Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Weekly Song Fest


I believe, in my neck of the woods, March is coming in like a lion. The weather is supposed to be rainy or icy...maybe some snow....blecchhh. Between the dumbass truckers (my blog, I can say that's true), dumbass covid and scary Putin, I mean, Puddin', we have a lot of angst in this world. In Lviv, Ukraine, there is a Cat Cafe where 20 cats live, roam, sleep etc.. at this cafe. Instead of leaving, the owners have kept their cafe open and will not leave because of their cats. Talk about love! We need to hear more love and more laughter so I am presenting some laughs to cheer one's soul. I hope you like the theme I picked


Yes, I am doing Mel Brooks this week and I had to include this gem from Blazing Saddles. I laughed so hard ("Come on Girls!"). I already showcased the great Madeline Kahn a couple of posts back from the same film so I chose this one. They break, no, obliterate the 4th wall in this climax of a film and it is so much fun. You have a feeling that everyone had a great time making this film...except Hedly Lamarr..oops Hedy Lamarr who sued Mel.


I was rolling in the aisles when I watched this on the big screen. You can tell how much Brooks loves the old musicals in this one especially, once again, Esther Williams' movies since she helped bring synchronized swimming to the foreground.


I just love this movie and this song also made me laugh. You have to admit it must be something for some men to wear these tights.

I was fully going to use "Springtime For Hitler" because it is hilarious, in my opinion but because Putin is trying to take over Ukraine and he has been under many investigations for murder, taking money by the billions (he is estimated to be worth around $40 billion), plus many other atrocities, I thought you might kill me if I put this one up even though Mel Brooks is Jewish and knows how foul Hitler is. I just stopped myself. 


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    Yessum, there's a whole lotta trouble in this world, and it helps to laugh for a while.

    It's been many years since I watched Blazing Saddles, and I enjoyed your first clip of "The French Mistake" scene. I almost always appreciate it when the fourth wall is broken in a film or scripted TV series. Dom DeLuise was one of my favorite funny men, and this incredible sequence of events that starts with Dom, as Buddy Bizarre, filming a Busby Berkeley-style top-hat-and-tails musical number, cracks me up. You can see glimpses of Dom's' Buddy Bizarre in the characters Pepper and Cam on the TV sitcom Modern Family.

    As you know, old Hollywood musicals are not my favorite genre, but I did appreciate these Mel Brooks parodies. The sync swimming nuns is a classic bit in History of the World. I never saw Robin Hood M.I.T.

    Putin is worth $40 billion? That's more than you and I combined make in a whole year! Thank you for giving us reason to smile and laugh this morning, dear friend BB. I'll see you tamale in the balcony-- "At The Movies!"

  2. How sad about the cat cafe.
    Can't go wrong with any of those songs!

  3. I've actually seen two of these movies. Never even heard of The History of the World, part 1, though. I'm not one to watch comedies, but I love satire, and Mel Brooks is all about satire. These are hilarious songs and I love when Men in Tights did the can-can. I crack up every time they do that. Thanks for these, dear Birgit.

  4. The weather forecast was wrong and March came in like a lamb, here. ☺ I agree with your sentiments (and expressed similar ones on my blog). Life sure has been depressing and my heart breaks for the Ukrainian people. I hope the owners of the Cat Café will be okay. Thanks for adding a little laughter to the day! I remember all of these and loved History of the World Part I, especially. Laughing at your mention of Springtime for Hitler - another comedy classic! ☺ It would have fit right in, IMO.

  5. Nooooo. No more snow....
    Blazing Saddles is a classic.
    That truckers situation was/is insane. But when Justin Trudeau stepped in...Wow. He took care of business.

  6. We eased into March this year, it was brisk but sunny which was a nice surprise since it was freezing the day before. Our weather has been positively schizoid the last couple of weeks, almost 70 one day and then plunging to below freezing the next!

    I hated Blazing Saddles, admittedly I haven't seen it in decades and I might feel differently now, except for the divine Madeline Kahn! What a treasure that woman was. Hedy was very protective of her image and I sort of understand her wanting to protect it but the gentle lampooning Mel delivered really wasn't that bad.

    The Men in Tights number is funny.

    I thought of the short bit in Mel's take on To Be or Not to Be (LOVE that movie!) within the performance when he's dressed as Hitler and they do the kick dance to "A little piece of Poland, A little bit of France" :-)

  7. Even better, from "History Of The World, Part I": JEWS IN SPAAAAAAACE!

    Okay, so you've seen "Robin Hood: Men In Tights." Did you get the part about the Tomahawk Chop? If you lived in Atlanta, you would...

  8. You're very skilled at giving us good reason for laughter. That Blazing Saddles scene is BRILLIANT. What made me laugh even more was the Men Who Wear Tights. Love it.
    Thanks, hon.