Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Rainbow for Dogs


Monday was a tough day. I had to travel to Mississauga that took over 1 1/2 hrs instead of an hour and 10 min. They drive crazy. My first day at work was really good but this was the day we had to put Wallace down . He was such a scaredy cat but he was ours. His cancerous tumour, on his left leg, broke open. His back legs were giving out due to arthritis and he was throwing up. He was 13 and may not have survived another surgery. We had this tumour taken off twice, last year but it only grew back and there was no more skin to make it heal. My hubby talked to him as he passed under the rainbow bridge.

In his honour, I have 3 songs and hope you like them.


Isn't this such a sweet but sad song? I had heard this before but can't recall where and remembered this was sung by Der Bingle. I could only find out that he recorded this in 1939 which was composed by Ray Johnson and Del Porter. Bing liked their act (there was a singing foursome who became famous on stage singing and playing the Ocarinas-I had to look that up. It's like a weird looking fat flute but sounds really pretty.)


I am not sure who did this rendition but I thought it was cute and enjoyed watching the video.


I love The Byrds and I love the colour blue so this works just fine. Apparently, this is an old folk song from the 1800s and has been covered by many musicians over the years. 

I am exhausted from travelling ...have I mentioned the crazy effed up hwys? It took me over 2 hours Tuesday morning to get to work. The nuts on the hwys  are...well,... nuts. 

I miss Wallace and so does my hubby... 


  1. Oh, Birgit... I am heartbroken to learn that you needed to put your beloved Wallace down! His "smiling" face in that picture says it all. It reminds us how much a canine companion can add to our lives and how painful it is to lose one. I am terribly sorry, dear friend! I hope Wallace has come sniffer to sniffer with my Toto by now and that they are romping and playing together up on Rainbow Bridge. We shall see them again someday, and what a fine day it will be.

    Of the three songs you posted in honor of Wallace, the only one that is familiar is the melody of tune #2, "The Whistler And His Dog." I too enjoyed the slideshow of dog related cartoons. Bing's "Rover" song brought tears to my eyes right away. It reminded me of the summer night when Toto suffered a seizure and was in such bad shape that we knew we couldn't wait a minute longer to end her suffering. At 3 am, we drove through the rain to an all-night animal clinic where we said our sad goodbyes to our dear pet, a cherished member of the family, and suddenly, peacefully, it was all over for our Rover. I know you and your hubby are experiencing the same feeling about Wallace and I ache for you both, dear friend.

    At a time like this, let us also remember the 1957 Disney film Old Yeller, a tearjerker of a film if ever there was one.

    On a much brighter note, you had a good first day at your new job. I'm glad to hear it. Be careful in that crazy highway traffic. We've got our share of it here in overcrowded Florida where the highway system can't keep pace with the growth.

    Thank you for posting this tender tribute to your wonderful Wallace, dear friend BB!

  2. Sorry about your dog. I've had to put a dog down and know how difficult it is. I am not familiar with any of your song choices.

  3. I'm so sorry about Wallace. I'm a dog person and I know how hard it can be. They are a member of your family, but it sounds like you did the best thing for him. Thinking of you. hugs-Erika

  4. Very sorry about Wallace. Dogs aren't pets, they're family.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about Wallace. Take care.

  6. So sorry about Wallace, but glad your new job has started well (apart from the travel).

  7. Oh Birgit, I'm so sorry to hear the sad news about Wallace, he will be so missed, our pets are so much part of the family, Big Hugs, Kate x

  8. Dear Birgit, I'm so sorry for your loss! 💔 Wallace was a lucky boy to have such a caring family and surely had a wonderful life. My heart goes out to you both, and I hope settling into your new job will be a good distraction. Yes, traffic around here is always insane. It'll be easier when you go to Niagara Falls.

  9. Bummer, Birgit. Big bowwow hugs to you. Your songs are a purrrrfect (from Missy Molly) tribute to your Wallace.

  10. Best wishes. It's so hard losing a dog - such perfect hearts.

  11. I am SO far behind. I just hope you see this. I am SO sorry to read about Wallace. His smiling face tells what a happy dog he was with you loving him. The songs you chose were wonderful tributes to Wallace and your love for him.

  12. Thank you to everyone for your heartfelt wishes to me and my hubby. It’s been a week with my Wallace and we still look for him. It feels a bit empty in our home right now. It was a tough week last week because there was some confusion at work....I felt like a ping pong ball as to how long I would be up there( Mississauga] plus no internet or connection from my monitor to the computer in the Falls. I hope to have that corrected today.