Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Stripping Pole Anyone?


Our Harley loves love especially his daddy. Speaking of who’s your daddy….my mind went straight to strippers..yup called me odd. I was wondering what to showcase this week and it went straight into the gutter with strippers and the music that came right into my head and here they are.. oh, by the way, I am joining Monday Music Moves me even though it’s Wednesday. 


I love the old Chris De Burgh before he went all Woman in Red and this comes from his album, “Spanish Train and Other Stories” album which is one of his best. I loved this song so much that I learned the lyrics to this.I find it a very funny song and can just imagine this gal from the 1920s in a courthouse.


Yea, Natalie Wood did sing here and she wasn’t bad at all. This is a good film about Gypsy Rose Lee who was a famous burlesque stripper who had one overbearing mother. This is a fun song with music by Jules Styne and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, that was so well presented by Wood who exuded just the right sex appeal making stripping classy.


This is from the film version of  “Sweet Charity” that stars Shirley MacLaine and this is a great routine that came from the mind of Bob Fosse. It was written in 1966 by Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields. This is one of the best renditions.

One more….


You know this had to make an appearance….

What stripper songs can you think of ?


  1. Hi, Birgit!

    That's a terrific pic of my bowwow buddy Harley! I can see that he has his daddy pinned down and won't let him get up out of that chair until he's reached his quota of lubbins. Thanks for posting that, dear friend!

    The only place I ever heard the earlier material of Chris de Burgh is here at BBC. I think you posted another song of his from the period a while back. "Patricia, The Stripper" is a fun song, and I like the fact that he had a woman on stage with him to flesh out the role. I have two questions for you. Who is she... and how do I meet her?

    Dummy Shady never saw Gypsy, and therefore did not know that Natalie Wood could sing. I'll have to look for that movie and watch it.

    I am familiar with "Hey, Big Spender" as sung by Muriel Cigar girl Edie Adams in the popular TV commercial campaign. Recently, I have taken renewed interest in actress Shirley MacLaine and might decide to become a Shirley "completist" and watch everything she appeared in. Shirley, that would include Sweet Charity.

    The David Rose instrumental "The Stripper" is the tune I heard most often in my youth because my folks bought the album and played it often.

    The only "stripper" songs that immediately come to mind are the 1972 Randy Newman ditty "You Can Leave Your Hat On," "Lady Godiva," the late 1966 hit by Peter And Gordon, and a similar hit song released only a few weeks later by The Hollies entitled "Stop Stop Stop." That song was reportedly inspired by an actual trip to a strip club.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear friend BB. I'll be back tomorrow waiting for you, sitting in the balcony-- "At The Movies!"

  2. Adorable pic of Harley and his Daddy! ☺ This is a fun theme and I love the movies Gypsy and Sweet Charity, so those songs as well as the David Rose instrumental are all familiar. Didn't know the Chris De Burgh one, though. His earlier work sounds better than the later stuff. Lady in Red was played on the radio ad nauseum and became a nasty earworm.

    Offhand, I can't think of any other stripper songs. Oh wait - Metallica did a cover of Bob Segar's Turn The Page and the video is a whole mini movie about a woman who strips to support her young daughter:

  3. Harley looks sweet with his dad. I don't know much about stripper songs other than your second and third choices and The Stripper Song. Hot In Here would probably do well for strippers. Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue is a salute to strippers and strip clubs. A long time ago Tony Orlando and Dawn did Has Anybody Seen My Gypsy Rose?


  4. I remember being a kid and my mom explaining the "Let Me Entertain You" number. I was too young to understand otherwise. And "Hey, Big Spender" we did in my marching band in high school. Junior year? Maybe senior year. My memory is foggy.

  5. Harley and his dad stole the show. The only song I really knew was the Stripper. Hadn't even heard of the rest. Couldn't understand the words in the first one and there were no CC. Had fun watching them and how your mind works, dear Birgit.

  6. Birgit,

    Strip tease songs. *Insert Wolf Call* Alright! lol The music and clips were fantastic. I remember the old films with the gal wearing a long evening dress and gloves like Natalie Woods playing with the male audience peeling one garment slowly off to only tease them in the end like Natalie did. That's great! The first song that came to mind for your theme was "Hey Big Spender". In the 80s there was a singing service in town people used to hire strip teasers to embarrass the socks off a co-worker/boss. We did this one year for the bosses birthday. Everyone got a kick out of it and so did he. The gal sang, "Hey Big Spender". It was a riot! Thanks for putting a smile on my face and for joining the 4M party, my dear. Have a boogietastic day!

  7. Shady- Harley says Woof! Chris De Burgh needs to be better known. Glad you like my picks and love that song you chose.
    Debbie- Glad you like my choices and enjoyed yours.
    Janie- I enjoyed your picks. Tony Orlando is inspired choice:)
    Liz- that’s interesting..I’d have loved to hear how your mom explained that song.
    Bluebeard- you are right about the first video. I have to see if I can find a better version.
    Cathy-now that is a great birthday gram. My old boss would have been a riot to see his reaction.