Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Minute

I was informed by the ever wonderful and fun Marlene that the Monday Minute is back...Yippeee! You can find it at At least I am doing this...soon cards(I am dreaming some up). OK so here it goes...

1. Since so many of you were so willing to wrestle naked with another member of the same sex for a million dollars, let's say we double it to 2 million and put it on PPV for all to see. Still willing?

I did not get to last week's questions but I will say yes to wrestling naked (I must be having a few drinks in me to get it started). For 2 free dollars...what the hell! I know though that would be the end of PPV since most would be tuning out from the horrendous vision they saw and they would be looking for pokers to flick out their eyeballs but I would get 2 million bucks:) I wonder how many men would do this? I bet ya more women would...we just have more guts!

2. You just found $100 bill on the ground while walking around your neighbourhood. What's your first thought to do with the money?

I should say I would give it to a poor person or knock on doors and ask if they lost anything but NOPE! My first thought would be Yippee! I would be swinging my hips(maybe to get the chocolate pudding off from my nude wrestling as I have low morals it seems) and singing I'm in the money! I would look around and then scamper off believing I had a great day. I should hang my head low...but I am not-I dream of finding this. All I have ever found aside from pennies is a quarter and I felt great finding that. Now if I should ever finding a black box with a singing frog who carries a cane and top hat, I think I would just go to the nearest kitchen and have some frog legs...he is an evil little frog isn't he (All you Warner brothers' cartoon fans out there)

3. Mother's Day is coming up. Name one thing you learned from your mother that you'd like to share.

My mom has/had immense compassion and would always be there for you even at 3 in the morning if you needed her. She rarely questioned, always kept secrets and forgiveness is/was her middle name. She is fading before my eyes right now and, at times, my patience has run thin but I still see her compassion come out and her forgiveness despite the horrible dementia. I just hope I can give to her what she has always given to me. She is beautiful

4. We all know that Knickelback, Kiss, Creed, Rush, Foo Fighters and Axl Rose suck Ass, name another band that should be added to this famed list.

I like Knickelback! I don't even mind Kiss although I would never even think of kissing those guys...yuck, yuck! I always hated Rush and find that guy's voice like fingernails on chalkboard. I have to pick another? It's Monday morning and I am lucky to figure out which foot goes in front of the other. Those boy bands suck big time...NSync and ughh I can't remember the other one-that's how memorable they are to me. Maybe I have a great way to get rid of the bad out of my head? Oh let's add Twisted Sister to this shall we.

5. Have you ever had a zit on your ass?

I can not believe this question, well I never...oh who am I kidding since I would wrestle naked in chocolate pudding for 2M tax free for PPV. Yes I have! Sometimes hard to sit on that too. I was just thankful it was never on my face!

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  1. Ha ha your answers! Especially the part about the frog in the box! You funny girl!