Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Minute

1. What is your favourite time of day?

I had to think about this one but I think the afternoon. I am not a morning person and I am too sore so it takes awhile and then night-I am already yawning(ughh middle age) but I seem to get groovin by about 1 to 6:)

2. Do you and your significant other send sexy texts?

hahahahahaha-I am lucky i know how to turn on a computer! I have a basic pay as you go phone and my hubby hates cell phones so he doesn't have one. Now put into the mix these cell phones with all the buttons and bows and you are just asking for way too much for our brains to handle:) We do write ourselves lovey dovey notes the old fashioned way. Notes and texts are one thing-I love actuality:) Ok too much information!

3. If you got your dream job anywhere in the U.S. where would you choose to move to?

I am limited to the U.S.??? Can i choose Europe:) Austria:) Vienna??? Bummers..OK so the U.S.....hmmmmmm..... I know I am being such a pissant. OK Well I love film but that is in California which is ready to be dumped into the ocean. New York is also just way too crowded. The South is too dang hot and they may thump me with one of their bibles..or rifles so hmmmm. OK I am being a real snot. I would say Montana or Colorado but also the New England states are so beautiful too. OK I know I am being a wise ass Canuck:) Don't hate me:))

4. What are you wearing?

I am wearing my purple platform shoes, with orange leggings and hot pink sequined bra top and a big hat in bright blue with feathers....Ha get that image out of your head-huggy bear eat your heart out. I would be ready to go on What Not To Wear! OK I am wearing nothing..Oops sorry that is for my text message to my sweetie. OK I am wearing light pants, green turtle neck and a burgundy corderoy blazer:) OK bad spelling in some spots:)

5. If you had a choice to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?

Ahh to escape life for a day.... I would have a massage then I would go to an art museum (maybe the AGO-Art Gallery of Toronto), I would have an afternoon wine or 2 and go see a good movie like True Grit or The King's Speech


  1. Laughing my arse off at your #4 answer...and in TOTAL agreement on MONTANA! I'd love to live there!

  2. You are sooo funny, I am from the south, you might get bopped on the head with a big fat bible, tis true ;). It is hot sometimes but at least the cold isn't so frigid, I hate to be cold! We are 32 degrees F.