Thursday, July 20, 2023

Thursday Movie Picks-Sweltering Heat


We are now enjoying ourselves looking at the scene you see in the picture. We are at my hubby’s Aunt and Uncle’s home on the Richeleau river. We have not seen them since before Covid and I have not been away from work for a week since I started so I’m happy. We have been dealing with hot and humid days so I thought I would choose movies that deal with the heat. Here are my 3…


I equate this film with the play movies that were big in the 50s as well as the “kitchen sink” films also prevalent in the 50s and 60s. These films were named this because the kitchen sink was often shown in the films and was not depicting the wealthy…unless they were slumming…which they weren’t. This film stars Marlon Brando and Kim Hunter as a married couple who take in her older sister, played so well by Vivien Leigh. Marlon is a brutish, dumb ass jerk in a dirty, white T shirt who berates the older sister who talks about being a lady from the genteel south. Her sister lets her be what she wants to be and Marlon’s friend, played by Karl Maldon, falls under Viv’s spell. It’s hot, sweaty and nasty much like Brando who screams, “Stella!” When his wife leaves him, albeit, not for long. It’s not an easy movie to watch especially knowing that Vivien Leigh was dealing with her own bi-polar disorder during the making of this film and when she starred on the London stage of this theatre production. The make up department and hairstylists would hide the burn marks created by the shock treatments she was receiving but she was ever the professional winning her second Oscar in the process. When you see her fragility in this film and compare it to her beauty only 12 years before from “Gone With The Wind”, you can see how much her disability affected her.


I love this movie and spoke about this more than once but I couldn’t pass it up. It take place during a heat wave getting very itchy when we see Jimmy Stewart in a wheel chair with a leg cast all the way up to his hip. He is a photographer who has ventured everywhere but is now stuck…in more ways than one. He is engaged to the lovely Grace Kelly who is a socialite and loves nice clothes and loves him. All he can do during this summer is watch all the people in his apartment complex because their windows all face the courtyard they all share. We meet the blonde dancer, the newlyweds, Miss Lonelyhearts, the musician, a husband and wife who sleep on the fire escape and a broody Perry Mason, I mean, Ironside…oops, Raymond Burr who is caring for his invalid wife. When the wife disappears, Stewart suspects foul play but everyone thinks the heat is getting to his brain. Soon, Grace and the great Thelma Ritter begin to think like him but they may all be a bit batty. Hitchcock directed this film with his usual panache and it’s one of his best films.

3. 12 ANGRY MEN-1957

I love this film! From the very beginning, you know, just from the scared look of the kid, that he is innocent of the murder rap. Now these 12 jurors must decide on the kid’s fate. Right off the bat 11 out of the 12 vote guilty except for 1…Henry Fonda. He is the lone hold out who questions everything and from the get go we begin to learn about all the the jurors from the lonely old man, the guy who wants to get to his baseball game to the bigot who only sees a criminal. It’s an excellent character study with the short fuses made shorter due to the heat. I love the many character actors in this film-Jack Klugman, Martin Balsam, Ed Begley, Jack Warden, John Fiedler, Lee J. Cobb etc.. it is so much worth the look.

Which movies can you think of that take place during a heat wave? 

So the answers from yesterday’s Oscar songs? The winner was “The Atcheson, Topeka and the Santa Fe”. The nominated song was “All Through The Day” and the one that came up Nadda was “Put The Blame on Mamie”. 


  1. Good picks. The only one that comes to my mind is Hidalgo.
    Glad you got to spend a week visiting family.

  2. Excellent picks! I love all three of these films. Streetcar instantly came to mind with that theme. In The Heights came to mind too.

  3. Take care of yourself and relax. First thought for me was Marilyn Monroe singing Heat Wave. For movies, Body Heat.

  4. Loved all three of your picks, especially Rear Window! ♥ Others that came to mind for me are: A Time to Kill, Starring Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock, Body Heat, Starring Kathleen Turner and In The Heat of the Night, starring Sidney Poitier. I hope you are having a lovely, restful vacation, Birgit! 🍹

  5. Hi Birgit!

    First…yay! I got the musical trivia right 😊 Glad to see you’ve been able to get away on a vacation. Hope it’s a relaxing one.

    What an appropriate theme though we have been lucky so far with a minimum of crazy hot temperatures and quite a lot of rain, but we got slammed last summer.

    That steaminess is such a component of Streetcar it’s practically another character. Brando’s portrayal is rightly legendary, but Stanley is such a pig he’s hard to take. Vivien is truly heartbreaking and you are right, the change in her appearance in just those twelve years is shocking and sad. Even if her fragility was enhanced for the film she still had aged what seemed 25 years.

    12 Angry Men is a tremendous model of economy of setting and action while still packing a punch. Great acting from all and even once they figure out the fan situation the film still feels enclosed and tense.

    Of these three Rear Window is my favorite. Hitchcock had already shown himself the master of a forced encampment with Lifeboat but he improves even on that fine film here. Jimmy and Grace are terrific, but Thelma steals the movie right out from under them every time she shows up. What I don’t understand is how she wasn’t nominated for this when the Academy obviously loved her and tipped her for less memorable work.

    My first choice came to me instantly, but I had to put on my thinking cap for the other two.

    Inferno (1953)-When unhappily married multi-millionaire industrialist Donald Carson (Robert Ryan) breaks his leg as he journeys through the Mojave Desert with his (unknown to him) faithless wife Geraldine (Rhonda Fleming) and her side piece, mining engineer Joe Duncan (William Lundigan) the pair make him comfortable and set out for help, or so they tell him. In actuality they flee with no intention of returning, expecting him to perish so Gerry can inherit, and they can be together on his dough. Carson though manages to survive the blistering heat and the other elements, swears vengeance and the game is on. Originally filmed in 3-D by Roy Ward Baker who directed “A Night to Remember”.

    Flight of the Phoenix (1965)-When their plane crashes in the middle of the Arabian desert a group of men (including James Stewart, Peter Finch, Ernest Borgnine and Dan Duryea) are left stranded. Their only hope-to rebuild the craft before their meager supplies run out or the sweltering heat puts an end to them.

    Stray Dog (1949)-In the middle of a Tokyo summer heatwave inexperienced detective Murakami’s (Toshirô Mifune) gun is lifted from its holster. Hesitant to report the theft he sets off alone into the poverty-stricken slums of the city and its criminal element in an attempt to retrieve the pistol. The search is fruitless and when he discovers the firearm is implicated in a crime spree, he must turn to the more experienced Detective Satō (Takashi Shimura) to help regain his weapon and save face. An early directorial job for Akira Kurosawa using the 1948 noir classic “The Naked City” as inspiration.

  6. I've only seen Rear Window, but of course I've heard of the other two. The sweltering movie that immediately came to mind has already been mentioned: In the Heat of the Night. I feel sweaty just thinking about it.

  7. You made some interesting choices that didn't come to mind for me, but they work. I've seen all and they are good ones.

    One of my favorite "hot" movies is The Day the Earth Caught Fire. Old style fifties sci-fi with lots of stock disaster footage, but the concept of an overheating Earth is well presented and it's an interesting relic from 1960. One of my favorite films.


  8. Loved Rear Window and consider Jimmy Stewart one of the all time greats, not to mention a nice guy.
    Glad you're getting some vacay time. Have fun.

  9. BIRGIT ~

    Those are excellent cherces.


    ...came to mind for me.

    ~ D-FensDogG