Sunday, March 28, 2021

Elves Gone Amok!


ABC Christmas-E-for Elves, F-for Fir Tree, G-Garland

CCAYR-Anything Starting with E and/or F-Elves and Fir Tree

CHNC-Anything Goes

Addicted to Stamps-Make Your Mark

We Love Chocolate Baroque-What You Love

I love Christmas(really? No kidding) and I love actually stamping the image and I love colouring. I bought this new tool where you can place the white card on the platform and hold it in place with these magnets. You place the stamp where you want it to go and the see-through platform, that you made sure is open(like a book) you fold onto that card to stamp the image. It picks up the stamp, which you can ink up, and then fold it back onto the card. It places the image right onto the card but here is the great thing, if you missed an area and the colour is weak there, you just open it up, re-ink the stamp and fold it back onto the white card. It will make another image exactly on top! You can also take a smaller stamp and create a wreath like I did here...I love this new tool. Once I inked everything the way I wanted, I took my tombow markers and coloured in the image...I always find colouring relaxing. I mounted this on brown cardstock and added the sticker garland which I also coloured the leaves and red berries. To add some sparkle, since you know I do this, I took some red Stickles and placed them wherever the berries were. I added the bow to finish it off. 

I sent Shady a card because, I just wanted to and he was, thankfully, over the moon with it which made my day! Well, he sent me a note of thanks along with washcloths and an Easter egg  that his wife, Kathy made and I am deeply humbled that they went to that effort. I had to show what she created and it made me feel so good because my mom in law used to make these washcloths and i loved them. It brought back fond memories so, again, thank you!!

Have a great week ahead!


  1. A really sweet image on your pretty Christmas card, many thanks for sharing a crafty 'I love....' with us at We Love Chocolate Baroque challenge.

    B x

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  3. Hi, Birgit!

    I didn't notice your post until bedtime last night, dear friend. I was tired and decided to sleep on it. I hope I didn't get it wrinkled. :)

    I went to bed thinking the title read Elvis Gone Amok! I was expecting to awaken this morning and read a juicy exposé on The King of Rock & Roll. :) Now I see that I misread the word "Elves."

    Yessum, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at BB Creations! Yule have a hard time finding anyone who loves Christmas as much as Birgit. Your greeting card using E-for Elves, F-for Fir Tree and G-for Garland is a lovely composition.

    It was very sweet of you to play show and tell this morning by displaying the items Mrs. Shady made for you and reminding readers about the card you recently created and sent to me. The happiness the three of us are experiencing today as a result of these gestures is what makes life worthwhile.

    Thank you again for your kindness and generosity, dear friend BB, and have a wonderful week!

  4. What a fun card! I love those elves running amok.

  5. Hi Birgit your card is lovely, fabulous design and those elves are so cute. I do love the beautiful foliage around the edges.
    Your gifts look absolutely lovely, Kate x

  6. The washcloths are a fun pattern. Very nice. And those elves are great.

  7. Fabulous card!
    Thank you so much for sharing at We Love Chocolate Baroque Challenge;-))m

  8. Lovely card!
    Thanks so much for playing at the ABC Christmas Challenge!
    Helen x

  9. I am so glad you like my card and I love the gift I received.

  10. Fabulous fun card Birgit...really made me smile,my internet has been down since Monday so I am only just catching up...have a good Easter xxxx

  11. These elves are so cute and your design is fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing and for playing along at ATSM.

  12. So sweet! Love the borders of the card. Thanks for playing along with us at ABC Christmas Challenge. Looking forward to seeing your creative projects in the future galleries.

  13. Super cute and fun card..
    Thank you so much for sharing and joining in with us at CCAYR...[ Christmas Crafts All Year Round]

    Luv CHRISSYxx