Thursday, February 24, 2022

Thursday Movie Picks:TV Edition-Workplace Romance


We have the TV edition and it is all about workplace romance. I could have gone the Love Boat route and, even Hart to Hart (I love that show), but I chose 3 that did take place in the office. Wandering Through The Shelves made me put on my thinking cap for this one...

1. CHEERS-1982-1993

I love this show which had a great cast from Ted Danson as Alcoholic, womanizing, Sam Malone, Shelley Long as repressed, neurotic snob Diane Chambers to many of the characters we meet at the bar-Norm, Cliff, Woody, Carla, Coach and, later, Frazier, Lilith and Rebecca who also had a fling with Sam. When this show started it was the lowest rated comedy...the lowest but, thankfully, the brain of NBC, Brandon Tartikoff, would not cancel it. By the end of season one, when Sam and Diane finally express their feelings, it shot up to #1 and stayed there. When Shelley Long left the show (she thought she would make it big in movies...zzzz), Kirstie Alley came in as Ice Queen Rebecca Howe and made the show even better. Woody was played by Woody Harrelson who became a big star and Kelsey Grammar was such a hit as Frazier Crane on this show that his 6 parter grew to be a regular and, finally, became the longest running character on TV because the actor went on to play Frazier in another excellent sitcom with his ex-wife, Lilith, reprising her role, on occasion, on the latter series. Ok that was a very long sentence. 

2. ANYTHING BUT LOVE-1989-1992

This show is not well remembered but I think it was quite funny with Jamie Lee Curtis hired on a magazine with Richard Lewis as a fellow columnist. They meet on a plane and he is the one who gets her the job at the magazine. They are instantly attracted to one another but try to resist it because of the workplace situation. Many at the office don't buy into it. We see the comical manner these 2 create and, believe it or not, Jamie Lee Curtis makes Richard Lewis likeable and they have good chemistry. I have to say I loved the TV critic, played by Joseph Maher, who was so great as his snarky character.

3. JUST SHOOT ME-1997-2003

I started watching this show because George Segal was in it and he is funny as the wacky dad who owns a cosmo style magazine. His daughter comes to him for a job after being fired from her previous one and feels like she has to take a step down to work there. The photographer can match her but loves being "free". You have Wendy Malick as the former super model now working here but still loving the fun life of sex, drugs and rock n' roll often coming in late not knowing what day or year it is. David Spade plays the icky assistant to Segal who is always trying to get laid but never does because...well,....he is David Spade. This was another series that people have forgotten about but it is worth seeing because the characters are funny and it is well played. The lead gal is played by Laura San Giocomo who is excellent but I have not seen her in much since the show ended which is a shame. 

Which 3 shows can you come up with?


  1. I've only seen Cheers in a few re-runs. Haven't even heard of the other two. First thought was Bones, with two romances going on in the workplace.

  2. Hi, Birgit!

    Happy Thursday, dear friend!

    While you innocently slept, the YouTube gremlins struck again. The first video (Cheers) has a trouble message stating that it is unavailable for playback on other sites. I've been seeing that a lot. YouTube is all about sharing, and it makes no sense to render videos unplayable off site. I clicked over to Y/T and watched the clip and enjoyed the exchange between Sam and Diane. Cheers is a series that I watched regularly through its entire run. I like Shelley Long more than Kirstie Alley, and so I for one was sorry to see Diane leave. Ted Danson, who will turn 75 later this year, has landed in the main casts of many hit TV series in the years since Cheers. Shelley Long, who will soon be 73, might not have become the major film star she thought she'd be, but nevertheless she has done pretty well for herself post-Cheers on TV and in films. She was great on Modern Family. Woody Harrelson mounted a very impressive career in films and is one of my favorites. Kingpin is a scream. The character Lilith on Cheers and Frasier is one of my favorites as well.

    I honestly don't remember the series Anything But Love, and I had totally forgotten what Jamie Lee Curtis looks like when she's willing to put on makeup. Richard Lewis was a very frequent guest on talk and variety shows. He racked up 22 appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and 44 guest shots on Letterman.

    Just Shoot Me is one of my favorite TV comedies. David Spade cracks me up. He did a similar shtick in his role on Rules Of Engagement (2007-2013) which was also a great series. Wendy Malick is a hoot. I remember Laura San Giacomo making a splash in Sex, Lies & Videotape.

