Saturday, February 5, 2022

What Did I watch in January


Yup, we got some more snow, probably another foot or so but it is pretty and i just love how the snow crunches as I walk. By the way, the city, after I kept, clear that side of our sidewalk. Yesterday, the plow went through and I stood on that sidewalk waving my finger back and forth. He smiled and tipped his hat to me and I gave him a big smile waving thank you! 

Now, Brittani over at Rambling Film posts about TV Shows she has watched in the past month and I thought I would do the same but more centred on movies. You should check out her blog where she centres on more recent films/TV shows or films out in the theatre/Netflix/etc:))



I spoke about this film just recently about a man who travels to a cottage for a renovation job but he has been there before and knows all the people there. The people end up talking about an eerie episode that happened in their life. Enjoyed this British flick.


Anyone ever watch the TV Show, Early Edition? Well this show is based on this movie where a man, who works at a newspaper, gets tomorrow's paper from an old man who has worked at the paper forever. It really is a nice movie that stars Dick Powell in the lead who take full advantage of the paper and the beautiful Linda Darnell as the young lass who works the people over with her Uncle as a clairvoyant in a show that Dick takes in. I am trying to see more Linda Darnell films and this was on TV so I was glad to see it. 


I just love Claude Rains even if the film is not up to par which is this film. It seems to be a paler imitation of the great Fritz Lang film, Scarlet Street, but it is still worth a look. Claude plays an accountant (and a train watcher) to a Dutch firm who finds out his boss has been pilfering the funds from his own firm bankrupting it in the process all for the love of a tramp. Claude takes the opportunity to flip the tables, take the money, take the train and head off to Paris to meet this tramp. He, too becomes infatuated with her but, he is not as stupid and hides the mulah with her, her boyfriend and the police hot on his trail. A fun flick to take in one rainy/snow day.

4. TIDAL WAVE-2009

Ughh..I don't know but I just shake my head at this South Korean flick that was a big money maker for them. It might be better if I didn't see it in its dubbed version but it was like a comedy with annoying people that switches to drama but goes back to comedy before the tidal wave hits. 


This is the 3rd instalment in this franchise starring Rowan Atkinson(Mr. Bean) as an idiotic spy who seems to kill more of his own men than the bad guys. I was feeling blue and this came on at the right time. Yes, it's stupid so, right up my alley:)). I also like Rowan Atkinson, Ben Miller, who plays his partner and Emma Thompson as the PM of England. 


Gerard Butler saves the day as the Captain of a submarine who must try and save others on a sub and soon finds out there is a Russian coup going on headed by Putin and his faithful dog, Trump. ok, ok- just kidding on the last part(not really). This is better than I thought it would be with a good cast and some quite tense scenes.


A must see documentary on World War 1 by Peter Jackson, who spent years creating this film from archival footage from the British war Museum. He had to figure out how to match the timing of the old film footage to today's plus he decided to colourize it to add emphasis to the immenseness these soldiers endured. I still remember sitting in the theatre with my brother watching the film and, about 20 minutes in, the full colour came in and my brother just said "Oh My God!" Other people in the theatre gasped. It is a film that should be shown in history class. 


1. DOWNTON ABBEY-2010-2015 PLUS MOVIE 2019

You know that both hubby and I love watching this whole series and, each Christmas time and into January, we re-watch the whole thing because it's just that delectable. Follow the Crawley Family headed by Robert Crawley and his American wife Cora as they try to get their 3 daughters married-cool lady Mary, Poor Edith and sweet Sybil but it just is not that easy. You have the downstairs crew too from the great voice Mr. Carson and no nonsense head housekeeper Mrs. Hughes and the sad lovebirds of Mr. Bates and great crier Anna. It is a divine series well acted and you have great costumes and don't forget the home which, we hope, we can visit one day.


I bought the first 2 seasons for my hubby for Christmas and we enjoyed watching these notorious characters make it rich on the extremely stupid idea of banning alcohol making it the 19th Amendment. This gave rise to the mafia which included  a-holes like Capone, Luciano and others. This show focuses on "Nucky" Thompson played by Steve Buscemi and all the players around him as he controls the Boardwalk in Atlanta. It can be gruesome at times and, sometimes, you blink your eyes and go "What the F...?!" but I highly recommend it. Now we must get the other DVD's:))


I found this DVD in Giant Tiger, a store similar to Walmart, but Canadian. It is smaller but still holds everything there from food, fashion etc..I found this for only $30 which comes with a book, mini posters and 2 DVDs and I knew it was a great bargain. The book and other info inside is just as great as the DVD's. The first is a nice play by play on the war where it is simplified so one can follow it nicely. The 2nd DVD you hear actual voices of the people who lived through the war either as soldiers, civilians or nurses. Worth every bit. 

I want to show you what our backyard looked like in summer (before hubby cut the grass)

Now here is the same view, today, with some additional snow heaps made with hubby's shovelling.

Hubby has to put the snow somewhere but there were drifts in there already and more snow on top. 

Hope you enjoyed this lengthy post.


