Thursday, March 23, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks- March Sucks


Harley loves to go out into the snow and slip and slide like a goof. He loves being held...but not held I hate March and the weather because we can get snow, sleet, sun, rain and back to snow all in 1 day. This happened a couple of weeks back. It was snowing when we went into the grocery store but was raining when we came out. We went to another store and 10 minutes later, it was whipping icy snow pellets onto our face. Ughh! Keeping that in mind, I thought I would choose 3 films that spark this fun.

So...yesterday, was my Oscar songs- who won, who was nominated and who came up with nuttin. The winner was " The Last Time I Saw Paris" and boy, was Jerome Kern pissed for winning! Yup, you got that right because he created this song a few years before and Kate Smith sang it on her radio show frequently. He thought it was ludicrous to win for a song that was old. Due to this win, the Academy changed the rules where a song had to be introduced in the movie. The nominated song was "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and the song that got nuttin was "So Near and Yet, So Far." Actually, "Chattanooga Choo Choo" was supposedly the favourite to win...oh well.

Now back to the storms...


I spoke about this film before but I do like it and the rain is important. You have Myrna Loy as a married woman, in India, who is a bit free with her wandering eye. She meets up with an old flame and they share more than just talk. Enter dashing Tyrone Power as a selfless doctor who gives to the people who need it.  Of course  Myrna falls for him just as the rains come along with the cholera. This is an exciting picture as well as a romance thayvi can watch again and again.

2. THE ICE STORM- 1997

I remember the ice storm that crippled much of Quebec. It was quite devastating to put it mildly  and one that took a few lives. This film takes place in 1973 with all the harvest gold and ugly fashions in tow. You are witness to 2 families who are imploding and we are witness to it as we see kids experiment with sex and drugs while the adults do the same. It stars Kevin Kline, Joan Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Christina Ricci, and a bad ice storm.

3. EVEREST-2015

I just rewatched this film and it is so good albeit sad because it's based on the true story of a failed expedition to the top of Everest. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Josh Brolin who lead people up to the top. The unfortunate disaster is the weather because a blizzatd suddenly springs up and it lasts. You see how the people try to make it down and some do but some don't. This disaster occurred in 1997 and one can still see a couple of the people up there to this day because the bodies are not brought down but are left where they died. I have no desire to go there and see the bodies who look like they are asleep.  From what I know it's like a traffic jam going up the summit, of live people not the dead ones,... No thank you.

Any storms you can relate to that were made into movies? 

Oh, rain for the next 2 days but might become snow by the weekend....I hate March.


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    Awww... I just wanna tickle that old belly for hours! Thanks for posting a picture of my possum-breath bow-wow buddy.

    I also thank you for letting us know the correct order of the songs in yesterday's feature. At least I correctly guessed the Oscar wiener.

    Mrs. Shady and I watched Everest a few years ago, but I have not see the other two movies. Shady Del Knight is a pretty cool name, but Tyrone Power is even cooler. I think I'll have my name legally changed. I notice lots of violins playing over those scenes in The Rains Came. Today's romance films are more likely to have a gangsta rap soundtrack. I read that this picture marked the film debut of Brenda Joyce (as "Fern"), the girl clumsily pretending to smoke in the beginning of that clip. The blonde model turned actress went on to become the second talking-era "Jane" in the Tarzan series replacing Maureen O'Sullivan.

    I'm glad you posted the trailer for The Ice Storm, because the 1973 period is of interest to me and because I like Christina Ricci and the other players. Moreover, I trusted Roger Ebert's reviews, and he gave the movie an enthusiastic thumbs up.

    Everest is such a tense ordeal for the viewer, making us feel like we are there on the slope facing nearly impossible odds for survival. I love Jake Gyllenhaal and just watched him for the second time starring with Amy Adams in Nocturnal Animals, a movie that gets my zeal of approval. Beware - the opening sequence of N.A. is the most shocking of any movie I have ever seen!

    Of course, the first movie that comes to mind in this category is The Perfect Storm (2000) starring Clooney and Diane Lane.

    I wish you all the best as you slowly March toward spring up there at the North Pole. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend BB!

    1. I almost went with The Perfect Storm but I wanted to stay on land. I think you will enjoy The Rains Came but not sure about The Ice Storm. If you noticed I didn’t say anything much about the 2nd film because, I thought it was a slog to get through and found the characters frustrating. I thought I might give it mother chance but Joel thought the same as me. I’m glad you like Everest since I feel the same as you. It’s tense to say the least. Harley woofs good night.

