Sunday, February 5, 2023

What I Watched in January


I might have posted this Harley pic before but don't you just love him? 

I watched quite a few flicks in January so here we go...

1. UNDERWORLD #4-2012

Vampire, Kate Beckinsale, in Emma Peel, catsuit, kicks some vampire and werewolf ass trying to save this hot dude who is a mix of vampire and werewolf. Fun and it has Bill Nighy...


Oscar nominated film about Steven Spielberg's early life when he got involved with film and his family life. I felt like a voyeur and am not a Michelle Williams fan but it is good even though it's a bit long.


Oscar nominated film with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as 2 friends who live on a remote island off the Irish coast back in 1923. Gleeson's character no longer wants to be friends with Farrell but Farrell can't accept this. Brilliantly acted and love the cinematography  but....I just can't....I thought this one major part in this film was just stupid. I won't give anything away but...really? Stupid. My hubby loved the movie.


I had no desire to see this as I still don't care about the first one but I was pleasantly surprised. It's a fun movie with some great flying sequences that makes one dizzy. 

5. AIRPORT-1970

Get out the harvest gold shag carpeting for this action adventure with an all star cast lead by Burt Lancaster and Dean Martin. This started all the airport disaster flicks and disaster movies in general. I love the theme music and the acting is quite good especially Maureen Stapleton as the grieving wife. Helen Hayes won the Oscar for her conniving old lady who stows away on airplanes.

6. AIRPORT '77-1977

Another all star cast led by Jack Lemmon as the pilot of this large 747 owned by billionaire Jimmy Stewart. You have some big wigs on this flight heading for underwater disaster from Olivia DeHavilland, Joseph Cotton to Christopher Lee and Karen Black. Lee won a scuba diving medal for doing his own stunt. No surprise since he was in the OSS during WW2.


Oh no you don't, Cate Blanchett! Don't get it on with a 17 yr old student....sigh. every boys' wet dream. Of course, repressed, gay Judi Dench witnesses the event. A difficult film but it is so well acted including Bill Nighy as Cate's husband who is 20 yrs older where she is 30 yrs older than her student.

8. ELYSIUM-2013

Earth sucks so the rich move into a huge beautiful space station that mimics sunny days with manicured lawns and these tanning beds that are actually healing beds for any disease. The majority of us live on the ugly planet called Earth but Matt Damon needs to get healed. Look for a bitch of a woman played by Jodie Foster who isn't that believable, to me. It's a fun flick.


This was on HBO actually so could be TV but I stuck it here. Mildred has a gift for cooking and raising a nasty brat, Veda. Mildred gets that brat all she wants but it's never enough. Mildred makes it in the world with her restaurants  during the great depression, but Veda is always having her hand out. It's good and well acted but a bit long. Give me bitch Joan Crawford in the original film any day even though this is a worthy watch.

10. SURVIVOR-2015

Pierce Brosnan plays a real bad, bad man. He's a nasty killer for hire who tries to kill an operative, Milla Jovanovich when she survives a bombing that her fellow work people didn't. Now she's on the run to clear her name. It's nothing new but fun to watch.

11. SHATTERED-2007

Another Pierce film where he plays a baddie....well, this is quite the bender with family man, Gerard Butler who is thrown into a nightmare when his daughter is kidnapped by Pierce. He must do what Pierce wants in order to get his daughter back. Quite good, I thought, with some good twists and turns.



Brilliant! A must see!! The acting is great,  comedic but with dark turns and they have Gomez looking the part as he was meant to be. A great murder mystery with WEDNESDAY at the heart of it.


I would love to have a job where I travel to all these unique and not so unique places. This is a really nice short series, narrated by Bill Nighy, where you are taken to all sorts of beautiful countries, even North America...sorry, I had to say that for fun. I'd love to do these trips. 


We follow Dr. Alice Roberts as she travels all over Britain finding out about new findings in the archeological world. We see how they found Richard the 3rd in a parking lot to a beautiful mosaic in a field. I always dreamed of participating in a dig but now, there is no way I could kneel for hours.. bummer... so I watch others do it. 

What did you watch last month?


  1. Harley is beautiful! Franklin & Penelope send tail wags and butt sniffs. I watched some good movies during January because it's the time of year that I try to watch movies that are nominated for awards. I love Everything Everywhere All At Once. I haven't seen Fabelmans yet. I haven't always been a Michelle Williams fan, but she's grown on me over time. I saw Banshees. It's odd and although I read online about what's being represented by the plot, I didn't care for it. I also watched the Top Gun movie. It's not for me. When I see Tom Cruise these days I can't separate him from the smirking jerk who is so sure that his Scientology beliefs are superior to what anyone else could possibly believe. I remember Airport and watched it again a couple of years ago, and I remember Notes On A Scandal. I watched Mildred Pierce a year or so ago and liked it well enough. Most recently I watched Tar. Yes, Cate Blanchett is good, but it's a long movie and not enjoyable. Thanks for letting us know what you've been watching! Hugs to your sweet Harley.


