Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Going Hollywood!


If I was sitting behind that irritating cloud, out would come my scissors!

I'm all about Hollywood and, of course, I watched the Oscars. First, I picked 3 songs that just work for me and I am adding this to the Monday Music Moves Me post. Here are 3 songs I hope you enjoy...


This was the first song that popped into my head and I had to use Der Bingle's version. This was from. The 1933 film of the same name written by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown.


This was written by Johnny Mercer ( lyrics) and Richard Whiting (music). The lyrics have some slang and other things in it that we may not know but I do like that the one lyrics makes it a fact that a hatcheck girl can be a star if she does more than just act. The casting couch was already around for decades...sadly. This is sung by Frances Langford and Johnny Davis.


I hope this is the song....This is also from a movie of the same name starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis when they wouldn't even talk to each other. It was the last film they made together. The song was written by Sammy Fain( music) and Paul Francis Webster ( lyrics). Dean always sings so well ...I do like his voice.


Of course,  I watched the whole thing and it went rather swiftly kn 3.5 I thought Jimmy Kimmel was quite good but would have loved to have seen Ricky Gervais there. I'm so happy Michelle Yeoh won (Michelle Williams looked less enthusiastic with her sad clapping) as well as Ke Huy Quon who I last saw as a kid, with Harrison Ford, in the 2nd Indiana Jones movie. Funny, Kimmel was right, 2 stars from the movie, "Encino Man" won Oscars- Ke Huy Quon and Brendan Fraser. Angela Bassett looked pissed not winning the Golden calf, um , I mean the Oscar, Jamie Lee Curtis did and others seemed....hungry. 

2 bad things- Hugh Grant is a scrotum for being condescending, rude and obnoxious to the interviewer, plus size model Ashley Graham, who is not a professional at this. He was an ass! The second was the In Memorium part where they gave more to dumbass Lenny Kravitz singing with sunglasses on, than to the people who deserved more than a split 2nd on the screen. They gave Irene Cara some love but Angela Lansbury just a quick picture? Really? Here are the people they missed and I'm just mentioning some of the actors: Marsha Hunt, Stella Stevens, Nehemiah Persoff, Robert Blake, Anne Heche, Tom Sizemore, Leslie Jordan, Paul Sorvino, Charlbi Dean ( she was in Triangle Of Sadness which was up for 3 Oscars), Pat Carroll, Barbara Walters ( she did all those Oscar interview specials for years), Bo Hopkins, L. Q. Jones, Sacheen Littlefeather, Robert Morse, Virginia Patton, Andrew Prine, Henry Silva, Sylvia Syms, Topol, Jean Louis Trintignant, David Warner, plus more..add if you want.

Now, I got 19 oscar guesses right! That's pretty good if I say so myself. I missed with Best Score whom, I think, should have gone to Babylon. That music still resonates with me where the others don't. 

Now, to bore you even more I'm choosing 5 best and 5 worst outfits. There were a lot more blecchhs out there than wow, that's beautiful but I tried my best.


Malala Yousafzai

Andie McDowell

Salma Hayek

Angela Bassett 

Jessica Chastain 

Yes, I love glitter...sue me. I didn't choose some others because I didn't like their attitude on the carpet. 


Florence Pugh- Spanx + Bedsheets

Jessie Buckley- Evil Queen dressed badly

Tems- got caught in a cloud of shame

Melissa McCarthy- she farted red

Leslie Petersen- Barbie has an off day

OK.. ...2 more 1 good and 1 bad, Gorgon Star Trek Bad

Kerry Condon 

Janet Yang in Shimmer Gorgon look from Star Trek.

Which is your favourite and which is your worst? Watch any of it? Think of any Hollywood songs?


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    Happy Song Fest Wednesday, dear friend!

    I have not watched Going Hollywood because, alas, it's a musical. How about that clip with the black porter at the railway station and the Binger crooning words like:

    "Out where they say
    Let us be gay"

    Dated much?

    i know the song "H For H" but I have not seen the movie in which it was introduced, Hotel H-wood (1937). As Wiki explains: -- "Hooray for Hollywood" is a popular song first featured in the 1937 movie Hollywood Hotel, and which has since become (together with "That's Entertainment" and "There's No Business like Show Business") the staple soundtrack element of any Academy Awards ceremony. --

    I have also not seen Hollywood Or Bust, but I could listen to my favorite crooner Dean Martin, all day long and never tire of his voice. It's "like buttah."

    i didn't watch the Oscars and enjoyed your review. I hate when the producer weasels out and implies that there wasn't enough time in the broadcast to mention everyone in the In Memoriam segment. It is inexcusable if they skipped huge names like Marsha Hunt, Stella Stevens, Robert Blake, Anne Heche, Paul Sorvino,Pat Carroll, Barbara Walters and Robert Morse.

    Congratulations on making 19 correct guesses in the awards categories. Wow, Angela Bassett looked stunning in that purple creation. Melissa's red explosion was simply too much of a bad thing.

