Monday, May 16, 2011

The Monday Minute

I am trying to place the little Yoda Image here by Copying and pasting but it's not working for me-Whaaaah): This is done by The theme is from music lyrics, so here it goes...

1. Do you hear what I hear?

What?....Pardon??? I don't understand what you are saying??? Whaaatt?

2. How will I know if he really loves me?

When he starts dressing in his old worn out t-shirt and shorts, pants that should be burned years ago. He stops shaving for 3 or so days and the ultimate "I Love you"...when he is sitting on the couch beside you and he leans over to fart and has the look of victory as if he just conquered Mount Everest.

3. Have you ever really love a woman?

My mom and my best friends...does my dear friend who is gay count? And please don't even go there about loving a woman in a porn, nude wrestling in pudding kind of way even though most men probably fantasize about this. What is it about you guys and women with women??? Ick

4. Is this the real Life?

As real as we make it unless we believe in Descartes, Nietzsche and all the other philosophers who made their lives wondering about existence and to simply Be. Also if you place tin foil on your head, travel to Roswell in a 1968 van wearing a dirty t-shirt and bright striped pants thinking that aliens will take you to their mother ship and hearing those 5 simple notes from that Spielburg flick and praying to David Duchovney (X-Files) as the next Uber God then Yes i guess it is as real as one makes it.

5. Is this just fantasy?

On which plane of existence?? Wait I hear the mother ship approaching....can't write anymore I have to put my tinfoil hat on. See ya in 12 million parsecs

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  1. Ha ha ha ha....good answers!!

    To copy the little yoda dude, you need to copy the CODE, not the picture. There is code written in html under the picture in the original Monday Minute post, and if you copy that, you're good to go.