  2. I've wondered whether Banshees is worth it. It's on one of my streaming services, but I haven't been drawn to it. It sounds like I should skip it.

    I saw Maverick while I was down with Covid. And the Mildred Pierce I saw when it came out. I liked both, although I've never seen the original Mildred Pierce, so I can't compare.

    I've been trying out a lot of shows lately and going "meh" and not continuing. (I'm looking at you The English and Extraordinary.) I finished off Leverage: Redemption. And I'm now looking for something new to catch my interest. Wish me luck.

  3. Hi, Birgit!

    Happy Sunday, dear friend!

    Awww.... I just wanna give my buddy Harley the smoochin' of his life! Thanks for posting a pic of him.

    I like Kate Beckinsale and I also like werewolves and vampires, but I haven't seen any of these Underworld films. I see that Kate has starred in at least five of them since 2003. That clip from #4, Awakening, impresses me with its action and special effects. I'm eager to watch this movie series!

    I have not seen Fabelmans and want to now that I know it is set in the post WWII boomer years when I was coming of age, and that it gives us an authentic look at the cars and clothing styles of the period. Why don't you like Michelle Williams? ABC News calls this her best career performance.

    You posted that Banshees movie a couple of weeks ago on your Thursday feature, I believe. I'd like to see it and I know Mrs. Shady aka "My Four-Leaf Clover" will want to watch it, too.

    I'm glad you reviewed the new Top Gun movie, because I was curious. I loved the 1986 original and our MTV station played Kenny Loggins' hit "Danger Zone" heavily.

    Disaster movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. I usually watch them for a hoot. I have seen all of the Airport films. I was happy to see the fine horror movie character actor Whit Bissell in the seat next to Helen Hayes in that scene from the original 1970 Airport and, in the driver's seat (captain's chair), none other than "Little Ole Wine Drinker Me" - Dean Martin!

    Airport '77 is another great, star-studded film in the series and stars some of my favorite actors including Jack Lemmon, Lee Grant, Joseph Cotten, Olivia de Havilland, Darren McGavin and Kathleen Quinlan, the latter a little known teenage cast member of American Graffiti early in her career.

    Cate Blanchett has grown on me in recent years, and Notes looks like another one I'd like to see. I enjoyed Pierce Brosnan as hero Remington Steele, and I am eager to see him in heavy bad guy roles. Great River Journeys is another must see for Mrs. Shady and me because we love documentaries and breathtaking scenery.

    Last month I watched and very much enjoyed the horror movie series Fear Street Trilogy featuring Sadie Sink, the young actress who rose to fame in the breakout role of "Max" on Stranger Things. I also highly recommend the miniseries Fleishman Is In Trouble, boasting great performances by the three leads: Jesse Eisenberg, Lizzy Caplan and Claire Danes. I also started watching the 2023 TV series Accused which premiered in late January. It's excellent! As I mentioned earlier, Cate Blanchett has grown on me. Cate is must see in the lead role of conservative firebrand and ERA opponent Phyllis Schlafly in the miniseries Mrs. America.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend BB!

  4. LOL. Don't knock gold shag. That's what I had when this house was built - long gone, thank goodness.
    I've seen a few of these. I have seen Bill's train journeys and loved them but had no idea he did rivers.
    I watched Three Pines on Amazon and am now hoked on Louise Penny's Gamache series. I also watched Argentina 1985. I enjoyed it.

  5. Aww I'm sorry you didn't like Banshees more! It's one of my favorites. I imagine the thing you thought was stupid involved fingers lol.

    Notes on a Scandal is great. I kind of want to rewatch this now.

  6. Yes! Wednesday was absolutely brilliant.

  7. The best picture on there is definitely Harley!

  8. Harley's so sweet. Yes, you did catch several movies in January;)

  9. Well the only one I watched is Wednesday. I agree with you and Alex about it - simply brilliant!

    Oh, yeah, Michelle Williams is a bit annoying, right? I don't know about Fableman. It looks interesting and I love Spielberg, but I can probably sit that one out.


    1. Oops, Fabelmans. And I did see Maverick - I really liked it too.

  10. Hi Birgit - Harley is just lovely ... devotion showing! I've seen some of those ... Bill Nighy and Cate Blanchett ... lots to admire, while Alice Roberts' Digging for Britain - so much still to uncover in this little old country of ours. I've seen a few I still need to post ... cheers for now - interesting selections - Hilary