Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Minute

To see more check out his website at especially since I am such a dolt when it come to getting yoda on my site here. One day I will figure it out...when someone actually physcially shows me:)) Yes I am a natural blond:)... here goes my Q & A for the week:

1. In terms of having sex, etc... what's your "safe" word?

OK Remember I said I was blond...haddya mean?? OK It is Monday and I had a busy weekend so i will use that as an excuse as well. If it means what i think it means, I would just say..."seriously, Now? "

2. What are you wearing?

I am wearing that meatdress I borrowed from Lady Gaga, along with silver sequined Chinese foot binding high heel shoes, and that IUD hat that princess Beatrice wore at the wedding. I mean can it get any uglier?

3. How are you feeling?

It's Monday-Tired, ditzy and way too blond for my own good.

4. How many and which language can you speak fluently?

English(sorta) and German...well not fluently but can get by. I also speak a mean bad ass lunberjack mouth..the words that can issue from these lips when someone cuts me off while I am driving...well thankfully, most can not hear.

5. Name at least one thing that you did as an adolescent that, if you caught your child (or future child) doing, you would get pretty mad.

Hmm I was a geek and freak when I was an adolescent and I went home and read and watched TV...mainly old movies. I loved and still do, classical music and knew all the old film stars. I did not partake in parties (I was never invited) and I didn't like sports but loved art...Hell just print a bulls-eye on my chest for Uber Geek (there should be 2 dots over the "U"). Once I reached university though I would say I would partke too much in drink and then I would drive....that is a major NO NO in my book now. So many kids do this and thank God there was a geeky angel over my shoulder thinking I had something more than just being an idiot.


  1. A SAFE word is one you use when having some ummm....playful romps.....and you don't want to "go there". Example: Role playing. You pretend you don't want to, and he's seducing you. Obviously if you say "NO" while role playing, he's gonna think it's part of the game...and not listen. Capiche? P.S. The reason you're probably not getting any comments is because your link on the Monday Minute is a dead link. Not working. Email me if you want to know how to do this.

  2. P.S. I linked you up - so now you're working. You're # 10 on the list.

  3. Usually GTFOM is a good safe word