Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Minute

I wish to give a Big Thank you to marlene who is kind enough to try to link me up properly and bring Yoda onto my Monday Minute Blog. Anyway this is from ...

1. What's a piece of advice you'd like to share?

Time moves the same way-not slower or faster...just our perception of it. Don't go buying that new stereo right away because you have to have it. It will be there-justsave up the money. I know I am sounding motherly...or cheapo but hey it is what i do for a living. I just feel bad for people who have too much stress due to credit due mainly to wanting things right away(I don't mean either the poor people who lose a job, have medical issues, marital break-up). Noone wants to be $50,000 in debt due to happens though

2. Describe the last time you sat on the toilet screaming at someone to bring you some toilet paper.

About a month ago, I go to use the toilet paper and gone-none in the cupboard. I call for my hubby who is in the response so i finally scream til i cough and spit and then he comes up all annoyed---definite No-no when you need toilet paper. he did not win this argument..Oh and he cleaned out the garbage too so nothing to use-Ughh

3. Explain why anyone would want to eat Sushi

If you knew Sushi like I knew Sushi-Oh!Oh! Oh! what a meal! I love it but the fun part is it is not only with fish-it is with veggies and other fun stuff. I can't get enough of it actually but I am a little off kilter:)

4. Describe your perfect dinner-one appetizer, one entree, 2 side dishes and one dessert.

Ok this is mainly a German meal and no sauerkraut or saud=sage is in this-yuck! I would have sushi(OK just kidding)...I love calamari then proceed to Rouladen(thin slice of beef that you can roll-salt, pepper, mustard, onion, bacon and a pickle-roll it like a cabbage roll and roast it), red cabbage(simmered in red wine), mashed potatoes and end it with alomd mocha chocolate torte.

5. When was the last time you pissed in bed

I was a bedwetter-17-I felt gross and bad...enough said

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  1. Well, I linked you up - but you haven't got Yoda on your blog. You need to insert the code I gave you (minus the spaces I told you about).

    Watch that sushi. WORMS!!!! WORMS!!! :)