Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Oscar Songs 1943


I decided to stay in the 1940s because I always loved a song that made me think of black cats, sultry ways and just a sexy feeling. This seems to go with the Monday Music Moves me list which are about songs that make you feel magical. This works well with my, “Who won the Oscar” list. 1943 was quite the year for music because there were 9 nominees. Let’s see if you can guess who won, who was nominated and  which one had 0 Magic.


I first heard this song sung by Marilyn Monroe in the film “Bus Stop” and thought it was done well as a girl who can kind of hold a note but she created a real girl in a seedy bar trying to make a living. Since then, I have heard several renditions  and decided to choose the great Sarah Vaughan but there are so many one could choose. Oh and this song comes from the film “Star Spangled Rhythm.”


I…am not. Big Frank Sinatra fan but, for some reason,  this song  just suits him. It originally was sung by Fred Astaire in the film, “The Sky’s The Limit” but Sinatra made this song his own.


This song comes from the film, “Hello, Frisco, Hello and became Alice Faye’s signature tune but I decided to go with the great Renee who just has a magical voice, to me anyways.

So, which one won the Oscar, which was nominated and which came up with nuttin’?


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    Happy Wild Wacky and Almost Wordless Wednesday, dear friend! I am familiar with all three of these songs, and I will do my best to pick the Oscar Mayer Wiener.

    I remember my pal Buddy Love singing "That Old Black Magic" in the niteclub scene in The Nutty Professor, and I remember various other singers performing the song on music variety TV shows of the 1950s and 60s. (Meryl Streep also does a great rendition in the shower. Be there!)

    This decision is very hard for me. I know the songs but haven't seen the films because all three are musicals. I'm going to guess that "One For My Baby," a melancholy song about a lonely guy drinking in a bar at quarter to three and telling the bartender his sad story about carrying a torch for a gal, is the type of cleverly written song that would win the big prize. I'll say that "You'll Never Know," another song that tugs at the heartstrings, was nominated. "Old Black Magic," arguably the best known of the three, has a lighter tone and comes from a Hope - Crosby musical comedy, giving me the impression that it was not taken as seriously in the Oscar sweepstakes and was left out.

    Have a super Wednesday, dear friend BB. I'll be back to see you tomorrow, sitting in the balcony-- "At The Movies!"

  2. While I know the songs, I don't think I have seen any of those films. I have no idea as to which one fits which category. I'm clueless.
    Have a great day.

  3. I didn't realize Fred Astaire sang that song, I always knew it from Sinatra. The more you know. lol

  4. The Sky's the Limit... Sounds familiar. I think I've seen it. Isn't Astaire a pilot on leave but pretending he's not in the military? No clue about the songs, though, and I'm too fried right now to hazard a guess.

  5. I'd say One for My Baby wasn't nominated. I'm a bit surprised you aren't a Sinatra fan. As a person he seemed rather contemptible at times (often) but the man knew his way around a piece of music and was often able to find depths in songs that others couldn't. But we all have our favorites and dislikes.

    As she was for many compositions in the 40's Johnny Mercer sited Judy Garland as his inspiration when he wrote the lyrics to "That Old Black Magic" and then shortly after its publication she recorded the tune. Very meta but all that wasn't enough to get it into the winner's circle.

    I knew that "You'll Never Know" was an Oscar winner because it was listed as such on the back of the DVD copy of "Hello, Frisco, Hello" that I own. LOVE that movie. Alice sings it several times in the film and when I think of the song it's her voice I always hear.

  6. I've only heard of one of these songs, so I will wait for you to let me know who did what!

  7. So everyone....the winner is "You'll Never Know" and Alice Faye sings it so well and with that far away style you would have chosen that as the winner er and rightly so. That d Black Magic was nominated but did not win and, surprisingly, One For My Baby got nothing!
    Shady- I'm glad I found your post and have no clue why it was sent there. I think you would like the way Alice Faye sings the song.
    Denise, Liz, Bluebeard- yes, one can find it hard to think about which great so g won or didn't win.
    Brittani- yes, Fred introduced that song and danced a great number to I too.
    Joel- you are correct with all 3 and Alice sings it the best but everyone would have chose her for obvious reasons.
    I knew Black Magic was written for Judy but I wanted to pick someone e else because I choose Judy often. I actually almost went with Monroe.
    I can watch Sinatra in.movies but his singing just sounds ...smug to me. He knows he is good..I just am not a lover of that jerk. Biy old he carry a grudge!