tried doing online and the can’t deliver till the 28th...great!...take care xxx

  10. Hi Birgit - oh life at the moment - people are crazy ... apart from being unsociable with their hand-washing. Only snag is - if we're not out spending on entertainment, or eat - the economy will go pear shaped.

    I was interested in the Wakanda greeting - I've got a Trevor Noah book to read ... while your ability with your cards is delightful to see - all the best - cheers Hilar.

  11. Great cards. Glad you hubby loved it.
    stay safe x

    Thanks for sharing with us at The Male Room.
    Lynn x

  12. Take good care of yourself, Birgit. I have diminished lung capacity too and am nervous about catching something. Good thing your employer has stopped the face to face meetings. The Wakanda greeting is an excellent idea, as well as the Indian Namaste. This is a bad time financially for many, especially those of us who are self-employed. Let's not even mention the daily stock market crashes. There goes the retirement fund! All of this will likely trigger a world-wide recession. Your beautiful cards are a lovely respite from these troubled times. Thanks for sharing them!

  13. Hello, I loved this post, I have been most interesting. The good thing about trusting in my country is that I am getting to know interesting blogs like yours.
    I loved your post, I did not know your blog, do you want us to follow each other? you tell me Cheers

  14. The old woman says she's never going to shake anybody's hand ever again after reading this - ha, ha! She loves the cards. Take care. Love Toffee.

    Not So Sweet Toffee
    That's Purrfect

  15. I completely agree with you that I think we should all let the shaking hands thing go. It is such a fast way to spread germs. I hope people will learn from what we are all going through and start washing their hands more and not going out when they are sick and putting other people at risk (for whatever they have).

    Beautiful cards.

    Stay well!

  16. Gosh I was sure I'd commented on these cards Birgit, obviously not, well they are beautiful, lovely designs and colours too, Kate x

  17. I love those cards. They are really beautiful. Hugs-Erika

  18. Gorgeous cards, Birgit. Love the sparkle on the flower card. Thank you for sharing it with us for our Spring Floral challenge at Stamping Sensations.


  19. I love the cards. I ALWAYS wash my hands after I pee and I use the paper drying towel to open the door.
    I this this event will change many things about our lives.

  20. so pretty.
    Thanks for playing along with us at The Flower Challenge.
    :) Karen

  21. Thanks for joining Stamping Sensations with this great entry, good luck.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x