    I suppose the classic example of workplace romance on TV in recent years is Jim and Pam on the American version of The Office.

    Thanks for the fun and entertainment, dear friend BB, and enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Just Shoot Me! Great choice. We recently watched all of the episodes again. I'd add the American version of The Office and the romance between Jim and Pam.

  4. Cheers! What a great choice. I have been rewatching Frasier lately and it's so fun to see so many old Cheers characters show up. Diane always drove me nuts though!

  5. I do vaguely recall the second show, but I don't think I ever saw it. It fell victim to the years I was on swing shift where I didn't watch too much prime time TV. I was into Cheers at the time, and I saw episodes of Just Shoot Me. Again, swing shift, so I only caught it on occasion.

    1. I’m so glad people have seen Cheers. Yes, Shady, Laura became famous in that movie. Jamie ale does wear minimal make up and good for her, to be honest.

      The Office is a famous one this week.. I’m happy more people know about Just Shoot Me.

  6. BIRGIT ~

    Of your three choices, 'Cheers' is the only one I've seen. I'm not hugely into television.

    My #1 choice would unquestionably be 'MOONLIGHTING' -- one of my very favorite TV shows of all time.

    'GET SMART' with Agents 86 and 99 would be another choice for me.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  7. "Just Shoot Me" was a great show, and Laura San Giacomo was a huge reason why. She's been in a lot of shows since, including having a recurring role on "NCIS" last season and co-starring with Holly Hunter in "Saving Grace."

  8. I've seen some episodes of Cheers! I vaguely remember Just Shoot Me but I never watched it.

  9. I don’t know either of the second too, but of course Cheers I do, and I lived Frazier. Someone mentioned The Office - I’ve never seen the American version, but in the original Ricky Gervais series I was desperate all the way through for Tim and Dawn to get together. It was really well done.

    1. I smack my head in forgetting about Moonlighting...a great show!
      I think I would like the British version of The Office more than the U.S. version.
      Frazier is brilliant..remember Bad Boy and Dirty Girl?

  10. I watched all three at various times but only Cheers regularly. I liked the other two but I think it was a case of being on the wrong nights in those pre-DVR days.

    Kirstie Alley was good and fit well with the cast of Cheers but I preferred Shelley Long's (no matter how difficult she was or how elevated her opinion of herself was) spiky chemistry with Ted Danson.

    Speaking of spiky chemistry Jamie Lee Curtis and Richard Lewis proved unexpectedly simpatico on their sitcom.

    With Just Shoot Me the cast was full of very fine performers but all I really remember of it was Wendy Malick's delightfully ridiculous playing of her character.

    The only show that comes to mind is the romance between Jake & Amy on a recent favorite of mine-Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

  11. I've seen a few episodes of Cheers I think, but your other two picks I haven't even heard of. I've never been a huge watcher of television shows and of the ones I have watched I'm not sure that any involved workplace romances. I'd say I've probably seen some shows that fit the bill, but nothing comes to mind at the moment.

    Maybe Dexter? There were a few romances happening in the precinct during the course of the series. I did watch every episode of that show.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  12. Cheers, definitely a classic.
    Have a great one.

  13. I don't watch comedies, so I've not seen any of these. I enjoyed the two clips, but didn't go to YouTube to watch Cheers. I always love your synopses, and that is why I visit, dear Birgit.

  14. Birgit,

    I remember "Cheers" quite well and loved the series. The other two, I think I've heard of but never watched. The first series that comes to mind is"Moonlighting", then I thought of "M.A.S.H" Hot Lips (Loretta Swit) had flings with a few doctors, and finally...ahhh, my brain went blank. *roll eyes* I am blaming this on my headache. UGH! I'm outta here. Have a good day, my dear!

  15. Joel...I knew you would know all 3 of my picks. I always wanted to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine but I couldn’t add another to my list of shows to watch. I have to start watching it, but from the beginning.

    I could not watch Dexter as I just can’t get into a serial killer as an anti hero.
    I should have fixed the Cheers bit here...I have to make sure they can be watched.
    I almost went with MASH because of Frank and Hotlips, Hawkeye and Hotlips, Hotlips and every general. It is a perfect example.

  16. I've seen bits of Cheers when it gets aired on one of those retro channels. I've seen Just Shoot Me too but a long time ago so can't remember the romance.

  17. How have I never heard of Just Shoot Me?!