Sunday, February 20, 2022

It's About F*&% Time



Addicted To Stamps- Birthdays

Crafty Animals- Anything Goes

Happy Little Stampers: Stencil-Anything Goes

We Love Stamping-Anything Stamped/Stencilling

Fusion Challenge-Sketch and Birds with certain colours 

I am finally getting my mojo back with card making. When Covid hit and we had to work remotely, I was using my craft room to work in. It made me feel comforted and safe... until I was let go in a most mean way to be honest. A one sentence blurb through Zoom without even a word saying they would give me a reference or anything was a kick in the gut. Thankfully, I have saved my numerous google reviews from many clients. I didn't realize that I now looked at my craft room in a negative way until I got better from my operation and Christmas left. After Christmas, I just didn't want to go into my room of solace but...enough is enough! I straightened it out (it's a mess again but that's ok) and I am working on a scrapbook but I have created a couple of cards but only showing one today. 

I took my inspiration from the Fusion Challenge because those birds are lovely. Nature is just amazing isn't it? I wasn't sure if I could use distress paste on the golden backing but it worked. I took a stencil and smeared the paste over it followed by gold embossing powder over top. Once the paste was dry, I heated the powder to get the nice finish. I took some glossy white cardstock and, using my tombow markers, I coloured in the image before stamping it onto the paper. I used the colours from the image for my birds and I took a sponge and coloured the white background with teal. I fussy cut the bird image out and adhered it to the card using pop up dots. Finally, I used a teal marker to colour the sticker and adhered that to the bottom part. The light shimmer gold with the bold mirror gold works well, I think. 

It will be a while before I am done my scrapbook but, once it is done, I will share some pics. Now, let's hope I can do more cards as I feel the groove.


  1. Gold embossing always looks so lush with the coloured mirror effect, many thanks for sharing and joining us at We Love Stamping challenge.

    B x

  2. Hi, Birgit!

    Last night, after writing a book length reply to your kind comment on my site, I noticed that you had published this new post. It was so late and I was so tired that I decided to sleep on it. I hope I didn't get it wrinkled.

    Getting your mojo back to produce greeting cards is a blessing. It is a sign of normalcy after many chaotic months of dealing with major hassles like the unexpected work derailment during the pandemic and your and your hubby's health crises and surgical procedures. It makes me happy that you can once again view your craft room in a positive way and that you can refocus your attention on a pursuit that brings you joy and satisfaction.

    Yessum, nature is amazing, and I never tire of wildlife art. I admire your pretty card featuring a couple of colorful birds on a tree branch. As I studied the implied motion in the scene, I could imagine the bird on the left being a young one chirping loudly for its food as they do, and the one on the right being the parent bird swooping down for a landing and preparing to stuff the fledgling's bill.

    Thank you again for visiting Shady's Place last evening. I need to let you know that this Wednesday I have an early morning appointment for a routine medical procedure of my own. I will be away all morning, so if you run a song post that day please remember that I will be arriving here much later than usual. Thanks, BB, and have a terrific week!

  3. Hi Birgit - so pleased you're feeling easier ... and enjoy making those cards once again - cheers Hilary

  4. Hi Birgit, you must be happy to have your card-making groove back! It's a lovely one, as always. Wow - your former employer sounds like a real asshole! I wish you much success in finding a better one.

  5. Birgit, my mojo is showing itself a little more and more, hurrah! Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. You heightened my day, you did. I responded over there, so I’ll try not to repeat myself. And, if I do, I’m an old lady. :-) I like all that gold shimmer you got going on. The more shimmer, the more light and lightness of feel. I’ve been painting/drawing/sewing/cutting and pasting hearts as my shimmer. I hope your next employer knows better! So good to visit with you again, B!

  6. I'm sorry about your job. And it sucks how comforting places can get a bad feeling after that. Have you thought of smudging? It's a woo-woo thing, a practice of burning sage in a room to "dispel negative energy". If you're feeling okay in there now, it's probably not necessary, but it might clear some things up if not.

    Pretty card.

  7. Glad you are getting your mojo back - excellent news.

  8. This is lovely! The gold is perfect! Glad you joined us at Fusion!

  9. It's good that you are feeling safe in your happy place again. That is an amazing card. I am always impressed with your cards, Birgit.

  10. beautiful embossing glad you are happy in your crafting again its a wonderful place to forget the world....take care xxx

  11. What a beautiful card, Birgit! Loosing a job is never easy and sometime an employer can be insensitive in how they handle this delicate matter. I'm glad you're finally feeling more like getting back into your craft room to do what you love.

  12. F*k your former employer! F*k them! That's awful.
    I'm glad you're getting your mojo back, hon. You're really talented.
    PS F*k that former employer.

  13. Nature is definitely amazing. Nothing soothes and heals like Mama Nature. Love your beautiful card, Birgit. I was going through my box of cards thanks to a wave of nostalgia washing over me-and thought of you and imagine my happiness when I saw your comment on my blog!

    I was sad to read about all that you went through, but you are such a champ. I am still fuming over how you have been let go of...I suppose everything is possible in spite of working with a company for decades. Sending you lots of love, Birgit. And oh, I also thought of you when I saw the email from the AtoZ challenge blog.

    Just remember you are amazing, wonderful!

  14. Lovely card, love the gold embossing. Thanks for joining We Love Stamping. Anesha

  15. Very beautiful card. Great to see you in the ATSM gallery. Hope to see you again soon. Nandini, DT

  16. Fabulous card.
    So lovely to see you at We Love Stamping Challenge;-))m