Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Letter I


A widowed man with 2 kids is trying to grow corn amid the drought, storms and crap that comes from global warming. He is also a former NASA pilot who is asked to partake in an experiment to find a habitable planet since Earth is dying. He leaves with a group much to his daughter’s angry chagrin and we learn about time, survival and a possible ghost.

This intelligent film stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, John Lithgow, Jessica Chastain and Matt Damon in a film that made me go “Whaaaaaa???” I need to watch it again because it raises many questions and because I felt like a dumb dumb. I did like the scene when they landed on a lake because I was expecting Charlton Heston fighting off some damm dirty apes.


  1. "You finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up!"

    - Chuck Heston, Planet of the Apes

    Hi, Birgit!

    I can tell this is a science fiction movie because, as everybody knows, global warming is fake, and that's a fact, Jack. :)

    Seriously though, Interstellar looks like my kind of film, a mind blower that invites repeat screenings to understand and absorb it all.

    Thank you and happy "I" day to you, dear friend BB!

  2. I babysat so my son and DIL could go see this. They came back unimpressed so I never did watch it. Maybe I will now.

  3. I have not seen this one yet - I saw so many mixed reviews when it came out, but I might give it a try now you have mentioned it.
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  4. I haven't seen this yet. It's been on my Netflix queue but I put a bunch of movies before it that I wanted to see more.

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  5. I saw this but can barely remember it. It must not have made much of an impression:) Kind of surprising considering the cast.
    YOU, have a great day.

  6. It was a good one with it's use of the whole round and round we go with past saving future and such.

  7. I have not seen this one yet. One of these days...

  8. I am surprised my hubby never mentioned this one. I will have to get it from the library.

  9. I saw this and remember being confused during the entire film. That's really about all I remember, except the cast which should have left more of an impression on me.

  10. A good choice, although one that will divide audiences I'm sure!

  11. I am slowly trying to play catch up. This movie does make me shake my head saying, “Whaaaaat????”. Thanks for all your comments and wasn’t it a surprise to see Matt Damon in this?

  12. Is this the one with Matthew stuck between bookcases? I definitely have to see that one again.

  13. Birgit,

    I don't you are a dumb dumb. This movie left me a bit baffled with its weirdness, too. I think I'm gonna have to rewatch it, too.

    Curious as a Cathy
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