  1. We really enjoyed the first season of Downton Abbey, and for some reason thought that would be the only one. Mary lost interest after that...

    That World War I movie does sound good. That's what's missing in history education: stories. It's all dates and bullet points...

  2. Wow, you did get snow. And had lots of good TV time too. Hope February has as many good movies and shows in the line up. hugs-Erika

  3. Hi, Birgit!

    Is it Thursday again already, dear friend?... or is it Groundhog Day all over again? :) Hey, I call bullcrap on those pictures, BB. Are you sure all that snow isn't Photoshopped? :) Gosh, you mentioned getting another foot of snow as if it were no big deal. I'll have you know that a foot of snow would be a VERY big deal in my neck of the woods. :)

    Yessum, I remember you recently discussing Dead of Night. I'm surprised I haven't see it so far. With the words "dead" and "night" in the title, it's got to be good. I like Dick Powell and Linda Darnell, and the plot of It Happened Tamale is just my thing. I need to see that one, too. I also admired Claude Rains, so his film gets the nod as well. I've never seen "Mr. Bean" in anything other than his TV series, and I'm sure it would be a hoot to watch him as a different character in this film series. Hunter Killer kinda reminds me of one of Mrs. Shady's favorite movies The Hunt For Red October starring Sean Connery. (I once kicked sand in Connery's face at the beach to show him who's boss.) I've seen Downtown Abbey twice, and a few weeks ago, Mrs. S. started watching the series for a third run-through. My favorite character is Anna. Her hubby "Bates" turned up playing a crime boss in another series I enjoyed called Spotless.

    Yessum, you went to great lengths to entertain us. :) I hope you are well and in good spirits. I'll see you later in the week, dear friend BB!

  4. I haven't seen any of those films, and I don't have the pay stations on TV, so I am sort of out of luck. I enjoyed your reviews, though.

    I love your back yard in summer. It is landscaped so well. You got even more snow than we got. But you live a bit further north than I (grin). Sounds like you are feeling better. Sounds like your husband is, too. Stay well, stay safe, dear.

  5. Other than the Downton Abey series, I haven't seen any of these you mention. I did watch the movie Don't Look Up.
    I only got four inches of snow, but others around me got 5-8 inches.

    1. Looking at Oscar noms and realize that I did see 'Being the Riccardos'. Interesting movie.

  6. I haven't seen any of those movies. Glad you enjoyed them. I did enjoy Downton Abbey, so when I saw that Julian Fellows' new series was on HBO (and I happened to not have anything to watch), I decided to give it a try. I highly recommend The Gilded Age, if you have access. We're two episodes in, and I'm already hooked.

  7. I saw Hunter/Killer (I'm sure this comes as no surprise). It was wicked bullcrap, but I liked it very much. Not as good as The Hunt For Red October (also full of bullcrap), but it was very entertaining. I just let the movie be a movie.
    As far as TV, I don't watch a lot of it. But, I loved Ozark. Probably a lotta bullcrap there, too, but I've never run a drug cartel. So, there's that.

  8. Hi Birgit,

    A Linda Darnell movie....YEAH!!! It Happened Tomorrow is a charming bit of whimsy. Dick Powell is a little old for his role of the eager beaver reporter (he felt so too though he liked the script so agreed to make it however right after this pursued Murder, My Sweet which changed his image) but Linda fits her role well and is ravishing.

    When I watched The Paris Express it was shown under its original title of The Man Who Watched the Trains Go By. Under either title it isn't a great film but Claude Rains made it very much worth the time it took to watch as he always does.

    I LOVE Downton Abbey and rewatch random episodes from time to time as well as the movie.

    I like what I've seen of Boardwalk Empire but have never seen enough of it to be completely familiar with all the stories that it tells.

    Since you're going to do this every month I thought I'd offer up whichever new film or films I saw in the period that I think are worth recommending. I doubt that there will be a plentitude but hopefully a few each month. :-)

    For January I only have two:

    The Girl with the Pistol-I watched this for Stanley Baker (I'm a big fan) but my main takeaway was the just departed Monica Vitti's marvelous comically deadpan performance as the girl on a mission who will not be deterred.

    Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die-Sleek and silly spy spoof with Mike Connors as a 007 knockoff and Dorothy Provine, in a series of amazing outfits and hairstyles, as a competing agent. It doesn't make the greatest amount of sense but it was a breezy and pleasant watch.

  9. Birgit,

    We've seen the earlier Johnny English films but this one we haven't seen yet. Rowan Atkinson is a hilarious bumbling goof playing his various roles and does it so well. I can't wait to see Johnny English Strikes Again!

  10. Just throwing my two-cents worth in but I just finished watching the Schitt's Creek series and it was outstanding. Both funny and hilarious, poignant, beautifully understated in some ways and over the top in others. Plus it's a rare comedy series that demonstrates growth (or at least greater depth) among nearly all the characters. Loved every minute of it!

  11. I watched It Happened Tomorrow a couple years ago and greatly enjoyed it. And I like Dick Powell a lot.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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