Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Minute

Hi Everyone-I hope you had a great Christmas and New year. I am a bit under the weather and I think it is mainly stress related so i am trying to finally get back into the swing of things. 2010 has been really good and really bad and I think the samw will be said for 2011. I am looking so forward to Michael going to school to finish his PSW(Personal Support Worker) and he will be working after all this effort he put into school. No small feat for an ADHD 53 yr old man who has not been in school since he was 16. I am so proud of him. The downside is my mom who has vascular dementia and it has been a huge challenge to cope with someone with dementia. I am not alone, by a long shot, with people who have a loved one who has this disease and it is hard to care for her. This year has been a challenge so far with her. I have to deal with her accusations and paranoia and depression and forgetting and fixating that it is wearing (spelling??) me out frankly. I also know that I need to have her name on the list for long term care and I hope she does not think I am stabbing her in the back-ahh feelings people go through eh? Anyway I wanted to do the Monday Minute and maybe later shgow a beautiful card my Michael made for me:) I have to download the picture later today.. So here is my Monday Minute:

1. What is your favourite TV Show of all time?

This is too hard to pick just fact I can not. I love I Love Lucy-Even though it was made 60 yrs ago it is hilarious. I live Bewitched-Oh how I wish i had those powers and Darrin is a bit of an oaf for trying to stifle them..I'm with Endora:) I love the Craol Burnett Show-I still giggle over the Gone With The Wind episode-brilliant. The last but not least is MASH. This is great TV and so thought provoking and funny to boot.

2. What is the worst job you've ever had?

A one day job cleanign washrooms at Marineland and hearing what I would need to clean and then having to pay for my own uniform. Oh and the best piece-being looked down on by the girl who sells candy floss because her job was so much better-she told me so! I thought screw this!

3. Name one toy that, according to your parents, you loved as a child.

Apparantly there was this clownI had whose nose you could wind up and it would play a tune. I was told I giggled with delight and would constantly turn the nose and be so happy. I only have a very vague memory of this as I was 3 or something.

4. Burt or Ernie?

Ernie for sure! You know where Burt and Ernie come from? Nope not the sock drawer but from the film "It's A Wonderful Life". Burt the Cop and Ernie the Car Driver-True!

5. If you could have lunch with any person, who would it be?

My father. I lost him when I was 23 and I am 46 now (he would be 97 if alive). I would love to hear his stories from the war(he was part of the liberation of Holland) and maybe he could help me with mom and give me guidance or at least some comfort.


  1. I LOVE your TV choices! I love both of those too, but I Love Lucy was always one of my favorites.

  2. I was THISCLOSE to picking Bewitched as my all time favorite! In fact, I'm busy watching season 5 now! :)

    So sorry to hear about how difficult it is living with your mom's illness. That's gotta be rough.