    Just a friendly reminder, there's a birthday celebration going on this week at Shady's Place and you're invited to the party. There's still some cake left and I hope you can drop by before it gets stale.

    If you want it, here it is, come and get it
    But you'd better hurry 'cause it's goin' fast

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear friend BB. I'll be back here waiting for you tamale, sitting in the balcony-- "At The Movies!"

    1. I'm glad you were entertained by my Oscar riff and I so agree with you about the In Memoriam. I visited but my comment went poof. I hope my comment is now there.
      Yes, some songs and looks are dated but interesting to see.
      Harley says woof and has his beret on.

  2. I did not watch, but I have been waiting for your post. When I saw some of the outfits worn, I was amazed that some folks are ignorant enough to wear them. But the ones you showcased are not even the horrid ones I saw in the news. That stupid cloud thing is the worst. And folks would gripe about some of my hats! Sheesh.

  3. Thanks for catching me up on the Oscars, Birgit. I did see bits and pieces, but didn't watch the whole show. I agree, Hugh Grant was a total dickhead! It's a shame they couldn't do justice to the In Memoriam segment. Excellent examples of good and bad fashion. Melissa McCarthy - what was she thinking?? As for the songs, you can't go wrong with Dino. He had such a beautiful tone to his voice.

    1. Melissa looked like a fart cloud. She is so pretty and there are so many other dresses that would have looked good.

  4. From what I understand, they have limited time for the In Memoriam segment. Still, those were some terrible omissions.

    My remote control needed to be charged, so instead of buzzing through the commercials and such, I watched the whole thing. I haven't done that in years. Still, the only Hugh Grant I saw was on stage. (I don't do the before and after stuff.) All I could think was Andie MacDowell was on stage while the show she's doing now was airing on Hallmark.

    1. Yes, she is in Hallmark shows..ugh. you need to Google Hugh and see how nasty and condescending he was. It placed him in asshole territory. I have seen so many more in memorium pieces that showed people all the way through instead of stopping to listen to what's his face singing. Some young execs took over that part and it was shameful.

  5. There is a simple elegance (I know deceptively simple) to all the good dresses. I laughed at your descriptions of the bad ones.

    1. Simple elegance always wins over wrinkled Bedsheets and suits down to their va-jay-Jay. They need to stop the huge slits up to their thigh as well I'm glad you liked my comments

  6. I haven't wasted a moment on the Oscars since we stopped going to the movies 10-15 years ago. The writing is horrible...

    1. Yes, the writing is usually horrible but I still love this event

  7. Once again, I was invited to see the shorts. I got Pinocchio right but was going for the Martha Mitchell in documentary shorts. I never seem to guess right. However, I feel sure if anyone put money on anything it would have been Everything, Everywhere because I heard it was amazing. Didn't watch the Oscars, but checked to see who won the shorts, films I had actually seen!

    The ugly dresses were truly ugly indeed.

    1. Yes, they were ugly and the after party outfits were from the slut-O-Rama fashion house. I'm glad you saw all the shorts. Those are hard to see normally.

  8. I wasn't interested in movie stars when I was young and still don't have much of an interest. I haven't been to a movie since 2018, either. I don't know why, but in my old age I've gotten into People magazine and the pages where they publish various stars all dressed up. Your descriptions of the worst dressed absolutely had me in stitches. And that hairdo on Jessie Buckley. Oh my.

    1. Yes thst hair is horrible and it looks like rats ate it. I'm glad you enjoyed my comments on these horrid outfits

  9. BIRGIT ~

    I'm still playing 'catch-up' here...

    I haven't watched the Academy Awards since that slop, 'Terms Of Endearment' (1983), won the Oscar for Best Picture. Later I came to find that the Academy Awards had always been a con.

    My Pa had always been a big fan of Dean Martin's singing. I was never able to get into it because that "crooning" style just wasn't for me. But it was the movie 'Hollywood Or Bust' that finally made me realize just how good Deano's singing really was. There's a certain song in the movie (not actually the title song) that somehow opened my ears to Dean's talent.

    Also, there is no movie I can think of that will lighten my mood faster'n 'Hollywood Or Bust'. Martin & Lewis' final movie together is one of the silliest things ever put on film, and it makes me forget all my cares and the sorry state of the world. (I watch it A LOT! In fact, I know I shouldn't admit this, but I've watched it 14 times just since September, 2021. Yeah, it became a "Mr. Toad mania" for me.)

    My April 1st 'Battle Of The Bands' installment is going to feature songs from 3 movie musicals, and one of the songs included comes from 'Hollywood Or Bust'. This is one of the few times when I honestly have NO IDEA which song is going to win my Battle, but I think you will especially enjoy this next one.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  10. Hi Birgit - I saw odd bits and pieces ... and was pleased to see a few of the winners were selected - eg the The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse ... I enjoyed the post and the comments you make - cheers Hilary