Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Weekly Song Challenge


Late again...story of my life. The good news is that Hubby had his stint taken out on Monday and he is done with his surgeries. He is still peeing out small kidney stones but that is a good thing plus he has no more pain or blood. He is taking it easy...well, for him but I have been telling him not to lift things. His hernia is healing and he is a fast healer which is great. One thing, for all you guys out there...he was not given any anaesthetic when they took the stint out. He asked the doctor how bad the pain level is between 1 to 10 and the doctor replied about a 3. Well, it only was a few seconds but, hubby said he actually went blind for a few seconds...literally. He thinks he was close to passing out from the  pain  when they yanked the stint out from his wee wee. Yuck.

On a brighter note...let's talk music and Jingle, Jangle, Jungle has 3 new themes for this week. I enjoy reading all your comments and love the picks you choose and I do my best to listen to all of them but I am sorry I have not replied. I went for my pre-op yesterday and soon will be my operation. Now, here are the 3 themes:





I think this is just a nice song..a bit Disco, but much better than most of the dreck that comes out today. This song was written by George E Young (no relation to the singer) and Harry Vanda (who knew?!)  It's the first song that popped into my head and that song is what we need right now.


Of course, I will choose ABBA this week because it is a great song that was on their Voulez-Vous album and tour. Beware this man's eyes because they will betray you. We've all been there where we think they are great only to be betrayed by the a-hole. It happens to men too..many times. I still wished I could have seen ABBA on their Voulez-Vous tour.


Of course, I will choose The Moody Blues whenever I get a chance. I need to choose from my favourites this week and this is a good one. I have this album and this song, written by John Lodge,  was a big hit back in the day. 

I plan to have my posts written up for at least the next 2 weeks since I will be recuperating. Have a great day!


  1. Good picks! I like "Love Is In The Air," too...

  2. oh, I like these choices! Good job!

  3. Hi, Birgit!

    I didn't forget you, dear friend. I started checking for this post of yours at 6 am sharp, but needed to shut down around mid morning and drive to a doctor appointment quite a distance from home. When I got back, it was lunch time, and afterward I needed a nap. I awoke to find your post. Glad you could play the WSC game again this week.

    I am also relieved to know that your hubby is doing AOK and is on the mend. I have to wonder if his doctor was simply fibbing about the pain level to avoid having to administer anesthesia. Thank goodness your hub's agony only lasted a few seconds.

    I love your selections in the Challenge. the light, breezy disco number "Love Is In The Air" harks back to romance oriented TV shows like The Love Boat, Love American Style and Fantasy Island, at least in my mind. I read that J.P. Young's version didn't perform well on the Canadian chart because of a competing version released at the same time by Canadian singer Martin Stevens.

    Great choice with ABBA's "Angel Eyes." It is one of my faves by the Swedes, among many others.

    What a blast from the past - "Ride My See-Saw!" I doubt that I have heard that one since the end of the 1960s, but I do remember it. I see that the Moody Blues' single peaked at #61 on the Billboard chart stateside. Another excellent selection!

    Here are my picks:

    LOVE SONG: I'm drawing a BLANK, BB! I got nothin'!!! I can't think of a single song. :) Okay, one just occurred to me - "Love Man" - the Otis Redding hit from Filthy Dancing. I bought that Atco single upon its release in the spring of 1969. It didn't perform very well at the time, only reaching #17 R&B and #72 on the Hot 100. However, the song got a new lease on life and became famous, known to millions around the world, thanks to its use in the OST of the hit movie that starred Patrick & Jennifer, who reportedly didn't like each other.

    EYE OR EYES SONG: "Look In My Eyes," a single by the girl group The Chantels that brushed the top 5 R&B and went top 15 pop in the fall of 1961. The song was covered by the Three Degrees before they became famous hit makers. Their single, credited on the label as "The 3 Degrees," is another great version, but it fizzled, reaching only #97 on the chart and lasting only one week - the first week of 1966.

    RIDE SONG: "Ride With Me" by Steppenwolf, a single that made it only halfway up the chart in the late summer of 1971, but is regarded as a gem of the biker rock genre.

    I know you are getting ready for your operation now. I'm proud of you for working ahead to keep the posts coming while you recuperate. I will continue to think about you and be here for you, dearie.

    Take care, dear friend BB. Have a nice evening and I'll see you tamale in the balcony-- "At The Movies!"

    1. Glad you loved my picks and I love yours! Yeah, Love hardly appears on any title of Swayze was a professional dancer and Jennifer was a whiner (she was on DWTS and put Derek Hough through his patience). They did not get along anmd I don't blame Swayze. Love the other 2 songs and always like Steppenwolf. Thanks for your support, it means a lot.

  4. I would've said, give me the drugs! No way without.
    I can only think of dumb love songs, but for eyes, Through Her Eyes by Dream Theater, and for ride, Ride the Lightning by Metallica.

    1. Yeah, I think he would have asked for something if he knew. Through Her Eyes is a beautiful song. I listened to the other one which is good but, as you know, not my cup of tea :)

  5. AArrghhh! Google did it again. Typed everything in and got an error message. So, again...

    Guys are such wimps. No wonder they do not give birth. Anyway, my picks...
    Love is a Many Splendored thing - The Four Aces
    Green Eyes - Helen O'Connell and Bob Eberly with Jimmy Dorsey
    Ticket to Ride - The Beatles

    Take care.

    1. hahahaaa.. you are right about men. i have no clue why this keeps happening to you in getting an error message but i hope it doesn't become a regular occurrence. I love your picks!I prefer the instrumental to your first pick more. I never heard of Green Eyes but it's really good. Of course, The Beatles are great and this is an excellent song.

  6. I love anything by the Moody Blues. They are great. I know how much you LOVE ABBA and would find a way to use them.

    Glad to read about your husband, but sorry to read about his stint removal.

    1. Glad you love The Moody Blues and know my love of ABBA. Thankfully, that stint removal is done and over with.


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  8. So glad your husband is now doing ok and hope you will be too very soon.

    1. Glad to hear from you and yes...he is doing well.

  9. Hi Birgit - so pleased to read your hubby is recuperating really well - now you ... take care and all the best as you heal too. I really enjoy seeing all the selections ... so great you'll have written yours up for the next couple of weeks. Thinking of you - stay safe too - cheers Hilary

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