Monday, June 13, 2011

The Monday Minute

Yet another week for the Monday Minute from Here are the Q & A's:

1. In your opinion, rank the following in order of historical impact 1. being the highest impact-slavery in the U.S, The Holocaust of the laste 1930's through the mid 1940's or Women's suffrage.

This is actually a very difficult question and I must state how much the media can play a heavy role in keeping these horrific moments in history fresh in our minds...and so they should be! We have detailed film images of what happened to the 6 million Jewish people during the nazi regime but there were also way too many people who were gay, mentally/physically handicapped and other Germans who spoke out against the regime who died in the same camps. There were millions and I mean millions of Russian jews who perished during the Stalinist era never mind the millions of Russians who died too. In one year alone -1932-1933, 7 million Hungarians died due to Stalin. Holocaust in any place is just evil. Slavery is known about and we see photographs and documents but no true film images and this is so sad that it does not appear to bring out in the average person the same horrific emotions than when we see the images from the holocaust. It is also quite horrific how demeaning people were dealt just because of the colour of their skin. The brutality and to be sold as if they were a piece of meat..I mean is incomprehensible. The old films too protraying the South as somehow right in their beliefs makes it even more sad since these are films made not too long ago. Nowadays there is slavery too, we just do not hear as much about it..but it is still around. The Women's suffrage...OK we were not placed in mass graves but we were still considered non essential except to make men happy. Scary that we did not have the right to vote until recently(I mean in the last 100 years...that is pretty recent). When these women fought for their basic rights, they were jailed, beaten, raped and humiliated. This still happens today and many are mutiliated, raped and stoned. This is just too scary.

2. Why did you select #1?

You can tell I really didn't select a #1 even though I spoke about the Holocaust first. I wish the media spoke more on topics and brought out on more than just one area since it is not just relevant to one decade or one race. The bottom line to me is that for historical impact, it shows how animalistic humans can be. In all of these notorious times, people's rights to freedom, speech and beliefs were taken. They were degraded, brutalized, and killed....but they survived! Their culture is alive and their spirit possibly even stronger. We can only do our best to learn, appreciate and be humbled by the people who survived and flourished. I think they are all # 1 because it can teach us how much we cherish what we take for granted right now

3. To plan something means that you are gathering information, planning ahead, getting ready, etc... What is pre-planning?

That is for the OCD people who keep thinking about planning to do something...and never end up doing it! Then they get a tremendous headache, feel bad about themselves, drive everyone nuts and then need pills to keep them calm and to steer clear of pre-planning something they will never do in the first place. Don't you just want to bitch-slap them?

4. If you are a female, have you ever "lost" a condom while having sex? If you are a male, have you ever broke on through to the other side?

ick!! Yup and neither of us wanted to go get it..He was an idiot? Thank god I don't remember his name beside it would have come off if he placed it on his pinky finger which was bigger than his brain(You know what I mean)...TOO much information!

5. Explain how you can slap the shit out of another person

Well if the person is a neurotic mess to begin with and they can annoy you to no end then yes I can see where it could happen( see answer #3). Now if I could just get the visual out of my head. Ewwwww!

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  1. Your#3 and 4 answers cracked me up!!! Small wee wees and bitch slappin' always crack me up! LOL!