Monday, March 8, 2021



Cute Card Thursday- Anything Goes

Addicted to Stamps-Use Die Cuts and/or Stencils

Animal Friends-Rabbit

I grew up on a sawmill and have quite fond memories of my family home. You know that men from a lumberyard can be quite, shall I say, salty. One morning, my dad was wondering what the hell was wrong with the men not starting up the mill, so he went out right at 8am instead of 10 minutes later. Now, some time has passed and still no start of the mill, my mom decided to go out and I followed because I had to know. Apparently, a mommy rabbit made a nest and gave birth to 6 bunnies. The men didn't know what to do as they didn't want to disturb them. My mom, ever the pragmatist, said to just put them outside but it was still cool out so she created a nice nest in some soft sawdust away from the machinery and they started the mill. The bunnies were very cute and soon the little bunnies were scampering about and the men brought lettuce and carrots and making sure they would not get harmed. I thought that was the cutest thing..the rough men were all goo goo over the rabbits. 

This was a quick card with 2 different embossing folders used on the green and brown cardstock run through the cuddlebug.  The Kraft colour was run through the sizzex machine with the die cut image frame to create that nice image that the bunnies are adhered to. I took pop up dots to make the 3D look. I finished the card with 2 different coloured green heart gems and placed them on the 4 spots you see.  surrounding the rabbit.

Any Bunny stories to tell...and no Playboy bunnies:)


  1. Oooh, I love your story, Birgit. Also your card! They both have me smiling. :-)

    1. Glad you like both and that you are smiling.

  2. Hi, Birgit!

    This is the second best card you ever produced, in my opinion. (You know darn well which one is my top favorite.) I like several things about the image on the card. First, the rabbits are realistic and natural looking, not overly cute, whimsical and dysmorphic. Secondly, the rabbits are depicted as gentle and peaceful and living in harmony with the bird. Third, I admire the shades of green and brown used in the composition.

    When I saw the theme of your card, the very first thing that popped into my head was the idiom "quick like a bunny" which originated in the 1940s and was spoken quite frequently in Central PA when I was a boy.

    I also very much appreciated your story about the rough men allowing their gentler nature to prevail and govern their actions with regard to the family of rabbits nesting at the mill. It gives me hope.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend BB!

    1. I’m glad you like this card with the shimmery green and the non cartoon rabbits. These men were cooing over them and my mom had to tell them to get to work. My dad was the one who told her to make something up for the rabbits so my mom and I got the nice soft sawdust and put it at the end. We moved the rabbits with gloves on, and the mama settled in and the men got to work but were concerned the noise would disturb them, but it didn’t. I would check on them every day but make sure not to get too close even though I wanted to.

  3. Great card. I wonder how long before the mill was overrun with rabbits.

    The local university has a rabbit problem. In the before times, certain buildings had warnings on the doors to keep them closed or the rabbits would get in. They were everywhere.

    1. Strangely we weren’t. The little critters took off and that was it but we had Foxes, dogs and other predators around that it must have kept them in check. That university had no predators so need to get some cats

  4. That's a beautiful card and I love the story about the sawmill.


  5. Hi Birgit a really lovely card with all that it!....hope you are safe and well ...take care xxxxx

  6. Hi Birgit, a lovely story and a lovely card, love the topper and your design. Hope all is well with your, stay safe, Kate x

  7. The back story to this card makes it even more special. What a lovely tribute to bunnies. It's amazing how rough and tumble men can go weak in the knees over baby bunnies.

    Your card is truly amazing. I love the little hearts you added to the four sides. You are SO lucky to have these wonderful die cutting machines, too.

  8. It's as beautiful as it is cute.
    The bunnies I've come close to in the world aren't quite as peaceful or adorable.
    Wonderful work as always, Birgit.

  9. Lindos conejitos adore la tarjeta te mando un beso

  10. So lovely and sweet.
    Thank you for joinning us at the Animal Friends.

  11. Ganz toll gemacht.
    Danke für deine Teilnahme bei den Animal Friends.
    LG Dreja

  12. It is a lovely story!
    Your card is a great reminder!
    Thank you for sharing with Addicted to Stamps and More!
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