  2. So, I googled The Last Time I saw Paris after reading your post. I was shocked that it had not been written for the movie and wondered how that happened to even get nominated. I also learned that Kate Smith had exclusive rights to be heard singing it on the radio for like six weeks.
    Anyway, I have only seen Everest. I've also seen documentaries about climbing it. Definitely not something I would ever consider.
    Weather here has been just like yours, only a day sooner. March sucks is right!

  3. Hi Birgit….is it universal do you think that we all hate March,over here it’s just horrible sleeting rain at the moment so I am cosy on the sofa watching re runs of Rizzoli and Isles….with hot chocolate and a packet of biscuits…take care xxxx

  4. BIRGIT ~

    I can't help wondering how Harley got named Harley instead of Harvey. (I guess maybe he just doesn't see invisible 6-foot rabbits, eh?)

    March is usually pretty nice where I live, but this year it's been shite! ("When it isn't raining and it isn't snowing, then the wind is blowing.") As my Brother said to me just this morning: "Maybe it's going to snow for the rest of our lives." At this point, I wouldn't bet against that possibility.

    Although I do not believe there are any true "A" grade movies out there that I have never seen, I still need to add 'The Rains Came' to my 'To Watch Someday' list. I'm willing to watch almost any B&W film that I think might get at least a "B" from me.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  5. I've seen two of those.
    We haven't had snow, but our temperatures are up and down and all over the map.
    Lots of good snow storm movies - The Thing, Insomnia, The Grey, The X Files: I Want to Believe...

  6. I have not seen any of those. I had no idea what an ice storm was when that movie came out, so it didn't catch my interest. I still don't know what an ice storm is. March is usually a pretty nice month for us, but not this year. Ah well. We need the rain.

  7. Hi Birgit,

    I LOVE The Rains Came!!! It’s one of those films that improves with repeat viewings though Myrna was golden from the start. It’s the only film I’ve ever seen where I thought George Brent gave a performance worthy of any sort of award recognition. Not a win but in the form of a nomination. Ty Power may be ludicrously cast but he looks great in the picture though I’m not entirely sure that he and Myrna work as a couple. Still the picture is highly entertaining and it earned its Oscar for special effects.

    I thought Everest was okay but I’ve never felt any pull to revisit it after that first watch.

    Sorry but I HATED The Ice Storm much to my surprise. Walking in I was sure I was going to at least enjoy it. Loved the cast and director and it sounded interesting but I found it suffocating and boring beyond belief!

    I’m a bit further South than you so March isn’t usually as brutal though the weather can often be variable. The three I thought of ended up being a mini theme within the theme, all lots of water!

    Floods of Fear (1958)-English made crime drama/disaster movie starring an almost constantly shirtless Howard Keel of all people about wrongfully imprisoned escapee who helps a woman where he is in hiding during a big storm leading to the title onslaught.

    The Rains of Ranchipur (1955)-Technicolor remake of The Rains Came isn’t nearly as good but with Lana Turner looking sensational in Myrna’s role and Richard Burton filling in for Tyrone Power it’s a pleasant enough diversion.

    Hard Rain (1998)-This is of newer vintage and on the ridiculous side but has a decent cast and is fun in a mindless way….once!

    1. The Rains Came is so great and gotta love Tyrone playing an If you noticed, I didn’t say whether I liked The Ice Storm or not. I saw it years ago and was bored to death! I was frustrated by the characters but, I feel, maybe give it another chance. I do like Everest and find it so sad.
      I haven’t seen the first 2 of your pics but I want to see Keel shirtless :)). I think I saw Hard Rain but I have to look it up. If I did see it, it, obviously, was memorable.

  8. March is a nasty month, for sure! I wish these icy winds would stop. Even when it's sunny, the windchill bites. Your Harley is a cutie! ♥ I'm not familiar with these movies, but they all sound interesting. This is a tough category and nothing comes readily to mind. I remember we had a terrible ice storm in March 1971 (or maybe 1972). The whole town lost power and everything closed down for several days.

  9. Hi Birgit - thanks for these ... the first two I'd like to see ...but didn't The Shining have a snowstorm in it? Dogs and wet ...go together like raining cats and dogs! Similar weather to yours here - not as severe though - cheers Hilary

  10. I also don't like the cold so I understand. These are great recommendations. I'll go check them!

    That's a cutie fur baby by the way. :)