Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh My God! I made a Card!

I can not believe I made a Card!! This is for

I tell has been a whirlwind with my mother.....between her coming down every 5 minutes asking if she got her tylenol or needs her lighter or needs her smokes(she has been lighting the filtered ends...hopefully she does not burn down my house) and crying she that she is unwell and wants to go to the hospital but then gets well suddenly if she gets angry with you or show her a nice eclair and she is just happy as a has been a whirlwind.Thank God for wine! We cleaned her workroom last Saturday...AKA the Brown Bar. It took the full 12 hours to clean. There is a reason I dislike amber...reminds me of smoke on the walls and the yellow that weeps down when you put fantastic to it....ick! To say the ceiling and walls were yellow is an understatement. We took out all her crafts and she does not recall them at all and was happy with the clean up(big sigh of relief). the next day Michael and I went through all her stuff-she has some amazing stuff-like svorski crystals in singles and in chains, glitter and all sorts of ribbon and things I can use for my cards. She also saved so many pinecones and other cones we were having nightmares about them...she even saved pistacchio shells. The scary thing? I can understand her thought pattern:) Make a little sail and you can have a sailboat or turn it and paint it and it could pass for a rock or you can make a turtle...oh well. The card! I missed for their "Sparkle and Shine" challenge but I am still good for The Stampman Challenge which is a recipe like a bingo challenge. I chose "Blue", "Ribbon", and "Sparkle and bling". I used blue glossy paper and cut out the centre. I used a sticker in silver for the frame and it turned out a little wonky and I thought it was perfect for my Picasso stamp. I used light blue and green glitter for the flowers and for the inner background this brown sparkle that actually has some dimension to it. It is from my mom's was a bitch to put on, pure and simple. I embossed the Picasso stamp in Opal and metallic blue and adhered it to the inside part and so it is like a window card...except no glass:)I finished it off with ribbon on each side and inside, I coloured the stickers blue for the border. Have a great days everyone!! It is sunny and so nice to have it warm!!


  1. Yay you! Your card is lovely!

    Sorry to hear things are still kinda rough on the momma end.

  2. Wow, it sounds like you are having a really tough time at the minute. We feel really honoured that you found time to create such a stunning card to share with us at The Stampman, it's a beauty.
    Hugs Lisax