Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Minute

I Know...where are my cards?? I promise I shall soon start but with all the craziness I have not had a chance to do any fun stuff and I need it! Well at least I can do the Monday Minute:)

1. When you were a child how many kids did you say you would have as a grown up?

Easy-none! Even as a kid I never really was enamoured with kids. I would see their sticky faces when they ate cake and ...yuck! I always wanted to get a wash cloth and clean them up. I still do to this day. I never find it cute when the child digs into the cake when they turn one. I am not a kid person. Whenever I would say that to other women they always judged me and looked at me like i was ready to eat their kids and I thought...why should every woman on the face of the planet immediately go goo gaa over kids. I also never understood smelling a baby's head. I can just buy the powder and get the same effect without having to clean them up. I am also proud to say that i have yet to change a diaper. I am not kidding! Now that being said I think my niece is beautiful (nope never did change her diaper-I don't need to see her poop to be closer to her) although she is now 15. My friends children are also just beautiful and i love them very much. I am just happy to see them and hold them and then i can go home when they start to cry:)

2. Do you wish you would have had more siblings?

That is a toughy for me. At times I did. I just had one brother growing up and wished at times I had another sister so we could laugh and play and do things together. On the other hand I also though I would have to share my clothers and toys with and that did not appeal to me. When i was 15 (I think 15), I found out I actually had a half sister! Yup before my dad met my mom (he was 15 yrs older than my mom), he had a relationship with this gal and it produced a baby girl (Anne was born in 1947). The girl was brought up by her grandmother-her mother's mother. her mother said she had to go to nursing and could not take care of the child. My dad would visit constantly and make sure she had plenty of toys and food and such. One day my dad went to visit his daughter and the old lady was on her stoop saying "they took her". My dad asked what happened and unbeknownst to both of them her biological mother adopted her out. Back in those days the father had no rights. My dad tried to find her but he could not and so he always wondered what happened. he never told my mom because he thought she would leave him since he got a girl pregnant without marriage. One evening he came home and when my mom asked where the hell he was, he said he went to visit his daughter. I was watching the movie Airport on TV and I thought ...What does he mean, I'm here". My mom yelled "What!?" and then he started to tell her the story. Anne wanted to find out her mother and she found her. Her birth mother, well, never really showed warmth to her and so Anne thought, in passing, to find out her dad and she found my dad. So I got a sister later in life and she is the sweetest person and I love her so very much. I also considered some of my dearest friends my brothers and sisters. When push comes to shove your true friends are often family.

3. Name 2 things you consider yourself to be good at?

Budgeting. For the lost part I have always been good with money. The other would be listening and not judging. Well we all judge but you know what I mean:) people and friends have always said they feel better after speaking with me and that warms my heart. When people are going through a very tough time and one wonders why and the reason escapes everyone, I like to say It is better to walk with an angel through hell than with the devil through paradise. I am not religious at all but the spirit behind that saying I believe to be powerful.

4. What's your favourite thing to eat for breakfest?

Always-Toast with honey and orange juice with soda water. That is a nice drink without the sugar

5. What TV Show do you mot miss every week?

I could easily get hooked on so many since I am a TV addict and my ass can proove it but I will say Dancing With The Stars. I find it fun and I love dance and music. The other is The Amazing Race-I love to see all the different countried and dream if I was on and then laugh because I would be voted off in the first hour:)


  1. Love your take on children as it is mine also, and I am proud to say I have never changed a diaper, and I hope to never have a reason to :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog with such kind words.
    NOW get to work on some cards :)