Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Let's Go Out With a Lamb...or Sheep


What a cutie! How can anyone eat something so cute (don't answer). On Thursday, we are to be up to 16C but rainy. Screw the rain and Lion, I prefer the cute lamb regardless of the weather. Since we always think lion, I decided to go the route of the cute lamb or sheep. So let's see what I chose...


This song appears in the film, "White Christmas" and is known as a Christmas song but it has nothing to do with Christmas except being in the film. Irving Berlin wrote it, inspired by what his doctor said to him. Berlin had trouble sleeping due to stress. His doctor told him to count his blessings instead of sheep and this should help alleviate the stress. I don't know if it worked but this is a pretty song.


I did watch this show a few times but always remembered the opening which was song so flat, it irritated the hell out of me. So, I decided to include it here. This was composed by Mike Post who was famous for many TV show themes. 


This is a famous and beautiful rendition of this classical piece by Johann Sebastian Bach which was composed in 1713. It is often used in weddings now but it was not meant to be this at all. St. Martins in the Fields was created by Neville Mariner (with John Churchill) in 1959 in England. They became quite famous for playing the music in Amadeus. I just think it is quite a pretty piece that we need to listen to when times get tough.

So any sheep songs you can think of? Is it more like a lion or a lamb in your neck of the woods?

I have not spoken about the Oscars because of the shit show caused by Will Smith. Can you imagine if it was Don Rickles up there? He may have said that Jada belongs to the Yul Brynner fan club and got a slap down also. Ricky Gervais would have ended up in the hospital. So let's have some fun with these fashions...

This is my favourite worn by Stephanie Beatriz (who knows?)

Javiar Bardem looked classy

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis look classy but I had to do a double take as they don't look like themselves.

Now I know where Nicole Kidman can hide her sandwich to eat halfway through the Awards.

Wear a shirt! You are not ripped and I bet I couldn't find one hair on your puny little chest.

I need some of those gold straw thingys off of Lupito N'yongo's dress to create a card. I bet you would get major paper cuts if you touched that dress.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith in, what I call the Broccoli outfit. She had a hard time walking in this thing.

Kristen Stewart woke up in someone else's bed at 4pm after a night of partying. Idiot.

When plastic Barbie dolls go bad.

She jiggled those ta-tas in the pre-show and I thought my eyes were shot out of my head. NO!

David Oyewole found this mandela image in black velvet and went crazy with the yellow pen.

Um....Star Trek called and they want the alien outfits back. Also...what if you have to pee a little? I mean, seriously?

Hey, Billie Eilish, give me back my garbage bags!

Wesley Snipes...WTF?

Let's end on a high note with this pretty dress worn by Saniyya Sidney which, I think, is just very pretty. She is in King Richard playing Venus Williams. I had to look her up.

Hope you enjoyed these Fashion do's and Dont's. I just felt many of these gals really wanted to see how they looked standing beside a lamppost. Maybe it's just me... Hope you enjoyed the music.


  1. OMG. What are they smoking that they would appear in some of that crap???
    Anyway, first song that came to mind was Mairzy Doats. And it is wet and freezing here in the Detroit metro area.

  2. Hi, Birgit!

    Awww... I just wanna smooch that little lamb!... but it would probably bite me.

    I hope you are having a good week, dear friend. My mother loved George Clooney's aunt Rosie. I grew up listening to her singing in films, on TV music variety shows and on the records my mom bought. I also liked the acting of her hubby José Ferrer and their son Miguel Ferrer. It was great to see her singing a duet with The Binger in this scene from White Christmas, a film released just before I turned five.

    Bob Conrad was a hot star who died two years ago at age 84. I watched Wild Wild West but didn't watch his later TV series Baa Baa Black Sheep. I am quite familiar with the song. I was not familiar with "Sheep May Safely Graze" but enjoyed its calming effect. It sounds like a piece that would be played at royal weddings.

    I can't think of a sheep or lamb song, but how about a rock band called The Sheep? The act was a studio pseudo group created by Brill Building songwriters and record producers Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein, and Richard Gottehrer. The trio found chart success as The Strangeloves after creating a backstory that they were a musical band of brothers who raised sheep on a farm in a remote area of Australia. As The Sheep, the guys reached #85 on the pop chart in 1966 with their cover of "Hide And Seek," a 1962 hit by Bunker Hill:

    You're a regular Joan Rivers with your red carpet commentary on Oscar outfits. I enjoyed your zingers. I immediately recognized those two younger women in the skimpy gowns (4th pic from last) as my new BFFs, "Chloe x Halle"... the singing sister act Chloe and Halle Bailey, discoveries of Beyonce, and breakout stars of Grown-ish, a TV series I've been watching and enjoying. Here's their red carpet interview:

    Me also likey Saniyya Sidney. I remember seeing her in American Horror Story: Roanoke.

    At the risk of being slapped, I would say that Jada looks like a peacock in that gown!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear friend BB. I'll see you tamale in the balcony "At The Movies! I'll bring a six pack of Schlitz Malt Liquor!

  3. Hi Birgit - St Martin-in-the-Fields is a church on the edge of Trafalgar Square - where they have wonderful services and concerts ... especially those founded through the Academy by the violinist and conductor, Sir Neville Marriner.

    Those outfits are mostly awful ... but I do love the pretty dress worn by Saniyya Sidney ... thanks for this and the choices of films. Cheers Hilary

  4. Yikes! Lots of over the top outfits. The little lambie was the cutest:)

  5. I watched Baa Baa Black Sheep with Robert Conrad. For some reason, I didn't remember much about the opening song. Goes to show the things we actually remember. I've heard of the Bing Crosby song, but not the last one. Nice lamb and a really fun way to end this month.

  6. I forgot to mention how unsatisfying most of those outfits are. I didn't even recognize Snipes. Glad you said who he was so I could do a double take. Jada's skirt reminds me of a peacock. I like your take on it better. And I sincerely hope they sanction Smith for his actions. I've lost all respect for him. I understand sales of Rock's road trip act are selling much better after the slap.

  7. Still chuckling at Nicole Kidman’s sandwich - but she looks so skinny I doubt she ever eats one!

  8. I miss Joan Rivers. She would totally shit on everyone. What Chris Rock said was weak. If it was Don Rickles or Richard Pryor... oh! People will be seriously offended but I would be laughing.

  9. Hi roaring out like a lion here we have woken to covering of snow...I don't think it will stay as the sun is coming out but it bitter cold .take care xxxx

  10. I'm literally laughing myself into oblivion reading your comments, sis... that's comedy gold!!!