Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Christmas Memories in Song


Christmas was always special and that was due to my mom. She showed me how to make the Advent wreath, decorate with the Nativity scene and the tree with the tinsel. The tinsel from Germany is..or was...with lead so it hangs nicer but we paired it with the tinsel here because it Sparkles more. I save all the tinsel so, yes, I take it off the tree each year. We played some great music and ours was not the rockin' kind but just so ...beautiful, to me. I am showcasing 3 albums, yes, albums because I can't choose songs plus, I don't want to. Lol head over to Curious as A Cathy to find out what the Monday Music Moves Me have all chosen. 


This was my parent's 2nd album they bought and I just love the bells and the sweet voices plus that one guy's deep voice. I have to play this on the 1st of Advent.


This is the 1st record my parents bought when they got together and, yes, I have this exact album. I love it.


Christmas would not be the same without this album, which I own now. This TV Show was a huge hit so why not make a Christmas album! Dan Blocker knew he couldn't sing all that well but Michael Landon thought he could and appeared more than once on TV shows singing away. My dad bought this album as soon as it came out and it was and is a prized possession. None could sing like a famous star be it classical or country or rock but it's done like a family. Lorne Greene sounds like he is having a blast and so do the others. I love the story line behind it even with that little Suzie gal. I always wo Derek how Little Joe figured out it was a "he" angel. As Little Suzie Gal says "It's a he angel, can't you tell?" They even touch on Ben's last wide not being there for Christmas. I like to think that my dad and Cathy's are now those bright shining stars. 


  1. You had me at "Christmas in Germany" ♥ My fondest holiday memories are from when we lived there in the 60s. Your holiday decorating skills are wonderful, Birgit! My mother was into tinsel in a big way too (and real candles on the tree!), but we are too lazy for that now. ☺

  2. Tinsel was so popular when I was growing up. It doesn't seem to be anymore, at least where I live. The second album brought back memories (growing up in New York City) of a Christmas Eve tradition on one of our local TV stations where they showed a yule log burning for four hours while the station played Christmas music. The Bonanza album was sweet.

  3. Birgit,

    I'm glad you included albums. I love long playlists, so this is just perfect for me. I don't know the first two selections but I will play them while I work on my cards in a few minutes, but I own the Bonanza! Christmas on the Ponderosa CD and it it's one of my prized albums. DH bought it for me in the early millennium, maybe the year my brother died, and it reminded me me of the time he and I would watch the old TV show. Since getting that album, I felt like Christmas would be missing something if I couldn't hear it playing, you know? Thanks for joining the 4M party. Enjoy this blessed holy season, my friend!

  4. Hi Birgit - interesting selections ... I enjoyed seeing Bonanza - but had never known about the Christmas album-film ... thanks - cheers Hilary

  5. Hi, Birgit!

    Thank you very much for inviting me to join as you share Christmas memories in song, the albums that meant so much to you in your early years. As I listen to Christmas in Germany with the powerful blending of voices and the deep, rich, robust vocal of the lead singer, it occurs to me. How can anyone listen to such beautiful voices and not be transformed in spirit? These glorious tracks helped shape you into the fine person you are today. I have tears in my eyes. I was raised in the church and vividly recall going to Christmas eve candlelight services. My mother always stood next to me in the pew.
    I remember looking up at her repeatedly as we stood and sang "Silent Night" and other reverent holiday carols. She always sang with eyes closed, deeply feeling the hymn, taking in its meaning. Tears ran down her face as she sang. I will never forget that.

    How stirring... how uplifting... to hear "Joy To The World" performed with such majesty on that 1959 Andre K album.

    My dad, like yours, was a huge Bonanza fan. He and I watched the Western series together every week. Dan Blocker's "Hoss" was our favorite character. I remember you posting this album before, and it is fun listening to it again. in December, 1964, Lorne Green topped the U.S. and Canadian charts with his spoken word single "Ringo." As you might know, all four main cast members of Bonanza have departed this world, with Pernell Roberts ("Adam") being the last to die in 2010.

    Thank you again for sharing with us this beautiful music from your childhood, and for leaving us with the sweet notion that your dad and friend Cathy's dad are stars in the heavens shining down upon us. It is indeed comforting to believe that our lost loved ones are watching over us. My dad died Christmas day, 2001, and I will cling to that thought as I work my way through the challenging day next Monday.

    Merry Christmas to you and Harley, dear friend BB. I look forward to spending lots of quality time with you again next year. You are a wonderful friend. Blessings to you!