Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A beautiful Week


Our Cherry blossom tree is starting to show off in the most delightful way. What a better way than to showcase flowers especially since the first song I picked has been in my head for a week now.


This was written by John Phillips ( from the Mama's and the Papa's) at the heyday of flower power and peace out, smoke a doobie, far out etc... I always think of that famous Life Magazine photo of this blond mam putting daisies into the head of the rifles that were pointed ag him and others. 


I always loved how Lena Horne sang this song when I first heard it from a movie that was just a showcase for the MGM stars. The sad thing is she could be clipped out of the film when it was shown in the South. Disgusting but true and this is often how Lena was shown in films  except for films like Stormy Weather, you couldn't see her much which was a shame. This song was written by Fats Waller in 1929.


I never cared for The Police and that one song, " Roxanne" really grates on my nerves but I do like this song by Sting with the Algerian Rai  singer Mami creating an Arabic touch to this song that Sting also wrote.

For fun, I had to put this clip in from a musical I still have to see  Watching Bobby Van bounce like Tigger  all around the neighborhood just leaves me  speechless. I tried doing this once and only did 3 jumps. I was not feeling well after that because just look at where he places his legs..all the way back...thus made my mouth drop open.

Feeling like spring is in the air by seeing all the pretty flowers? What songs grab you?


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    I'm happy to see "A Beautiful Week" as the title of your latest post, dear friend! It hope it is just that.

    Coincidentally, just yesterday I was just working on a post that mentions Scott McKenzie and his signature song. Papa John Philips wrote ‘If You’re Going To San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)" specifically to promote the Monterey Pop Festival which was held in June, 1967. I never heard Scott's live version before and enjoyed it and the "B-roll" cutaway footage.

    Thanks for sharing background info about Lena Horne's early film performances. Yessum, the attitudes about race in the South were disgusting, and it seems like many people today, including elected officials, are pushing for us to turn back the clock to those "good old days" when dark skin was somehow considered offensive and people of color were marginalized. In that clip, Lena could pass for Judy Garland with a tan.

    With the exception of the irritating song you mentioned, " Roxanne," I liked The Police but did not pay much attention to Sting's solo career. "Desert Rose" is new to me and I enjoyed the song and video.

    That clip of Bobby Van from the 1953 musical film Small Town Girl is a hoot. Bobby's performance of “Take Me to Broadway” (also known as the "Jumping Song") has been referenced in commercials and music videos. The scene conveys the impression that Bobby hopped through town for three solid minutes, but the barely noticeable edits reveal that the dance sequence was actually divided into segments that were shot separately, allowing hours or perhaps even days of rest in between. Even so, it is a remarkable performance and one of the most unusual and entertaining scenes in film history. I think we should all try hopping through our day.

    Your question of the day: "Feeling like spring is in the air by seeing all the pretty flowers? What songs grab you?"

    "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" - Tiny Tim

    I enjoyed your parade of flower songs, dear friend BB. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Be sure to stop and smell the roses. I'll be waiting for you tamale (with a bouquet of stinkweed) in the balcony-- "At the Movies!"

    1. Watch this video:

  2. Desert Rose is probably one of Sting's best songs. Very haunting.

  3. First two = good, then you had to spoil it with Sting! I can never quite decide if I’m more allergic to him or Bono.

  4. Beautiful tracks on this list. Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Oh, I love the video you shared. That young man looked like did it all the way through. Yes, Bobby Van had time outs in between which is a good thing. I love the end of that video of that poor person in the wheelchair.
    Poor Bobby Van died young, in my mind, of a brain tumour.
    I love that " Flowers in your hair" song and looking at all those young people made me think that they ate all in their late 60s and 70s now!
    Lena was a beauty with brains and talent to boot. She had a tough life but she was a tough lady

  6. The cherry blossom tree is lovely.

  7. Hi Birgit - thanks for these reminders ... I enjoyed listening to Sting - and have always enjoyed 'going to San Francisco' - one day I'll get there. That 'hopping' song has made me very tired! Gorgeous cherry trees - cheers Hilary

  8. I love San Francisco. Sting's song is good, too. I've never heard of Honeysuckle Rose. I was going to mention there were only five edits in the Bobby Van song, then I read what Shady wrote. Still, it was quite impressive.